The Perfect Match Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Donald Faison, Paula Patton Movie HD

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Terrence J. stars as Charlie, a playboy who’s convinced that relationships are dead. His two best friends, Donald Faison and Robert C. Riley, bet him that if he sticks to one woman for one month, he’s bound to get attached. Charlie denies this until he crosses paths with the beautiful and mysterious Eva, played by singer/actress Cassie. They may agree to a casual affair, but eventually Charlie is questioning whether he may actually want more.


  1. First. This looks shit.

  2. Here we go demonizing the “player” mentality. Oh no we’ve all gotta settle
    down and become miserable!

  3. Black monkey !!!

  4. This is not new. Clicked cause I thought girl in thumbnail was really

  5. porn

  6. You know what this movie reminds me of? If the movies Mr. Right and Think
    Like A Man had a baby.. I can’t wait to watch it!!!

  7. it should be call movie summary instead of trailer

  8. why is the first movie trailer I’ve seen with ‘Codeblack Films’ all black
    leads… is this actually a company

  9. Cringe cringe cringe cringe

  10. COUGH * cliche* COUGH

  11. always making it sound like it easy to be a player… it so much easier to
    get 1 girl and settle with her, you know how hard it is to constantly get
    laid by random girls

  12. This looks like those old Omar Epps, Taye Diggs 90’s-early 2000’s movies.
    Come on brothers, it’s time we make movies about something else than being
    a player.

  13. onepunch-ps4 #nation

    how to be a player 2?

  14. NationalGhost00002

    was a cool movie

  15. Another blomedy

  16. Sooo, thanks to the trailer, I don’t really need to see the movie. Nice.

  17. This looks like some Netflix shit.

  18. Damn, I thought it was a Tinder movie…

  19. looks insanely stupid

  20. ‫مستر كتاب‬‎

    لا أدري لماذا لم يتوبوا إلى الله هؤلاء السود الأمريكان من بعد ما كانوا
    يستعبدونهم ويذلونهم ، هل هذا شكر الله من بعد ما نجاهم من القوم الظالمين
    ينشرون لمثل هذه الأفلام المنحطة والتي بها كم هائل من الفحش والفسق والعصيان
    ودعوة لهيجان الشهوات ، لابارك الله فيهم ولا هداهم طريقا إلا طريق جهنم
    خالدين فيها

  21. Valerie Antoine (ohitsjustvalerie)

    Well this was predictable.

  22. 1. Too many characters/Actors
    2. Poor soundtrack
    3. The story is too simple/boring

  23. oh this looks bad

  24. reminds me of that Eddie Murphy movie Boomarang

  25. this will not do well in theaters

  26. jack crowly (jack305666)

    Well this trailer gave me the whole movie so no need to spend money

  27. just saw the WHOLE movie. I me we all the wedding speech that there is the
    end and he is talking to her. So we have watched our hero make is character
    arc for a player to someone who has fallen in love.

  28. Are they allergic to white people in this movie?

  29. Count the white people (including extras) in this trailer. Hint: one hand
    has more fingers. But hey, it’s not racist if it’s against the maleficent

  30. LOOKS LIKE SHIT, get it, because of all the black people…I’ll see myself

  31. Even though the women in this are drop-dead gorgeous, I think I’m going to
    pass on this one.

  32. First, looks like a made for tv movie; second, am I crazy? I feel like i’ve
    seen this story/stories before.

  33. This is retarded

  34. Looks like Lifetime: The Movie (Black Edition).

  35. March 11th? Yeah right, I’m watching 10 Cloverfield Lane, baby.

  36. what’s wrong with having fun settling down is not for everyone

  37. piece of garbage and definitely not helping black people and their
    perception in society… at all.

  38. What a pile of baba

  39. An edifying and life-affirming journey through the eyes of youth, with a
    script that’s snappy and refreshing but also profoundly resonant. The movie
    transcends its context to not only bring us something modern and relevant,
    but a deeply woven parable of what it means to be human. 9/10

  40. I think I could buy Donald as the lead character more than the actual lead
    but that’s probably because I’m more familiar with him. The direction looks
    kind of smooth and nice. The story reminds me of Boomerang.

  41. I just watched the whole movie in 2 minutes

  42. Wow this trailer is not very interesting..

  43. I only clicked cause of her eyebrows

  44. Attention: Boring as shit!

  45. looks shit, march 11th? nah 10 cloverfiled lane is out! aha

  46. Turk!

  47. Donald Faison needs a better agent.

  48. whats the name of the song at the end 2:06

  49. Damn, Donald Faison is in another bad movie… Come on Turk, you’re better
    than this !

  50. Is that the girl and the guy from scrubs? Lol

  51. Were supposed to believe that guy is some ballin ass Dude getting that much
    ass? He looks like Martin Lawrence retarded brother

  52. Yeah but those woman tho… o.o

  53. Lol boooo…next!

  54. yawn

  55. ,,The Whole Movie” trailer. Coming 2016.

  56. I think I just saw a shortmovie :/

  57. another black movie cool. #alllivesmatter

  58. boring ass movie with fine ass hoes

  59. The trailer looks really good. I’m looking forward to seeing the movie.


  61. How to NOT make a trailer…

  62. This is recently added Netflix quality….. No thanks…

  63. too much niggers 1/10

  64. this reminds me of every Chinese romcom made these days. beautiful rich
    people stumbling through their perfect lives suffering under the tyranny of
    first world problems.

  65. maaaaaan when i saw the first few seconds, i thought kevin heart would be
    in the trailer/movie…

  66. this is ‘boomerang 2’ but a really cheap version, why would i watch the
    movie when you just showed me the whole film in the trailer

  67. Paula Hot.

  68. After this trailer I realize that I want to watch romantic comedy about two
    unstable, anxious, insecure social akward white people.

  69. Not even worth watching the trailer to the end

  70. coons…coons everywhere..

  71. I was baited by the J-Lo thumbnail

  72. All black cast count me in!!!!! LOVE to see my ppl shine

  73. wow self-worship movie, some 12 year olds never grow up

  74. Paula baby come on this is so Cliche

  75. French Montana ,Cassie, and Terrence were there no actors available

  76. Arrives March 11th in the Walmart $3 dollar movie bin near you.

  77. terrible

  78. if am white i can watch this movie ????

  79. BEAutifulkiss21100

    Damn all the woman are light-skinned ….

  80. So many nignogs

  81. I would have cared about this only if Donald Faison was really the lead.

  82. Alright! Saved myself 15 dollars, just saw the whole movie!

  83. Is this a trailer or a summary?

  84. Alice Riobueno (Myjeil)

    Youtube and its short films…

  85. Having an all-black cast won’t make you a lot of money Hollywood. Just

  86. I lost interest when I saw Cassie tbh

  87. Александр Михайлов


  88. Mashup of ‘about last night’ and ‘think like a man’ psssst

  89. Could someone please get Donald Faison a real script. He’s too talented for
    this sh*t!

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