Top Ten Most Anticipated Movies of 2016 HD

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What is there to look forward to in the upcoming year of movies? Oh, just god-like mutants, feuding super heroes (and comic movie universes), outrageously handsome idiots and more Star Wars. Watch Dan Perrault break down the most anticipated films of 2016.

Closet Freak (Ft. Bebe O’Hare) – Reggie Rojo Jr. / Brittany Davis
It’s a Jungle Out There – Greg Edmonson
Passion For Fashion – Oliver Lieb
Medal of Honor – Geoff Zanelli
Above the Beyond – Sam Hulick
Ready to Rumble – Mel Wesson / Nineoneone
Reach for the Skies – Thomas Bergersen/Nick Phoenix
Touched By Her Hand – Thomas Bergersen/Nick Phoenix
Popcorn Trilogy – David Inlander


  1. Evanthejetpackguy


  2. Second

  3. indians are shitstains

  4. Rogue one is number? Finding Dory number 2?? LOL. Where is Suicide Squad?

  5. Rogue One all the way!

  6. Cuarto comentarii

  7. Deadpool?

  8. First

  9. DEADPOOL???????

  10. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them?

  11. Love your work

  12. BVS is No 1 for me

  13. DEADPOOL don’t forget the awesome superhero

  14. not a FAKE survey guys… a REAL one, just incase you mistook it for maybe
    a fake one

  15. what about deadpool

  16. Isolated Queen's Pawn

    To be frank, I don’t want to see any of these movies. I’m pretty tired of
    that superhero crap.

  17. cough DEADPOOL

  18. Where is Suicide Squad?!!!!!!

  19. No Deadpool. or Suicide Squad? ha!

  20. KSAM “ksamgam3r xD” XD

    Ride along ????

  21. My two favorite Avengers fighting each other? I can’t pick a side.

  22. wait now I doubt this whole survey thing… I doubt regular movie goers
    even know they’re making another Bourne… let alone it being more
    anticipated than CIVIL WAR, even at the end of this video you don’t even
    have a poster for it… cause there isn’t one, like wtf

  23. all of dem, well except for the kid movie but who am I kidding!!

  24. Never make a list again! Batman vs Superman is #1, everything else can sit

  25. where the heck is Warcraft, Fantastic Beasts, Suicide

  26. what about deadpool, suicide squad, teenage mutant ninja turtles 2.

  27. Suicide Squad?

  28. wow wait….DEADPOOL…huh???

  29. Where’s deadpool?

  30. What about suicide squad!?

  31. Weres DeadPool1!!!

  32. No suicide squad, Snowden, Tarzan, now you see me 2?

  33. lol Warcraft ?

  34. No Suicide Squad?

  35. Deadpool? Suicide Squad??

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