Trailer Breakdown: Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens (2015) HD

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Kristian Harloff breaks down the all new Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens Trailer.

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  1. Oh my god after school today I came home, i watched the trailer…i came

  2. whos the silver storm tropper and is Velo ren Han solos son???

  3. luke skywalker is the bad guy in this movie related on a leak

  4. Star Wars = The Best Saga

  5. Content Aware Phil

    Why does no one talk about the fact that when that distant ship takes off
    that’s an AT-AT’s toe in the foreground and that Rey lives inside it.

  6. When Rey is crying, I believe she is looking at Chewbacca. The reason is
    because it looks like Finn’s jacket by her hand. I think Finn got injured
    during the fight with Kylo Ren.

  7. I hate Disney!!! DISNEY SUCKS!!!

  8. This is a very wild theory I have but what if Rae was studying and
    practicing with the Knights of Ren and his brother or cousin Kylo was the
    one who introduced her to that group, since in the shot where it looks to
    be the knights of Ren with Kylo some of them have a similar weapon with the
    same style of the staff Rae has. Maybe she left because she found out they
    were practicing the ways of the dark side? And now Kylo is looking for her
    to bring her back? Or maybe once you live you have t return the ancient
    SIth weapon? Maybe that weapon is Plagueis staff but was given to her by
    Snoke since it was his private group.

  9. Might be looking too far ahead but I think Luke and snoak are going to face
    off in episode 9. Luke is going to die and then Rey will somehow finish him

  10. I’m pretty sure Rey’s staff is an Electro Staff just like those Droids that
    could fight Jedi from Episode 3. Wouldn’t be surprising that Rey might have
    scavenged it in her adventures prior to the movie. This would allow her to
    fight people wielding Lightsabers. It’s also used as a training weapon in
    The Old Republic MMO which would fit with Rey being a novice Force user.

  11. This movie better be like 5 hours

  12. As if a 6-minute ‘trailer review’ wasn’t bad enough, a 13-minute trailer
    BREAKDOWN? We discuss that every week at my ‘Get a life’ club.

  13. Why are people call her Princess Lea when she is already a Queen at this
    age … that is just weird man!

  14. A moment nerds hahaha. I just watched AGAIN the Star Wars ep3 and there’s
    this scene that Anakin was tasked to kill all the little Jedis in training.
    Despite killing ALL of them, I have this theory. What if Anakin/Vader did
    not really kill the little Jedis instead, he thought and converted them
    into the dark side. Those who abide are punished slowly to death and this
    Kylo Ren, who was also once a little Jedi, is the best and strongest yet
    the wisest student of Anakin ever had. Well I believe thats my theory.
    Others say that it is the twin son of Leia and Han WHICH is a better

  15. if Andy Serkis is playing a motion capture character, i don’t think thats
    him at 2:30, the Empire is all about the “humans”

  16. the scene at 1:00 there is a tie fighter in buried in the sand.

  17. Female Jedi? Black storm troopers? Dogs and cats living together?!??!!?

  18. Anyone else think that Finn is the son of Leia and Lando? It would make
    sense why he would be able to go against Kylo Ren! I dont think leia and
    han are together anymore and thats what happens!

  19. Why would you think Rey is Luke’s daughter? You never gave your reason. I
    mean she could be, I’m sure that kylo ren in a solo gone bad.

  20. I love peoples reactions when I tell them I’ve never seen star wars.

  21. Christian you are so wrong about Finn’s character. For you to put him on
    the level of droids is just disrespectful in the worst way, but I
    understand why people like you feel the need to do that. Boyega has said
    that Finn’s story will be the most unique one that has ever been in the
    Star Wars universe. I find it interesting that now your kind is trying to
    take the special place that the lightsaber has always held in these films
    (now that you know it will be used by Finn), it was the weapon of a Jedi,
    now it is just some other tool that any stormtrooper can be trained to use.
    It is really sad how there is some instinctual need to belittle Finn at
    every turn. There is some evil darkside shit going in your soul. :-D

  22. The Sith Lord Harloff doing it big on movieclips!!!!

  23. I feel Luke will become a Yoda like figure for the new characters and pass
    on Yoda’s teachings. Kylo Ren looks so badass and menacing as hell. I need
    a delorean I can’t wait!

  24. I honestly cannot allow myself to think that Han and Leia aren’t together.
    One thing that bugs me about movies nowadays is they spend all this time
    building up romances, only to show that they’ve fallen apart in the sequel.
    Yeah, I get that stuff happens in real life, but for once I’d like to see
    two people who are devoted to each other, and remain that way, because that
    kind of stuff happens in real life too!

    I personally think and hope that they’re together, but maybe haven’t seen
    each other in a while because he’s been looking for their daughter, Rey.
    That’s my theory.

