THE SWAN PRINCESS Trailer (Animation, 2018)

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Your favorite characters are back in an all-new royal adventure! It seems that a mysterious “Z” is appearing as a mark on the palace residents. Who is behind the mark and what does it mean? Princess Odette, Derek, Scully and all the Swan Princess friends work as a team to uncover the secret.

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THE SWAN PRINCESS Trailer (Animation, Family, Kids, 2018)
© 2018 – Sony Pictures


  1. keep doin me dirty

  2. My favourite princess is Rapunzel and my favourite princess movie is Tangled

  3. Why ruin this amazing movie…

  4. “No mystery is too mysterious….” lol…just stop.

    Too many movies.

  5. It’s time to Stop!

  6. AWESOME !!!!!!!!

  7. Queen Elsa Of arendelle

    The swan princess

  8. why just why?

  9. This animation style is the middle finger to any movie or show that gets a sequel, remake, or reboot.

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