The Nice Guys Official Trailer #2 (2016) – Ryan Gosling, Russell Crowe Movie HD

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A private eye investigates the apparent suicide of a fading porn star in 1970s Los Angeles and uncovers a conspiracy.


  1. First comment hi

  2. Rattpack_Jonathan Pacheco


  3. Second comment yaaaaaaaaaaaah

  4. Clash Of Clans, 口ГГОW™


  5. Hey everyone…

  6. Does anyone ever pee on the side of the toilet to make less noise

  7. ah the 70s

  8. Shane Black for president!


  10. looks cool

  11. Ryan loves playing roles that require that ugly moustache

  12. Wouldn’t expect these two together for a comedy…I really want to see

  13. It’s always a good sight to see Ryan Gosling not be brooding and quiet.
    This is gonna be good

  14. Does anyone else shit in the sink to kill their parents

  15. Zhanibek Kurmanbay

    My favorite real human bean!!

  16. Gotta love Shane Black

  17. This is a really weird version of the first trailer, the first trailer was
    pretty funny but this is pretty weird

  18. anyone else getting a tarantino vibe?

  19. Wtf I just a got a ad of the trailer

  20. TheNoFlinchGrinch

    mfw the advert before the trailer IS the trailer you’re about to watch

  21. Javi Ramirez (ThatBoyJaviii)

    I used to be a fan now I’m a …….. Jk that jokes stupid

  22. A Canadian and an Australian walks into a bar…

  23. Looks good and funny.

  24. My Hero, Ryan Gosling.

  25. This looks Awesome!!! :D

  26. Song Bird (Stark Industries)

    looking forward to this one :D

  27. looks extremely funny was getting tired of that old trailer

  28. Is no one going to acknowledge the giant bee in the car?

  29. wish we had more movies like this

  30. PotatoMunchGaming

    I got an ad of the trailer, on the trailer?????????

  31. I don’t have a problem with this film, it could be good, but if they have
    to resort to Ryan Gosling crying and screaming for their comedy it could
    get old fast.

  32. My also fav

  33. I stopped halfway, I feel like I’m getting shown too much.

  34. this looks like a fun movie

  35. This is gonna be awesome

  36. I’m there!
    Gonna see this! ???

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