THE PREDATOR “Giant Predator VS Classic Predator” Trailer (NEW 2018) Sci-Fi Movie HD

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  1. XboxgamerproLinkachu 64

    Interesting can not wait 🙂

  2. Wolverine Boosted


  3. Classic Predator vs Bad Blood Predator
    *Bad bloods are like criminals in predator society

  4. brute version of the berserker

  5. That’s like Arnold Schwarzenegger DNA mixed with the first predator DNA created this alien beast

  6. Who feed rengar!!!

  7. Krunoslav Stifter

    I guess suspense is not something that can exist in 2018. Instead we basically get Marvel action style interpretation of predator movie. AvP caugh, caugh. Will be skipping this one.

  8. Brandon vethanayagam

    These Predators just keep getting bigger and bigger!!!

  9. Mohd Adrin Ariffin


  10. where did “masters of war” come from?

  11. Jaws and Bigger Jaws.

  12. they stopped drug testing predators

  13. James Logan Howlett

    Half natty predator

  14. If anyone noticed here that the voice tone of the PREDATOR came from voice actor of OPTIMUS PRIME..


    Looks really good

  16. Looks good !

  17. Why do movie studios feel the need to show the entire film?

  18. So did it grab some Venom(DC Comics) and become the next Bane Predator?

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