Top Ten Reasons To See Deadpool (2016) HD

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From “hard R action” to Ryan Reynold’s butt, Dan Perrault gives you ten awesome reasons to see ‘Deadpool.’ (As though you needed more reasons).

Music Credits:

“Not the First” by Sly Silver and Sir Realist
“Life Design, Instrumental” by Kahn Morbee

Courtesy of Extreme Music.


  1. when I was this early I ejaculated

  2. good stuff

  3. Watch me this Friday

  4. i dont need reasons xD

  5. i need one reason DEADPOOL

  6. Basil “Bas” Cannova

    Stan Lee is in every marvel movie and he will be in future ones till he

  7. I’ve been waiting for this movie for so long. I made my boyfriend go with
    me to watch it on Valentine’s day. F-yeah.

  8. If this video wasn’t uploaded, i still don’t know why this movie is so
    anticipated and over hyped..

    Like what’s the big deal? Yeah it was filmed in *MY* city, but has everyone
    been waiting for this for years? I don’t see what the big deal is other
    than that it’s a spiderman *RIPOFF.* It’s one of the movies that i’ve seen
    have very little dislikes on the youtube trailers

  9. I no longer like avacados thanks to you Deadpool!! Thanks!

  10. it was a commerccial

  11. Please tell me the hot girlfriend gets naked!

  12. I don’t really need more reasons to go see Deadpool, but I’m glad u did
    I’m going to see it tomorrow (I live in the UK and we get it on the 10th
    for some reason) and my hype is through the roof!

  13. Y’all need a reason to watch this epic? Wow.

  14. One reason to see deadpool. ITS DEADPOOL.

  15. If you ask me, we need to see more of this Dan Perrault guy in the
    Movieclips Trailers’ videos. Pretty cool dude, and yeah DEADPOOL WOOOOO!!

  16. Im a girl and i totally can’t wait to see this movie with my boyfriend. Im
    hoping it will be a kick ass movie!!!

  17. The only reason i need to watch Deadpool is FUCKN DEADPOOL!!!

  18. 10/10

  19. The violence is so graphic that in the country of Australia where the
    highest rating is R18+ and GTA San Andreas gets banned, this movie is only
    rated 15+. LOL

  20. Trafalgar D. Water Law

    1 reason to se Deadpool is beacause he is DEADPOOL

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