The Revenant Official Trailer #1 (2015) – Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy Drama Movie HD

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In the 1820s, a frontiersman, Hugh Glass, sets out on a path of vengeance against those who left him for dead after a bear mauling.


  1. Samuel Luttschwager

    I want Tom Brady to win an Oscar for this movie.

  2. This scene with a Bear , beautiful !

  3. And the Oscar goes to… Not Leonardo DiCaprio!

    Thanks for coming to the ceremony though; here, have a model.

  4. the “based on true events” almost killed it for me

  5. It’s a shame they more or less just showed us the whole movie ;(

  6. Sergey Samorodnikov

    An the oscar goes to Tom Hardy

  7. ETbarcelonafan101216

    I swear if he doesn’t win the best actor award this time…


  9. Am I the only one who is absolutely amazed by Emmanuel Lubezki’s
    cinematography ? Children Of Men,Gravity and Birdman had amazing
    cinematography, And by the looks of this trailer, this movie will too.
    Can’t wait to see it.

  10. Alejandro G. Iñárritu and Emmanuel Lubezki (My favourite contemporary
    cinematographer) SOLD! All these trailers just show how impressive
    filmmaking can be in a winter setting! Love films that take place in the
    Arctic/Winter settings! This will have a massive competition when it’s
    against Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight!

  11. leo is getting oscar for this. FOR SURE. no way he’s missing out this year.
    he looks phenomenol and i bet tom hardy is also going to be nominated

  12. So it’s basically Point Blank as a Western.

  13. When does this take place, I don’t know much about history, but I’m
    guessing it’s the conquest of the far west in the mid 1800s.

  14. So……Tom Hardy goes Rogue & tries to kill everyone & Di caprio tries to
    stop him?

  15. It would be hilarious if Tom Hardy win an Oscar for this and not Leo xD

  16. He tries so hard to win that oscar

  17. Soooo, a classic revenge story done a thousand times, although with
    beautiful cinematography…

  18. Everybody says “he better get the Oscar” for a performance we haven’t seen
    yet. Can we at least watch the movie before assuming he’s going to win.

  19. Who would dislike something this good? I bet they’re Leonardo’s exs

  20. Spoiler are in this trailer

  21. Rise of the Tomb Raider

  22. Alejandro G. Iñárritu (Birdman) and Leo… yes please. I’m really excited
    for this movie.

  23. God damn it, why do they show so much in trailers?

  24. Great actors (Hopefully this is the one that finally brings Leonardo
    DiCaprio to the Oscar)

    Great Director that won last year for Birdman that also won Best Picture.

    Great Cinematography and Hopefully writing

    I’m all in for this one ( ͡͡ ° ͜ ʖ ͡ °)

  25. Maybe this time is Leos turn?

  26. this december we take an actually interesting legend and make it a generic
    revenge story

  27. Who cares if leo wont win the oscar? He dont need a Oscar to be a great

  28. Rookie mistake to release this on Christmas.

  29. Either Matt Damon or Dicaprio will win an oscar.

  30. please be better than birdman.

  31. Mark Anthony Quiambao

    He will be up against Eddie Redmayne in The Danish Girl.

  32. is danny devito in it

  33. I seriously dont understand what this movie is about. Cowboys? Indians?
    Rabies? Zombies? Bear Grylls? Someone tell me the plot pls.

  34. Why do I feel like leo has such a few dialogue in the movie… Makes me
    worry whether will he get an Oscar for this….

  35. I wonder if Leo is a cool, down to earth dude or a pretentious asshole in
    real life.

  36. And the oscar goes to …. ME ” for being soo cute “

  37. For God’s sake. give that man an Oscar already..

  38. Maybe he needs to fund “The Oscar Wilde” novel in order to get his Oscar?

  39. Leo: I ain’t afraid of NOT winning the Oscar for best actor…I done it
    already! ?

  40. ciekawie się zapowiada…

  41. It Seems. How Thoughtful Of You! correct vague !!


  43. this movie looks great

  44. i really hope Leo will get an Oscar. it’s ridiculous. so many good roles.
    so many good films and still no Oscar. if he’ll win if i was him i’d throw
    that Oscar in a trash-can in front of everybody and say “pff. i’m better
    then this. im on a complete different level.”


  46. -WOW AMAZING. Give a oscar to that man
    -But is Leonardo Dicaprio.
    -… hmm ok moving on…

  47. give him an oscar already!

