Top Ten Reasons To See Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) HD

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Dan Perrault gives you ten powerful reasons to see Batman Vs. Superman, like, now.

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“Goodbye Go Go” by Sebastain Basco, Genzo & Kaitlyn Dibenedetto
“Wotev Wotev” by Blues Saraceno

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  1. First

  2. weeee

  3. This video spoiled the movie. #NotWatching #MarvelMasterRace

  4. Jose A. Mendoza-Huijon


  5. you dont need reason to watch this film just watch it ..

  6. I can’t get passed Ben Affleck playing Batman….sorry. lol

  7. very exiting

  8. Star Wars The Force Awakens:Episode VII

    Only moronic haters in denial won’t. It was an Amazing good Comicbook movie

  9. gay

  10. JUST GOT BACK FROM AN IMAX SCREENING! Initial thoughts: firstly, as someone
    who has kept up with every piece of footage, the movie was completely
    unpredictable and surprised me consistently. Secondly, the entire cast is
    incredible. Affleck and Eisenberg especially. The writing is excellent and
    the overall story is incredibly well put together. Best time I’ve had at
    the movies in a long time. Lastly, I would highly recommend seeing it in
    IMAX if possible. Best IMAX experience ever for me.

  11. That list is so mixed up. Hanz at #2? He’s great but not a top 2 reason to
    watch this movie. 

  12. Top 10 reasons to see BVS?? Seriously?? That’s like saying Top 10 reasons
    why you should go to the bathroom every day

  13. First!!!!

  14. Spoiled the movie, wtf

  15. Superman about to get them sexual harassment charges if he keeps feeling on
    Batman’s tits.

  16. why is superman majestically touching Batman’s tit in the thumbnail?

  17. Juan Diego Guerrero Ojeda

    100 like now im ugly

  18. Coach PePe the Frog

    there’s no reason to see this movie it’ll suck anyway

  19. First watch it, then rationalize why you watched it…?!

  20. No reason’s a MUST WATCH!

  21. I just know and believeeee that this movie is going to be awesome,
    especially on this week of my birthday!

  22. if u like superman go kys

  23. 11th reason it releases on ma birthday 

  24. Snowz Flake (NevadaDuz)

    Who else thinks the guy playing lex Luther will be the best actor to play
    lex Luther ever!

  25. bro like matpat already exploited or explained of how he wins

  26. batman i mean

  27. Only one reason it has BATMAN

  28. the directors cut being r rated is not a reason.

  29. Civil War > Dawn of Justice

  30. Deadpool isn’t the reason why there’s going to be a R rated cut…

  31. niceeeeeeeeeee

  32. David Goyer isn’t the writer.

  33. Trailer Horror Movies

    This channel is very helpful and helps me get a good look at all of the
    movies coming out….

  34. Would watching man of steel enhance my understanding of the current DC CU
    or is it not necessary.

  35. did he just say R rated

  36. first day first show. who else??


    Have we really had any confirmation that Batman is retired in this movie? I
    know he’s been Batman for a while, and Ben Affleck said in an interview
    this Batman was kind of at the end of his days, but I don’t remember ever
    actually seeing the word “retired”. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.

  38. Now I want to watch it thx to yo..

  39. if batman kills in this movie tell me so I can just save myself the ticket

  40. I’m just waiting for that comment that goes like, “1. Batman 2. Batman 3.

  41. Titanium-ninja-Zane 2.0!

    I seen all these videos about reasons to watch this movie I’m going to
    watch it anyway and so are most other people

  42. Nobody needs convincing Were all going to see it No matter what at least
    one time

  43. You don’t need ten reasons to see this movie. All you need is one & that’s
    the DC trinity are gonna share the silver screen for the first time ever &
    for a whole glorious 2 hours & many minutes. It’s gonna be so epic!

  44. but Captain america : Civil wars still the best for this year for me

  45. It’s kicking off Justice League(Mr.Snyder’s version)!….Any reasons not to
    watch this?

  46. Like I need 10 reasons to see batman vs superman lol

  47. This obviously wasn’t a sponsored video.

  48. Apparently Green Lantern will also be in this film if you look at Dan
    Amboyer’s wiki page and what films he’s been in, it says he’s the Green
    Lantern in the new Batman V Superman

  49. reason one: i ship them

  50. IntheInternet Wetrust

    Netflix should adopt the DC universe

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