Things to Know Before Watching The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 (2015) HD

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What do you need to know before you go see The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2? Dan Perrault gives you some epic reasons to be excited for the final ‘Hunger Games’ sequel.

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  1. First

  2. This movie is going to be amazing! ??

  3. 3rd

  4. In 4 days . . . . .

  5. Prim dies

    oh crap , spoiler alert

  6. Omg I’m so freakin exited!!! ?? its gonna be so amazing

  7. only action really in the trailer is them running from black slime

  8. When Is The Movie Out?

  9. I hear the series is going to end with a bang…

  10. Under 301 club

  11. first

  12. Heroine Teresa Deedee Agnes.

    i think this will be the best of the whole franchise! Can’t wait!

  13. Or I came to see this video because I read all the books when they came out
    and I want to see this guy’s opinion about the last movie.

  14. LOL on Snow having the last laugh… literally

  15. natalie dormer in the thumbnail made me click

  16. #SoDanSexy

  17. kevin gomez (Gamer 14j)

    sister dies in the end

  18. if you read the book then you know what happens

  19. Movieclips Trailers IS THE BEST CHANEL EVER >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  20. All you need to know is what time the film starts on the day you’re going.
    Videos like this are bullshit.

  21. Yeahh… I don’t like this guy..

  22. Subtítulos en español pliss

  23. I’m not ready for this :(:

  24. I’m watching it tomorrow bc I’m out of the country and it shows the 18th

  25. rahmatiah nurul aini rasyidah

    Katniss vs Bella hahahaha

  26. Haha “hey kids wanna go on the Hunger Games Ride? Only one of you will
    survive” so funny

  27. Prim and finick die. Book has been out for 5 years don’t get pissed. If u
    didn’t know that then I warned u

  28. From the book i really thought Snow’s death was lackluster.

  29. 1:51 that’s an actual spoiler guys!! (Yes I’ve read the books)

  30. Things to know or spoilers?!

  31. I forgot the tissues! and i sobbed a lot ?

  32. I’m seeing this movie in 4 hours!!!!!!!!

  33. SPOILER WARNING IN THE COMMENTS BELOW! There are book readers that are
    jerks. Read at your own risk.

  34. Please no prequels/sequels, stop milking out the movies!

  35. Ena L. Solörzano M.

    BRENDON URIE ..???? #patd

  36. Seeing it tonight as a double feature with part one.

  37. I haven’t seen the second hunger games movie yet, i’m going to the premiere

  38. a hunger games park!!!!

  39. I’m going to see the movie today!!!

  40. You only need to know one thing before going to watch Part 2: go home, read

  41. Never read any of the books or would say that I’m a particularly big fan of
    the films (although I have liked them) but I enjoyed Mockingjay Part 2. A
    fitting finale that
    definitely delivers. JLaw is fantastic as always. High stakes, high emotion
    & a high death toll. No doubt flawed but still enjoyable. Go see it it!
    Check out my review
    Have a read of Jennifer Lawrence’s Top 5 best performances

  42. Read all the books

  43. Wake Up people, This is exactly the battle between Jewish racist fuckin
    occupiers over innocent poor palastinians!


    Saw the movie and it wasnt that much action, the parts that did have actio
    were good though, but it is wayy more talking and story than action, and
    the ending was anticlimatic to be honest…

  45. Jesus LIES.

  46. Finnick nd prime dies ??

    Shit I forgot, spoiler alert :p

  47. Katnis and Peta have two kids together?????

  48. It would be awesome if the President Snow killed all the heroes and if the
    evil will win, because in every movie we take for granted that the good is
    going to always win.

  49. honestly i hate these movies but i have to say that this last one was
    actualy very good..tricks didnt look cheesy, acting was done right, and
    there was lest peeeeettaaaaa if you bury previous movies in the
    ground and watch only this one youll be fine

  50. Asian baby!!

  51. No she didn’t win twice, she won once and murdered the arena once ?

  52. ‫نوران فواز‬‎

    this movie is stolen from the movie “condemed “casting the american
    wrestler punch if crimnals from different area throw them down to isolated
    islanl under monitors and the boss throw them aparashute to help any
    contest he likes same concept and every contest or worriar fights foe his
    ir her life and the winner get the prize what author art thief

  53. Prim dies

  54. ❤Shrek_Is_Love_❤

    Books < movies

  55. I think I’m attracted to cressida.

  56. is part 2 in the some book as part 1

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