Things to Know Before Watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015) HD

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What do you need to know before you go see Star Wars: The Force Awakens? Kristian Harloff gets you up to light speed on the theories surrounding the 7th ‘Star Wars’ movie.

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  1. First comment after this shall eat the D. TWICE!!!!

  2. Great vid it helped me out loads

  3. When is the new hope commentary? And gimme some of that Panera chicken

  4. Andrew sergiou-fawcett

    0 seconds

  5. Only 9 days away

  6. 4 bitches

  7. MrConstantComments

    got my tickets for the 18th at 7:30!

  8. Goin with the cousins 17th!!! In the novels Luke actually goes to the dark
    side because of a bounty hunter he falls in love with named Mara Jade. He
    then comes back to the light side and converts Mara and they get married.
    I’m guessing Rey is their son like you said and Luke is Kylo Ren, following
    in his father’s footsteps before he comes back in VIII.

  9. 0:52 Learn to count. “Han freaking Solo” are three words.

  10. sebastien sebisketch

    I’m so excited, and i just can’t hide it…

  11. I’ll see it december 16th :D

  12. I’m waiting until the crowd dies down if word of mouth sucks like the

  13. I hope the black kid dies.

  14. Rey is not Luke’s daughter, It’s han’s.

  15. kristian Harloff is on every movie channel there is

  16. harloff!!!!

  17. Han is gonna die

  18. JJ abrams is a Zionist Jew and star wars is nerd stupid like power rangers

  19. C’mon Harloff start SchmoesKnow Phase 6 already.

  20. Mubarak j. Williams

    it’s hard to believe that there isn’t a single thing that anybody like’s
    about the prequels

  21. Luke is the guy who is avenging Vader.

  22. God can’t wait to see Boba Fetts space battle with lukes X-Wing and the
    X-men’s quinjet. oh and also Thanos whos gonna use the reality jem to go
    into the star wars universe and the avengers are gonna help the rebels. oh
    and i cant wait for the end of the movie teaser with robot spider chewbaca.

  23. maybe….MAYBE….Luke is Kylo Ten….

  24. why do ppl love star wars, when the previous movies of the franchise
    already suck, specially the prequels.

    but anyway this looks
    am going to watch it.

  25. Luke is the new darth vader!!??

  26. Luke has gone to the dark side!

  27. Luke is literally in two trailers, one screaming and one you see his robot
    hand touch r2, so stupid XD

  28. why can’t people just wait , stop speculating and be patient

  29. Mark hammil aka luke skywalker is so fat so i dont think then will show him

  30. I live in norway, i get to see it the 16th.

  31. 2 things though:
    Everything in the original trilogy
    Where to watch the movie in 2D.

  32. Things to know or you trying to predict the entire film..?

  33. Its the 8th film. Clone wars was a official wide released star wars canon

  34. Darth Harloff! ????

  35. Luke = sith 4fs

  36. Good job Darth Harloff, I think you are the greater Schmoe!

  37. why try to Spoil it with theorys??
    – stupid!

  38. Star Wars = THE BEST SAGA

  39. SPOIL ALERT: I have 90 inch. penis.

  40. I get to see it on the 16th! YEAH!!!

  41. Your theory about kylo ren being Han and leais daughter is incorrect the
    son is a Jedi the daughter is the sith.

  42. 97s here, know nothing about starwar, all characters u mentioned, they are
    all strangers to me

  43. Comes out December 17 in Australia. And given the time difference, that’s
    like two days ahead. MUAHAHAHA

  44. Guillermo Hernandez

    Jar jar is actually is Sith Lord

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