Touched With Fire Official Trailer #1 (2015) – Katie Holmes Movie HD

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Two manic depressives meet in a psychiatric hospital and begin a romance that brings out all of the beauty and horror of their condition.


  1. first

  2. 0:08 and already shit acting, i’m out.

  3. Fifty shades of grey sequel

  4. 1k de subs sin video. Sera posible?


  5. looks like shit

  6. Samruddha sujit save

    Another great to see lover’s movie

  7. william woodsworth

    Show us on the doll where the fire touch you.

  8. Akward

  9. Talk about a terrible Girl Interrupted rip off.


  11. Just MEH

  12. This looks like a movie just MADE to piss Tom Cruise off, Ex wife,
    psychiatry, talk of beings from another planet.

  13. scientology, the movie!

  14. This movie looks amazing…

  15. a crazy and dangerous love

  16. what the heck.

  17. Walrus is in the Matrix

    This looks lovely.

  18. So is the Warcraft trailer releasing soon or what???

  19. Griffin Dunn… did I see Griffin Dunn!?

  20. This trailer gave me the shivers. Love it

  21. No thanks.

  22. This trailer is good like really good

  23. Obdu'l Jaliyl Beig

    thought it would be a dark psychological movie. well shit

  24. You never go full crazy, you never come back from full crazy

  25. I want to watch! ?

  26. yeah she’s crazy, she friendzoned batman !!

  27. Touched with fire aka give us an Oscar

  28. It’s Rachel from batman

  29. Oh, Katie Holmes, where the hell have you been? I knew what you had to
    offer ever since your early days, with Dawson’s Creek and movies like The
    Ice Storm, Wonder Boys, and Pieces of April. PLEASE no more Adam Sandler
    movies. And I’m glad you had a ball playing wardrobe as Jackie Kennedy but,
    come on, you weren’t even trying. THIS is the acting caliber that I’ve been
    expecting from you. May all the great reviews you’re getting from this
    inspire you to tackle more meaningful roles. May your craft and talent, and
    not your ex-marriage, define who you are. Welcome back.

  30. what song is this???

  31. Кунг-Фу Падла

    I never forgive her rejection of the role of Rachel in dark knight!

  32. This trailer just made me smile, cry and gave me goose bumps at the same
    time and I dont know how and why

  33. complete shit

  34. This is a biopic of Katie Holmes’ life in scientology

  35. Looks fantastic.

  36. looks like Katie Holmes has been taking some acting classes. FINALLY!

  37. that van gogh aesthetic

  38. wait, its about scientology? thats all I read from the comments

  39. Looks good. Love me some Katie.

  40. Yeah, being with Tom finaly put her in a mental hospital

  41. i just watched the family guy ep where she escapes from tom cruise its good
    to see her alive tbh

  42. It freezes me.

  43. Every silver lining has a dark cloud.

  44. Thank God I chose to pursue the sciences rather than the arts. I love the
    arts but it leaves too much room for crazy. With the sciences you better
    calm that mess down. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

  45. white people got crazy shit in their lives.

  46. So the hospital is supposed to be scientology, right? :)

  47. seriously katie cant acts for shit

  48. Wassup, Keep Up The Good Work. living painful What do you think?

  49. This movie is going to make hundreds of dollars!

  50. “touched with fire” Scientology code word for an STD given by Tom Cruise,
    in this case , syphilis.

  51. Remember when this was called Silver Linings playbook?

  52. Spoiler alert: they’re the same person.

  53. *Looks like Scarecrow’s toxins were stronger than the antidote that Bruce
    Wayne gives to Rachel Dawes!*

  54. hey…Katie Holmes keeps trying, gotta give her that.

  55. good concept for this type of genre in movies

  56. Always the same stuff… .’

  57. Where is Dawson from Dawson´s Creek? He´d fit in here. lol

  58. the Best video

  59. Mohammed Ali Fazal

    Are we a mistake?

    No, this movie is a mistake.

  60. What have you done to piss off Tom Cruise today?

  61. When I saw the title, “Touched With Fire”, I thought it was going to be a
    movie about someone dealing with VD or Chlamydia after a night in a cheap
    motel xD

  62. Guy’s, i just ate so many goddamn brownies 🙁


  63. What’s the songs in this trailer?

  64. Katie……are you ready?;) seriously

  65. Fallout 4

  66. This reminds me of a relationship…… YOU GOT TO BE CRAZY !!!!!!!!!!

  67. I just casually watch 300 trailers before i sleep.

  68. This movie is about her still being butt hurt over Tom dumping her. Anyone
    wanna bet her and leading man become a couple next?

  69. Tbh, I got teary eye a little bit… ?

  70. Now that’s a movie !
    Love Katie .

  71. they are crazy in love

  72. beautiful 🙂 gotta watch it!!

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  74. Plot twist: They’re actually from another planet and the movie turns out to
    be paid for by scientologists, Katie can never be free

  75. Dolores, go back to your son Steve.

  76. saw her once driving back from school, Kaplan College, she drove in front
    of me, heading over the train track, she looks back thru the back mirror

  77. Hey there, You’re Very Talented. cooperative ignorant What’s happening.. 11

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