THE PREDATOR Trailer (Sci-Fi Movie, 2018)

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THE PREDATOR Trailer (Sci-Fi Movie, 2018)
© 2018 – Fox


  1. One Triple AAA Battery


  2. The Predator is back but sadly not with arnold he will be missed in this movie.

  3. Kishore Pramanik

    Super awesome amazing

  4. “From the directors of Iron Man 3” is my biggest concern.

  5. 😂😂😂😂😂

  6. Hopefully Arnold makes an appearance of some sort

  7. its not r rated is it…..sad times…

  8. Another remake

  9. This one will suck , stop milking the cow please !

  10. This will be trash mark my words

  11. I have the lowest of expectations for this movie.

  12. Sanio Jacob Thomas


  13. Better watch the original one with Arnie.

  14. Hmm i don’t know, this trailer didn’t give me high expectations…

  15. Eh no. I feel like they keep failing because these Predator films can’t capture the mystery and savagery of the first Predator or even the second(which was just ok). They rely on special effects in movies too much now and not as much on building fear and tension in the story.

  16. Marlon Ferdinando

    looks bad

  17. Supernatural#Batman

    Predators still looks to be the best predator movie, hopefully it don’t disappoint but it probably will

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