  25. This movie isn’t going to be as good as the DeNiro/Pacino classic “Night

  26. Christopher Nelson

    Agree with the chewy hurt but not death..

    Think the temple might be where Luke/last of the Jedi order are
    “hiding”/shadow protecting the universe.

    B2 is on a X-wing in the trailer like R2 was. Hint to Ren being a pilot or
    stealing an X-wing?

    Think the story will have some passing of the batons and one of those is
    “Who get the Falcon?”/new scoundrel. I am not sure Han makes it past the
    final credits because the ship is as important as his character to Star

  27. Kristian…you’re everywhere. lol

  28. i had theory that they destroy planet endor with the star killer base. the
    last place that vader mask was on endor. if kylo ren is obsess in
    collecting Vader stuff they would have to go to that planet. also if wanted
    hide the fact the empire never lost fight over endor destroying that planet
    infront of poe with that starkiller base would be perfect

  29. 5:50 Zoom in and you see Boba Fett is a Knight of Ren

  30. Mandolorians are not a race

  31. Common knowledge that Boba Fett survived the Sarlacc. That would be
    incredible if he was in the temple.

  32. Jesus, man, you are everywhere!

  33. wait…. Han is explaining now that the force is real? heh….

  34. thank you for a good review without profanity – a rarity nowadays.

    Did you notice right after Rey is crying (presumably over Chewbacca?) that
    the next scene shows Chewie and Han and Finn with their hands up. Chewie
    appears to have a bandage on the tricep area of his right arm. Maybe he
    gets wounded in the scene where Rey is crying, thinking he’s dead. But then
    we see him later with the bandage? I don’t know – but seems like those two
    things connect.

  35. Look at that shot with Finn holding his blue light saber, doesn’t it look
    look Anakins/Lukes blue saber, because, if you remember we also saw that
    same saber in the 2nd trailer, so, I guess this means Luke trained Finn.

  36. Wait wait wait……Okay let’s try and put this maybe in order. What if
    Fine dies. What if he fights Kylo and gets defeated and that’s when we see
    Rey crying. And SOMEHOW I’m not sure the light Saber gets retrieved and is
    passed from Fin to Rey. Fin yes snaps Rey into motion by DYING himself

  37. It not a super star destroyer. Its a standard one.

  38. If you look at the older shot of the first order, you can see red hair on
    the dude in the front. That is Hux. Snoke isn’t even human.

  39. Rey’s Story seems to be very Skywalkeresc, both Anakin and Luke’s stories
    start on a desert planet wearing white raggedy clothes. Luke and Anakin are
    both robot and mechanically friendly, Rey seems to be the same. She is
    definitely a Skywalker. I also think Poe is some kind of rebel royalty,
    maybe Leia’s son…and Han?

  40. You missed it! Look close at the knights of ren shot and you can see kylo
    holding a light saber in his left hand along with his own in his right
    hand. He just killed someone that was using a light saber.

  41. The worst theories imo are that Luke has turned to the Dark Side and Han is
    no longer with Leia…

    That means the whole original trilogy – the building up of Han and Leia’s
    romance, Luke resisting the Dark Side idk how many times – have been for

    JJ/Disney respects the work of the original trilogy to not change these
    things, right? I would hope so…

  42. Christian Stoleski

    Love this guy whats his name I know him lol

  43. Did anyone noticed in the scene where they go to the temple with the
    mandalorian flag and the big red droid, that Rey is holding something what
    looks like a lightsaber. Because it is never mentioned in trailer

  44. Take notes people! That is what an informed analysis of a trailer looks
    like. You notice how well he knows the source material? Excellent video !

  45. All I know is that this will be the GREATEST MOVIE EVER CREATED!!!!

    Dare I say it will even be better than the originals?

  46. Luke will be to Rey what Yoda was to Luke.

  47. Three observations/questions:1. Where is Lando? A nice cameo, perhaps?2.
    Luke, after vanquishing the dark side, has quarantined himself on a remote
    planet in order not to repeat the sins of his family’s past.3. We have been
    fooled by wonderful trailers before…holding on to hope…

  48. Pot Head (P07H34D)

    What if Chewbacca is just standing there?

  49. They never played Princess Leia’s theme in this trailer. It was the track,
    Han Solo and the Princess – the love theme on ESB’s soundtrack. You should
    know this if talking Star Wars is your business.

