The Night Before Red Band Official Trailer #2 (2015) – Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogen Movie HD

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Ethan (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), Isaac (Seth Rogen) and Chris (Anthony Mackie) have been friends since childhood, and for a decade, their yearly Christmas Eve reunion has been an annual night of debauchery and hilarity. Now that they’re entering adulthood, the tradition is coming to an end, and to make it as memorable as possible, they set out to find the Nutcracka Ball – the Holy Grail of Christmas parties.


  1. love seth rogen’s movies!!

  2. So it’s like The Hangover but before Christmas, right?

    I enjoyed 50/50 so I hope this one should be good.

  3. music name?

  4. Well, this looks terrible…

  5. Falcon & Zod :3

  6. Thumbs up if you’re excited for CHRISTMAS 2015! ?????

  7. This could be good or REALLY bad or so bad its good.

  8. Hangover: Christmas Edition

  9. remember that time when robin, green hornet and falcon spent the holidays
    together, i do

  10. God why won’t Seth Rogan just OD already.

  11. Robirds Bros. Entertainment

    I nearly died at the baby part. OMG that was funny

  12. This is going to be fun.

  13. christmas movies coming in november, man star wars has really fucked the


  15. This looks so funny

  16. the hangover clone?

  17. Like for a great surprise in 1 hour.


  19. So the whole movie is about Seth Rogen doing stupid shit because he’s high?

  20. The “i look funny? Ever seen the shining?” part was hilarious..

  21. Have you seen the shining lol

  22. I need to watch a how to video on how to roll that kinda joint 1:25

  23. I hope they never put all the good jokes in this trailer

  24. jizz all over me I love that shit

  25. This is just a Hangover ripoff

  26. The music sounds like the Arby’s commercial, “Arby’s, we have the meat!”

  27. General Zod is Bad.

  28. Man, we never get any Kwanzaa movies.

  29. A movie glorifying drugs. Exactly what we need. Great job Seth Rogen

  30. At 0:42 I’ve hearing that music a lot. What’s the name?

  31. Walrus is in the Matrix

    Yay, the 21 Jump St woman.

  32. General Zod took a rough turn after getting his neck raped by Superman

  33. Discount Hangover, Christmas edition, with a Token

  34. Another shitty shit-shit movie from Shit Rogen. Keep em coming, Shit Rogen.
    I can’t get enough of your shitty shit shitty shit-shit.

  35. corny white guy ruins wu tang song

  36. The movie looks good but this trailer was edited awfully

  37. I don’t care if they story and the acting is sh*t.. Seth and Joe in a
    comedy movie.. IM IN!

  38. basicly hangover with weed

  39. i wanna see this!!!!

  40. and that why you never go full retard. EVER!!

  41. the hangover ive been waiting for!!

  42. Sony executive: “Quick! We need to show more Seth Rogen jokes in the next
    trailer!” Sony Employee: “What about Joe and Anthony’s parts?” Sony
    Executive: “More Rogen Dammit!”

  43. “you ever seen the shining?” lmao i just died .

  44. Aw you smell like weed

  45. what is the song used

  46. Drip drop! Seems like a great addition to my yearly Christmas movie

  47. Now this trailer really show how funny it is.. Red BaN fo lyfe Mf

  48. ….hoping the best jokes were not in trailer. lol

  49. amk yahudileriiii

  50. Lol the baby part

  51. Wish is was James Franco instead of Michael Shannon.

  52. This looks like a blast! Can’t wait to see it.

  53. michael shannon

  54. Wait a minute, Seth Rogen likes weed I had no idea

  55. I really want to see this!

  56. It’s the Falcon.

  57. These are the kind of movies that ruin our society…….astronomically.

  58. they better play the song the night before by beatles at one point haha

  59. This should have no trouble being good. It’s just a question of how much
    the trailers combined, spoil the movie because of having given too much

  60. 1:25 if superman didn’t kill general zod

  61. This is going to be such a good movie

  62. I feel like this movie probably won’t be too remarkable, but could
    potentially be a really enjoyable movie to watch.

  63. Thought it was going to be stupid, looks like a Hangover ripoff, but I
    still laughed when he hisses at the kid.

  64. That Shining joke killed me!

  65. It aint a Seth Rogen film if it doesn’t contain at least weed in it. Heh,
    its getting stupid.

  66. Spoiler alert Joseph Gordon-Levitt cancer comes back but unfortunately Anna
    Kendrick already moved on with her life since she realized she can do

  67. you just DON’T make a buddy movie of Seth Rogen without James Franco in it.
    they’re irreplaceable, just like Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, or Magneto and
    Professor X.

  68. Seth Rogen makes the Kardashians seem talented.

  69. This movie. YES??

  70. the iceman is in this he’ll yea hahaha

  71. I already miss Franco

  72. Doesn’t look like a film of my choice, however if it’s received well I
    could be persuaded to see it

  73. Looks like a shitty movie, but one you can enjoy a lot! Kind of like the
    first Hangover.

  74. what song is playing in the background please tell me asap thanks

  75. another hangover rip off

  76. Name of song pls! Anyone help me!)

  77. when it come oit

  78. Classic. Baby mouthing “f-ck youuuuu” in church.

  79. LANCE

  80. Seth Rogan is toooo funny ??

  81. Ahh, a Seth Rogen film about drugs and him being Jewish. This should be new
    and exciting…..

  82. is this whole movie seth rogan tripping balls. if so im in…

  83. the night before red band.

  84. When Robin meets the Green Hornet…

  85. My fav. actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays in this. Also another good and
    funny actor Seth Rogen plays, who is a person I really love to watch. +
    Good bad language jokes + Christmas time. Yes. This is what I’m waiting

  86. War

  87. Royal Rampage Studios

    Omg ??? that is so me and my buddies

  88. whats the second song that plays through the whole trailer?

  89. Micah Sergei Deschanel Johansson

    Seth Rogen and her older daughter in a stripclub, funny.

  90. that black dude is everywhere

  91. Can’t wait to see this. I hope it doesn’t disappoint.

  92. Pay to see this fat, disgusting Jew shit on Christmas? These kikes have
    lost their minds.

  93. File this away with the Interview. Now on DVD. Whaaaat?!

  94. best part : “HELLAURR”

  95. Kim jong yu said his regards

  96. ❤Shrek_Is_Love_❤

    Seth rogan is ridiculously hot to me for some reason.

  97. did you like pineapple express,bad neighbour and/or the interview, your
    answer to that will be the same for this movie…tada.

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