The Peanuts Movie Official Trailer #2 (2015) – Madisyn Shipman, Francesca Capaldi Movie HD

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Snoopy embarks upon his greatest mission as he and his team take to the skies to pursue their arch-nemesis, while his best pal Charlie Brown begins his own epic quest back home.


  1. can’t wait looks cool movie

  2. i really hope this film doesn’t disappoint

  3. Catch “Up” Heinz

    and this is exactly why Xbox is better than PS4

  4. I have a bad feeling this isn’t gonna be like the Lego movie (unexpected

  5. Doesn’t look hip and modern and I LOVE IT!

  6. Today is my bday

  7. i love peanuts the comic hope this lives up to it

  8. Smelliott Productions

    I love everything about this except for the scene with the star. They stole
    it from the amazing world of gumball… Mr Watterson bought a star and they
    said how it represented their family and it will always be there, then it
    burnt out and disappeared.

  9. needs a snoop dogg cameo

  10. Pop Music! Stay away from my Peanuts movie!

  11. basically snoopy is barney stinson and Charlie Brown’s ted mosby

  12. What about the black kid? I mean, he did get a tv spot, but this is a
    second trailer months later. Why doesn’t he get a title call card?

  13. snoopy is sassy as farts

  14. What was the song that came after All I Do Is Win?

  15. They didn’t feel it necessary to include the token black guy in the named
    characters. Just like in the original comic!

  16. Will the Great Pumpkin make his appearance?

  17. They forgot the most important character: Woodstock!

  18. Is that the voice of Honest Trailers

  19. They lost me with the piece of shit pop song :/

  20. I’m still not sure what the plot of the movie is and I don’t care.

  21. Marcie: Sir!
    Peppermint Patty: *snork* TWO! NO! THREE!

    Gets me every time.

  22. Calm down grandpas in the youtube comments, the modern pop music will only
    be used in the trailer not the movie.

  23. If they can ditch the pop music this could be quite good!

  24. I’m sorry but this just doesn’t look good.

  25. nice the peanuts and popeye both making a comeback this year <3

  26. What is that Spanish song at the end?

  27. Walrus is in the Matrix

    Surprised how few people in the comments are saying this trailer sucks.
    Cuz this trailer sucks.

  28. Not sure I like that “Win, Win” song in there.

  29. Let’s hope this doesn’t suck

  30. Why does Snoopy sound like a Minion?

  31. They better not ruin it by giving Snoopy a voice :)

  32. Looking forward to the movie but this is a bad trailer imo.

  33. Aw crap. Blue Sky is behind this?! HELL NO!

  34. First name Last name

    I swear if I hear any of these god damn songs in the actual movie I will
    legitimately kill myself.

  35. Oh no…. Oh god no… Is there really no original stories to be told on
    film anymore. First Blade Runner 2 was announced now this….

  36. The original Snoop Dogg!

  37. Uber_Covert_Ruffian

    As soon as I heard the music, I noped out.

  38. why sound effect words?

  39. only G rated movie this year…

  40. shit trailer, and does c.b. have leukemia?

  41. I would crawl over corpses to see this movie

  42. Chelnah the Egghead


  43. This looks like animated cancer.

  44. Wait. There have been Peanuts movies before. I seem to remember an awesome
    Christmas tree and a pumpkin were somehow involved in two. Maybe some
    pilgrims in another. So…why is this titled as if there has never been

    Also…didn’t the Little Red-Headed Girl move away? Did another one move in
    and he totally forgot about the first one?

  45. Timeless.

  46. For all the grandpas…….don’t worry the modern music is ONLY 4 THE

  47. All the grandpa’s in the comment section tho

  48. Linus’ voice is on point.

  49. João Victor Kenzo Miyazawa

    02:14 XD

  50. 1:30 isn’t Snoopy. It’s the Red Baron. Duh!

  51. oh my sister s childhood cartoon is going to be a movie

  52. ButterMilk Squashington

    what would make more money this or BO3

  53. looks good.

  54. Am I the only one bothered by that scene with “All I Do is Win”?

  55. The Deeznuts

  56. November 6th? That’s the same day Spectre comes out. It’s just like Alvin
    and the Chimpmunks: Road Chip, being released on December 18th.

  57. I can not wait to see this movie, I want charlie to go and do something!!

  58. really smarty joke lame cartoon, thats now becoming a movie, Movie Wins:100
    dollars, Deadpool wins:200 million dollars.

  59. We need a Calvin and Hobbes movie.

  60. I am legit going to cry if this movie doesn’t do well like I waited all
    year for it.

  61. Too trendy…

  62. their gonna ruin peanuts in another one of their money grabbing schemes.
    and it will suck like all their other movies

  63. Oh I bet the new girl has a female dog! Can u imagine Snoopy face?!

  64. they just kicked snoopy into a trashcan…poor dog

  65. Cool

  66. poor Pete .. he couldn’t voice Charlie Brown…

  67. I’m not hyped to see this very much, but it looks okay. :)

  68. This movie will change the world

  69. Robert “PredatorX12” Larsson

    This made me so happy!
    I can’t wait to see this movie!

  70. 1:03 to 1:06 charlie brown discors in this part of life Charlie Brown
    realized that his social life was worth more than shit

  71. the mention pigpen but they didnt mention marchie:( she is part of peanut
    too :((

  72. what’s with them not
    including Franklin in the lineup he shows up in the Trailer like 3 times
    and yet they didn’t include him as apart of the lineup.

  73. A Random Internet Horse

    Looks like it’s gonna be a nice movie. I LOVE the peanut company. :D

  74. Did……..did Hollywood learn a cartoon adaptation didn’t need modern
    references to be good.

    OMG PRAISE THE LORD THEY FINALLY LEARNED!!! (insert hallelujah music here)

  75. Siiii burnisimo

  76. Like a comforting voice saying………..

  77. Looks like it’s going to be great!! ☺

  78. charlie brown talking about his star in the begging
    me: dont give up kid :)

  79. Ok. pause at 1:06. That is NOT a good scenario for Charlie Brown! o_o

  80. You know this film is a Millenials wet dream when Snoopy gets compared to
    Barney Stinson.


  82. I want to see this movie sooooooooooooo bad, and this trailer is the

  83. destructiongamer PG

    someone from Nick is a cast of this movie

  84. This movie was a peace of crap

  85. ?? stupid

  86. love it

  87. All tube Kids studios

    I saw this movie yesterday 🙂 I was lit :):):):):)):)

  88. Saw the movie earlier this week. I certainly enjoyed it. I sure wasn’t
    disappointed :)

  89. see know noopy movie

  90. i watched it yesterday,I love it

  91. What’s the song at 1:07 ?

  92. whats the song

  93. what happened to the smooth jazz ?

  94. is this going to be an action movie?

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