  50. id be upset if lukes not in thos movie but i have a feeling he will be
    toward the end maybe saving the day

  51. when i saw the battle above the snow on some planet but then i saw a big
    trench i thought thast looks like a death star trench also i once thought
    that the city planet in the prequels might become a death star near the end
    but i was wrong it now seems someone might have thought of doing that to
    some planet.Its a nice twist on the death star idea but the last two didnt
    work why should this one .You would think someone would say er death stars
    not a good idea we lost the last two so maybe we should do something else

  52. David Mitchell-Baker

    Kristian!!! How did you not notice in your favourite shot of the trailer
    (Knights of Ren) that there is a figure stood to Kylo’s left, holding a
    staff which is very similar to Plageuis’ and in the second of the two shots
    you can make out his face which is hooded but has the alien shaping of

  53. Paul D. Richardson

    There’s just no way they will have storm troopers using light sabers. The
    trailer clearly makes the whole jedi, force, light sabers and all that out
    to be legend. Kylo apparently can’t even make a proper one for himself. If
    they were now so common, we wouldn’t have them playing such a big part in
    the whole mystery.

  54. you say we know nothing of snoke and luke. but what about max von sydows
    character?his name hasn’t even been revealed yet.what part does he play in
    this new story?

  55. I think Luke is going to end up on the dark side. in star wars 5, there was
    a scene when Luke struck Darth Vader and it ended up being Luke himself
    behind the mask of Darth Vader.

  56. I think it would be ridiculous if her staff could resurrect people. Please
    don’t let that be true.

    Now if she ended up wielding a double sided light saber, because she has
    trained her life with that staff, then I’d be fine with that!

  57. PEOPLE, Kylo Ren = luke skywalker, accept it.

  58. I think Rey is crying over an Ewok, not Chewbacca. IMDb lists Christopher
    Ang as playing an Ewok.

  59. Super Star Destroyer? Says who?

  60. I hope they make Episode IX rated R.

  61. Too bad Kilo Ren has a duckbill for a mask.

  62. I think that Finn is the son or relative of Mac Windu which shows how he
    has Jedi powers and the force within him

  63. Christian Harloff is everywhere…

  64. Those flags – – – – some of them were featured in Episode I – – – during
    little anakin’s podrace scene!

  65. Are you sure that’s not the back of Phasma’s head looking at the super
    weapon/red light thingy?

  66. I’ll add this. It’s possible that if the original story is myth, then The
    Falcon, along with Luke and Han would have been secreted away to avoid the
    reemergence of the Dark Side. Putting The Falcon into moth balls in a
    museum- like surrounding would make sense and when Han and Chewie return
    they ‘are home’ after not being with the ship for years, if not decades. He
    would then take Finn and Rey to its location to explain the reality. Just

  67. Monado Boi X (HectoR1726)

    First, Sonic copies Star Wars’Death Star (Death Egg) and now Star Wars
    copies the “Planet-to-Deadly-Weapon thing from Sonic 4.

  68. She’s ray kenobi! called it!

  69. The spanish subtitles version of the trailer indicates that, when Kylo Ren
    says “I will finish what you started.”, he’s actually they translated you
    as in plural, not singular. So Kylo Ren will finish what Vader and the
    Emperor started, perhaps? :O

  70. Rey is a spitting image of Luke in a New Hope. They look so alike.

  71. I have a very unique fan theory that actually might be true. Kylo Ren is
    Luke’s son. Recall that Luke’s ancestry includes Darth Plagueis who had
    mind control powers through the force. Doesn’t it look like that is what
    Kylo Ren is doing to Poe Dameron? Hmmmm. Just a theory. This means that at
    some point Luke will tell Kylo he is his father, but don’t forget that Kylo
    Ren is not his birth name. His birth name will probably be revealed in this
    movie, or at least at some point in this new trilogy.

  72. I think that both rey and finn are force sensitive. I watched John Boyega’s
    reaction to the trailer, during Han Solos monologue, the camera stays on
    finn when he says “the jedi “. But, what is even more interesting is John
    Boyega’s reaction at that particular scene. With a very serious face he
    says, “damn right “.
    I have heard from various sources that finn and rey will be the ones that
    rebuild the jedi order.

  73. Anyone notice that finn’s light saber is the old version that isn’t the
    same as kylo ren’s saber. It isn’t an aggressive firing one like kylo’s

  74. where did you get that galactic empire flag in the background?

  75. Jodee Rebecca Davey

    How’s That Nobody’s Noticed Luke’s New Prosthetic Hand?

  76. Not to mark out, but I don’t understand when people “thumbs down” something
    that is just simply good. Great analysis, bro. Just the fact that we’re
    having this discussion is fantastic!

  77. its funny how we have not seen hux yet either I wonder if luke is on that
    planet where finn fights klyo and I think what if the film opens with a
    flashback to the cloud city duel.

  78. Where’s Master Luke? I wish I saw a bit of him taking a stand against an
    army of troopers or even to Kylo Ren.

  79. I so hope you are wrong about Han and Leia not being together! That would
    be very disappointing!

  80. JJ Abrams he is the Awaken force of Star Wars he also did a awesome in
    directing Star Trek…

  81. I have never seen a star wars movie , and for some reason I have sat and
    viewed the full 13 minute video not having a clue what’s going on !!