  48. Chorrell Klaverweide

    A rugged, savage and manly Tom Hardy. Yes, please. Looks like an
    interesting film though.

  49. ПичвајзПикчерс

    John Goodman cameo on 0:52.

  50. Imagine how the internet will shit bricks if Leo wins an Oscar.

  51. A remake of “Man in the Wilderness” with director John Huston and Richard
    Harris, 1970. It is beautifully filmed and looks a powerful movie to see on
    the big screen.

  52. great movie

  53. Yes. Enough said. ^_^/ (So stinkingly excited to watch this. Was waiting
    for the two of them to do a movie together. Yes! Really stoked about this
    right now!) Absolutely.

  54. leonard and tom are both good actors im suprised that they made a film
    together and this looks really for the upcoming december cause it has some
    winter in it as well thanks for awesome movie cant wait to see the bear
    scene hehehe


  56. this looks really really good.


  58. epic

  59. Gives away to much story, but looks like a hell of a film.

  60. CGI seems superb and the movie looks interesting, can’t wait :)

  61. 2016 might be the year Leo.

  62. Leonardo DiCaprio is in this movie, enough said!

  63. Çıksa da izlesek amına koyım

  64. very good Bear Scene

  65. This will be epic; i’m a big fan of Hardy and something tells me this film
    will justify his acting skills… I can’t wait to watch this!

  66. they made this movie in Alberta ? where I live xoxo I’m sooooooooo excited
    for this movie.

  67. this just gave away the whole movie!! i know i already watched skits of the
    movie while they were directing it.

  68. yep I’m all over this shit

  69. another great acting that won’t get an oscar XD XD

  70. A fur trapper/doting dad who, like John Ottway in The Grey is forced on a
    treacherous trek, is given the Titus Andronicus/Harmonica treatment by a
    disgruntled fellow traveler, and summons the tracking and survival skills
    of a younger, stronger, and misanthropic Dersu Uzula to hunt down his
    nemesis. Will a Blood Meridian mood prevail, or will revenge quest morph
    into journey of self-discovery, redemption, and/or transformation? I have
    no clue. I’ve only seen this trailer. Enough to wager that Iñárritu and
    Lubezki have birthed a cinematic gem.

  71. Maybe this time he can be the best movie king of Oscar.

  72. sreesanth Sasidharan

    gentlemen, when you released the teaser you had my curiosity, now you have
    my attention.

  73. And the Oscar goes to… The bear!!

  74. EPIC

  75. Well well, i guess Leo will finally get his oscar teaming up with Alejandro
    G. Iñárritu

  76. *ohmegawdohmegawdohmegawd! Finally an epic movie! Yay!*
    I do hope Leo wins an Oscar! And that Natives get recognized!

  77. Do bears feel pain? like god damn

  78. That score sounds just like Become Ocean – John Luther Adams and I like it

  79. Will THIS be the movie that earns him an Oscar?

  80. This film looks awesome

  81. I read somewhere that when provoked, a grizzly bear is one of the most
    dangerous animals in the world. This proves it. 0:47.

  82. Tophotbabes Channel

    They remind you several times that this is inspired by true events. Don’t
    forget it people XD

    Btw, check my channel out people it’s not bad XD

  83. Not saying it won’t be a good film, but it seems like a remake of the film,
    Man in the wilderness from 1971.

  84. For God sake, would you please give Leo an Oscar before the man kills

  85. in my opinion this movie is great

  86. This is the one,Leo!!!!

  87. Hi how’s it going? Stunning. cobweb farm What’s happening, guys.

  88. I have a feeling Leo is finally gonna win this year look what Alejandro did
    for Michael Keaton and Emma stone he got them their first Oscar nomination
    think about what he’s going to do for DiCaprio and Hardy.

  89. Rockdrik Producciones

    ravenous 2????

  90. Fabricio de Andrade Alves de Andrade Alves

    Where is your Tarantino now?

  91. This movie is going to be insane

  92. Wow cant believe i just saw the whole film it was great

  93. This looks like a video game trailer

  94. WHAT?? A kick ass trailer that doesnt have comic books or lightsabers? how
    can this be????

  95. Dayum I wanna see this

  96. thsi trailer is sick af

  97. so nice

  98. Stupid trailers telling half the movie

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