TOY STORY 4 Trailer Tease (Animation, 2019)

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  1. winx club,barbie and disney princess movie

    Thank you so much for sharing this trailer

  2. First comment

  3. Wow can’t believe their making a fourth movie😯😀😊

  4. Been waiting for this since I was little😭

  5. Varmı Türk Beğeni Çökün

  6. Vietnames 🐴🐴

  7. I hope that fork not in movie, he not good looking characters. And I think movie should be focused on characters that we seen in toy story 1,2, and 3

  8. 1:01 When a psychopath is put away and forced to be around other psychopaths.

  9. My childhood is back

  10. Ja nigdy nie ogdajemmmm toy storre⛅️💫💫⛈💧☔️☔️💫🌟🌙🌞🌥🌥☄

  11. Indonesia?

  12. Can’t wait

  13. Omg i am so happy now 1 more Toy story❤️❤️❤️

  14. Wow i can’t waiting till summer

  15. OH MY GOD!!! Okay it's happening!!

    Could this be the story finally explaining Andy’s Dad?!

  16. What is the name of the song?…is very cute…and sad :,)

  17. In toy story 4 our friends are in heaven now but the fork doesnt belong in heaven and Woody wakes up from his beautiful dream

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