The Preppie Connection Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Thomas Mann, Logan Huffman Movie HD

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A student at a private school uses his connections to establish a drug trafficking network at his school.


  1. Welp

  2. first…

  3. I was the 5th like

  4. Narcos: White People Edition

  5. This movie looks pretty dope

  6. Dislike my comment for no reason.

  7. so high school Narcos….

  8. Fine Bros Entertainment

    Drugs are bad kids.

  9. “I did it for her”. We do dumb shit for women

  10. GoatzAreEpic Maokai

    Looks like a good movie for people who are depressed and see no way out

  11. Say What Again i Dare you i Double Dare you!

    Pfff, a 12 black year old boy have a harder life than this

  12. well another movie that will shit on my countries name, looking forward to
    watching it

  13. American Mr Nice?

  14. Pause at 2:06
    Brah I thought it was bt advert??

  15. I don’t get it,why would a bunch if suburban rich kids need to sell drugs?

  16. thomas Mann attended my project x party in 2012 :)))

  17. uhhmm im not buying this

  18. It’s funny how this is like Kid Cannabis but with Cocaine rather than Weed
    and how they were both in Project X I think it’s Time Costa gets his own
    movie about Heroin before Project XX

  19. Abel Villa (The Cynic)

    *Me, and her and the Preppy World*

  20. Monotone the film.

  21. Looks boring, a skip for me.

  22. cool looks ok

  23. Hope she was worth it pal lol

  24. totally was expecting Linklater to be involved. but nope. looks good.

  25. totally was expecting Linklater to be involved. but nope. looks good.

  26. No thanks, it looks dumb.

  27. This looks too white. I just can’t.

  28. man thinks hes road now

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