The Peanuts Movie Ultimate Charlie Brown Trailer (2015) – Animated Movie HD

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Snoopy embarks upon his greatest mission as he and his team take to the skies to pursue their arch-nemesis, while his best pal Charlie Brown begins his own epic quest back home.

Music Credits:

“Blue Poppies” by Rhian Sheehan, Rachel Wood, Tony Morley
“Doesn’t Matter Where We Go” by Zane Carney
“Lonely Friday Night” by Dave Antrell
“You’re Gonna Love Me” by Mark G. Hart, Stephen Emil Dudad

Courtesy of Extreme Music.


  1. Charlie Brown is fake

  2. so close to black ops 3

  3. I like it ?

  4. Absolutely beautiful animation style. Definitely watching this.

  5. If this is rated well, I’ll see it. Otherwise I’ll wait

  6. So not a fan of this style of animation.

  7. Jon Youtube Comments

    I want to love this movie. But nothing in the trailer made me laugh.

  8. I can accept the animation but if they actually used the pop songs in it,
    all I can say is a “good grief”

  9. well, theres the whole plot guys, dont bother watching , XD

  10. My childhood…. this is going to be so special for me.

  11. he’s practically cartoon me

  12. I know nothing about the peanuts I wish I had in my childhood though

  13. HAHAHA ???

  14. guys I’m the only kid who has never seen a single episode nor read a single
    page of peanuts XD

  15. The mysterious face 1:24

  16. Actually looks like a very well put together children’s movie. Plus it’s
    already apart of history.

  17. Good Grief =))

  18. 37th comment!!!

  19. 1:25 can see her face

  20. Every thanksgiving I turn on Charlie Brown

  21. 20 sad haters… oh well

  22. Finally got the confirmation….WOODSTOCK IS THERE :)

  23. my childhood…

  24. I’ll be like, go away kid I waited 50 years for this!

  25. Glad they got rid of that awful pop track, I guess it’ll still be in the
    movie somewhere but works much better without it.

  26. memories ?

  27. ugly just like niggers

  28. They better get the same voice actors for the adults!

  29. I can’t wait til Friday!!

  30. Snoopy MVP

  31. I’ve never understood why anybody could ever find Charlie Brown funny. The
    jokes are barely existent. I’m not bashing Charlie Brown, cause I’m sure
    people like it for other reasons too, but gosh it’s just not funny at all.

  32. What was the reason for this to be in 3D-CGI again?…

  33. I dont have a name :_(

    I’ve never read one of deez
    deez peanuts cartoons

  34. Whoever edited this trailer should be fired

  35. Babe in Game Shakers is going to going to be Violet Gray in The Peanuts

  36. I feel like this is going to be just like toy story 3, where the whole
    movie theatre is filled with more adults than kids :P

  37. Miyamoto Shun Masaki .MrMrx123456789

    What’s the name of the Spanish song?

  38. what is the upbeat song played after snoopy dances?

  39. plot twist: snoop dogg voices snoopy

  40. i cant seem to see Franklin.

  41. You block head:-D

  42. you are funiy charlie brow

  43. 1:00 Return of Houndini?

  44. They’ve done the animation perfectly! Brought the 2D cartoon look up to
    date with CG but keeping the original style and charm. Well done to them!

  45. This looks like a sweet combination of traditional cartoon and 3D.
    Flawless, really.

  46. The mix of 2D and 3D is truly great.

  47. Dhriti Krishna kumar

    I really want to watch this movie

  48. love it

  49. no shaking butts

  50. César Florenciáñez

    don’t know why keeps making me drop teers..

  51. I hope Lucy takes it easy on Charlie.

  52. Every child needs a companion like snoopy. Real best friends.

  53. Peppermint Patty seems just as amazing funny as always.

  54. I wish the Peanuts had a “Fonzie” join in to save Charlie Brown!

  55. This is too cute

  56. I gotta say. At first I thought this movie wasn’t gonna be good when it was
    announced. But now that I’ve seen what its about and seen funny scenes,
    this actually looks like something I would enjoy. I’m seeing this tomorrow.
    Can’t wait.

  57. Where’s Marcie?

  58. Devo Fauzan Rahman

    1:24 hah, spotted her face

  59. What was the song where snoopy was dancing

  60. Fall Out Phan At The Chemical Disco

    Oh goodness this is gonna be awesome! My dad grew up with the Peanuts and
    probably owns almost every single film/episode thing (VHS and DVD). I’ve
    known about the Peanuts since I was tiny thanks to him, I may not have
    grown up with the Peanuts at the height of their popularity, but I still
    have grown up with them. I can’t wait to see this! :)

  61. I just came back from watching it! It was incredible! I give it five
    starts, I cried at the end because I just wish that Shultz was able to see
    it, and he must of been so proud of what blue sky productions has done with
    his characters, this movie was Awesome!!!!

  62. People asked for no modern music.
    Here ya go.

  63. Just watched it today…VERY nostalgic and charming! I got chills watching
    the first minute of it! I highly recommend this to any Peanuts fan. Schulz
    would be proud! :)

  64. snoopy, te quiero!!!

  65. want to see this soooooo bad!

  66. I just saw the movie. It’s great. The animation is amazing! Snoopy,
    Woodstock & Charlie Brown look the best in the film

  67. Just saw this movie and it brought a tear to my eye 😉 I loved this movie

  68. I can’t wait to see it: )

  69. Cherrytailthecat AJ

    This movie is downright amazing. I got to see it. XD

  70. good ol Charlie Brown

  71. This brings back memories of me reading beaten down compilation peanuts
    books from my elementary library… definitely gonna go see this with my
    daughter :))

  72. Movie was great. A few comic strip inconsistencies but whatever I ain’t
    complaining. Just a beautiful movie to watch.

  73. I had no idea Patty fell in love with Pigpen

  74. Anne Marie Rose-mighty

    what’s the name of the songs

  75. Doesn’t Peppermint Patty (the girl with freckles) has a thing for Charlie
    Brown? Because Charlie Brown has a crush on the new girl and I thought
    mabye she will do something about it.

  76. Saw it last week. Disappointed. It’ll be on blueray by Feb.

  77. I love how they maintained the original animation. I approve. It’s like
    like the chipmunks or garfield where they look completely different in the
    new films.

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  79. I love it

  80. I saw this movie and its one of the best movies I have ever seen

  81. i like watching peanuts atlease i watch them 4 timesvper day

  82. I’m glad this movie was good.

  83. #ParisAttacks

  84. 1:24 now I see little red head girls face :3

  85. must watch

  86. I’ve always been a big fan of the Peanuts cartoon characters, I grew up
    loving them and they’re still one of my favorite classic cartoon characters
    to this day. I always watch a Charlie Brown Christmas every holiday season.

  87. av a grate crismas wit the penuts movie

  88. my friend Noah from school is the voice actor for charlie brown

  89. It’s the anti-Chipmunks.

  90. seen the movie

  91. What is song that begins at 1:45? Is this part of soundtrack?

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