THE PURGE 3 ‘Election Year’ TRAILER # 2 (Thriller, Horror – 2016)

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THE PURGE 3 ‘Election Year’ TRAILER
© 2016 – Universal Pictures


  1. i cant wait :)

  2. this is america’s future if trump gets elected

  3. So this is what Trump meant when he said if he got elected it’s over

  4. Fake and gay

  5. These damn “fade to black” transitions are extremely annoying…

  6. Dr. Robert Hoffman

    #MakeThePurgeGreatAgain Kappa

  7. The reason why I hate all 3 Purge movies it’s because, this could be our

  8. daniel gamgamgam

    that looked great until it passed 1 min. after that i saw too much so no
    point in seeing the film.

  9. They had a really good idea but they fucked all the films up .

  10. If i don’t see a Trumpinator patrolling the streets i will be sorely

  11. LightiningLover15

    at least she cas uncle crossbones as a guard

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