TITANS Extended Trailer (2018) Teen Titans Live Action Series

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  1. *OOOH SO COOL!!!! :3*

  2. Second ;3

  3. soooo, this starfire stays? shame, shame that they dont make her look alien

  4. Markus Marcellus Julius

    Starfire looks more like s pimp than starfire

  5. I’m all for diversity but dam Starfire looks like shit i have seen better consplay better than this shit

  6. Omg, that starfire is awefull!!!

  7. özgür uras akkoyun

    Well time was cruel on Starfire

  8. they made starfire African American?!?? #WTF

  9. People really complaining about starfire’s skin tone? Did you expect them to actually make her orange?

  10. Netflix? I thout the DC streaming service 🤔

  11. Everything was good expect starfire

  12. Cringe!!!

  13. Starfire 😫😓😨😰😱🤢🤮⭐🔥➡️💩

  14. That beast boy cgi…

  15. STARFIRE still looks like a low end cheap hooker…

  16. The Gotham Player

    It looks like they are also doing Gar x Rae

  17. Wtf is wrong w starfire

  18. cant wait for robin to die and become that red hood boi

  19. Starfire…so bad. NOT the actor, the damn character. Horrible. The ’70’s street walker outfit and hair….geez….Not too hip on the whiny Raven either.

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