The Walking Dead – Ultimate Zombie Apocalypse Mashup (2015) HD

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Watch More:
Army of Darkness
Cockneys vs Zombies
Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse
Dawn of the Dead
Day of the Dead
Dead Alive
Dead Heist
Diary of the Dead
Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead
Exit Humanity
House of the Dead
I Am Legend
Mulbury Project
Planet Terror
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
[REC] 3: Genesis
Shaun of the Dead
Warm Bodies
World War Z
Zombie Massacre

Music Credits:
“Exploding Star” by Simon Steadman, T.T. Magruber
“Love Like A Virus” by Daniel Mark Farrant, Paul Rawson


  1. first whats my reward?

  2. Ecuador !!!!

  3. RIP last night :(

  4. Not bad. I love zombies!

  5. then the worst movie you see is “house of the death” you know a worst movie

  6. I AM LEGEND. Best Movie in there!

  7. Amity Houghton (AttyAmazing678)


  8. Hooray for zombies!

  9. rip glenn ;-:

  10. this is shit

  11. i like turtles

  12. Intergalactic Federation of Refined Editing

    That “Walking Dead” click bait though.. at least the editing wasn’t
    completely terrible in this one I guess..

  13. Dragonkiller Gaming

    I like zombie movie

  14. the Asian population wiped out in one move on TWD. rest in pepperoni Glenn

  15. Ash, hell yeah!

  16. Oh shit, i first though it was a The Walking Dead movie hahaha.

  17. Army of darkness and I am Legend aren’t zombies owell

  18. shit

  19. jesus was the first victim

  20. Glenn is *not* dead…

  21. i´m leyend is not a zombie movie, the infected are vampires

  22. zombies are so 2007

  23. Tenacious Thompson

    I love everything zombie related from video games to movies

  24. Chauntele Kali (ARIES FIRE)

    Please. I see zombies everyday in NYC.

  25. I would go to see this if it would come out

  26. Nice job. Where’s ‘Cooties’?

  27. BRA

  28. I literally just watched shaun of the dead and the 1st thing I see in my
    subs is this

  29. What film is it where he’s teaching people about killing zombies?

  30. Shaun of the dead!!!!! Best zombie film.

  31. Glenn fucked up


  33. eu quero ver

  34. 28 Days Later .

  35. To me, this is porn. I feel like i have a bio hazard missille in my pants

  36. MERICA

  37. gR!ME$ _vs_ tH3dE4D

    When the zombies come…crawl underneath a dumpster like Glenn did……

  38. Lol phil dunphy haha

  39. Can somebody please tell me the dramatic intro and outro song?

  40. A bunch of the COD Zombies community on youtube are making a live action
    zombies movie (based of COD zombies) after they get enough money on

  41. Glen is Dead!!!

  42. O yeah i have already seen all those movies

  43. not the kind of video you watch while eating…..

  44. AmirIbrahim Greene

    So Resident Evil is not counted because they have hybrid zombies? Talk
    about double standards…

  45. LIKE! This is so good

  46. The creatures in I Am Legend are vampires. Shitty vampires, like WWZ and
    their shitty zombies/movie… What waste.

  47. theres not zombies in I am legend, in the book they suposse to be vampires
    or something like that…

  48. Missing was Freaks of Nature!

  49. 70s and 80s Zombies are the best,

  50. When you’ve seen every movie here.

  51. united state of zombieland….

  52. zombies never die

  53. shaun of the dead tho

  54. The walking dead is the shit!

  55. Heya, It’s interesting sound plot What’s your opinion about it 1!

  56. wtf,,, some of theses are not zombie movies

  57. Why is I Am Legend on this list? I thought they were Vampires.

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