  82. Not a Super Star Destroyer, just a regular one

  83. I think that is Captain Phasma at 3:27.

  84. I haven’t read through all the comments yet, so this may have been
    mentioned. I just think there’s a possibility that Luke is already dead.
    That being the case, we’ll see him in flashbacks and he may appear as a

  85. Just a thought, In the shot with Rey crying, Is it plausible that Han Solo
    has been killed and Chewy is laying down in front of her wounded and grief
    stricken? She might be crying over him as she tends to to his wounds. Just
    a random burst of speculation…. does anyone else have an opinion on that
    scenario ?

  86. I think that Luke will make his debut in the movie when Finn and Kylo are
    having their lightsabre battle. My thought is that both Finn and Kylo are
    searching for Luke on that planet and stumble across one another in their
    search. Their lightsabre battle ensues, Finn is no match for Kylo, Luke
    appears from the forest and subdues Kylo and therfore saves Finn’s life.

  87. Snoke = Luke

  88. In the beginning of the movie trailer who is carrie talking to?

  89. I honestly think doubt this will happen but

    Maybe boba fett should turn to the jedi after realizing what happened when
    he stayed with the dark side and fell into the sarlacc pit.a

  90. The star destroyer is the Inflictor which was captained by Ciena Ree sorry
    for the spoiler

  91. The following is a theory about Episode 7 and was informed by this trailer,
    Aftermath, and Shattered Empire. I believe Yupe Tashu from Aftermath is
    “The Messenger” from Shattered Empire (has a red demonic looking helmet),
    and was thus responsible for “Operation Cinder.” We find out that Tashu was
    a friend and adviser to the dead emperor. Tashu said several important
    things that will influence my theory below. Tashu spoke of the Emperor
    sending imperials out to the edges of the galaxy and beyond in order to
    discover the wellspring of the darkside (which is where he felt his power
    came from). More interestingly, in Aftermath Tashu talks to Wedge about how
    some Sith could use a particular torture technique (that he studied),. I
    believe that Kylo Ren uses this same technique described by Tashu against
    Poe Dameron in the trailer. Lastly, Tashu talked about how some sith could
    drain the living force from their captives to prolong their own life for
    sometimes hundreds of years. My theory is that Snoke is the mysterious
    character we meet at the end of Aftermath and I believe that Snoke is from
    the Old Republic Era (and so he is very old). I believe this for 3 chief
    reasons. 1. “Snoke” is humming a tune from the Old Republic when Rae Sloane
    reports to him at the end of Aftermath. 2. We learn from Tashu (and
    Palpatine in Episode 3) that Sith can use the force to keep themselves and
    others from dying. 3. The super star destroyer they are on at the end of
    Aftermath is called The Ravager. This was the name of Nihilist’s’ ship in
    KOTOR 2 (which takes place during the old republic). This could be a
    throwback (easter egg) to that era. Here is one last bonus bit. At the end
    of Aftermath Rae Sloane is on the Ravager near a nebulous that is crimson
    in color (as the Ravger sits at the edge of the Galaxy). Could the crimson
    Nebulus be what we see in the Trailer? We can see a red glow from the Kylo
    Ren Star Destroyer shot. Everyone thinks this is a beam from Star Killer
    base, but it could very well be the same red nebulus described in
    Aftermath. Perhaps, like Snoke before him, Kylo Ren is waiting at the edge
    of the Galaxy (the wilds) as he prepares to strike the resistance. Some
    food for thought.

  92. I think at some point in the movie, Han will tell Leia he loves her and
    she’ll say, “I know”. And then Han goes off and dies.

  93. in the last shot kylo ren or whatever looks like John snow I knew he was

  94. There gonna leave us with a huge cliffhanger at the end of the movie, you
    can tell

  95. Luke tried to start a new jedi school or order but it backfired when one
    of his students rebelled and had sympathy or agreed more with what(in ren’s
    mind) vader was trying to accomplish.

  96. i will be disappointed that Luke will likely be no more than a closing
    shot, meaning he, Han and General Organa (Leia) will not be re-united in
    this film, as Han, sadly, will go down, protecting the others. i think if
    that is indeed the case, it will be as unfortunate a decision by Abrams as
    any he could make, but, hey, its not my few hundred million, just my 20 or
    so bucks, and a lot of disappointment.

  97. Maybe it is chewie lying there, could be how he gets a metal arm from
    concept arts


  99. so whats the deal? do these guys all work for 5 companies doing reviews?
    Harloff, is everywhere with Ellis???????????????????????

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