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Movie3Some hosts Kristian Harloff & Tiffany Smith & guest Dan Perrault react to and review the all new Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens Trailer.

Tiffany Smith – @TiffanysTweets
Kristian Harloff – @KristianHarloff
Dan Perrault – @DanJPerrault


  1. Kylo Ren’s voice is just so AWESOME

  2. Cloud Sodding Strife


  3. At 2:18 you can see Han, Finn, and Rey walking towards a building. Hidden
    within the flags is a Mandalorian symbol. Could this mean that they visit a
    Mandalorian camp or outpost?

  4. Luke was the one that touched R2 with his hand. Just my opinion.

  5. Do they have a new planet killer?

  6. What’s Star Wars?

  7. its great seeing all the hype surround this movie like when episode 1 was
    revealed. it would be a damn shame if this movie sucked too.

  8. Is Harry Potter gonna be in this movie?

  9. I don’t know why i was cringing through their whole reaction..but still
    cant wait for the movie

  10. Rey finds lightsaber in ship/piece of death star-intro scene*wink* LOOK AT
    HER EYE WEAR reflection

    “Something in me told me to find this”
    “The force is calling to you” “let it in”

    “I’m immune to the light, uncle”
    “now you have become twisted in the dark side…I trained you to become my
    padawan but this is why didn’t finish your jedi training”
    “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO……FATHER(HS)” Rey cries looks at her brother
    “train me to be your padawan uncle”

  11. you do realize that there’s absolutely no way that the helmet shown in the
    trailer can be Darth Vader’s right? You compare it to the one from Return
    of the Jedi there is no way. The helmet from Return of the Jedi was removed
    in two separate parts. It was not made like that and was not melted
    together like that. That is not the same Darth Vader helmet. What comment
    did he have a whole closet for different styles of helmets? I think

  12. spoiler alert the black guy will die at the end

  13. luke turns evil killed off in the end

  14. I think Lea was either crying over the Rebels being infiltrated and losing
    ground or her raising a Jedi only to become a Sith Lord…just my opinion.

  15. I think the fans who are reading so much info the public doesn’t know kind
    of ruin this…Knights of REN? SORRY have a job and friends? all this other
    stuff you guys just ruin for yourself…well….you are the worst of the
    internet and society….stop reading so much into it…just be HUMAN and
    enjoy the movie…lol internet wannabes wanting to lol LAME

  16. Star Wars is like pizza… even if it’s shit it’s still epic.

  17. God their reaction was awful.
    don’t get me wrong I love the original trilogy and kept watching it the
    past 30 years but come on keep your panties on and don’t act like you’re
    visiting a Justin Bieber concert

  18. I’ll have you know that I watched this trailer and only came 12 times

  19. i think chewbacca will die
    i hope to god not but just have that feeling :-(

  20. Somebody dies with a jacket on that’s close to Ray’s character

  21. I hope they “find” the plans for the “Star-Killer” with a weakness on it.
    They all rush to attack it but when they reach the supposed weak spot,
    there is literally nothing there and they realize that it was a trap. Then,
    the last third of the movie should be the good guys fighting just to get
    out alive as they are all picked off one at a time. The final shot of the
    movie should be the “Star-Killer” destroying a star.

  22. If you look at the opening shot in Rey’s can see what looks
    like luke’s (anakins) light saber..think about it..could this star
    destroyer that she is savaging, be the same one Luke lost his light saber
    with in empire strikes back? We know that Rey is a Jedi because the tops
    cards spoiled that for us, revealing that she is force sensitive..maybe the
    saber was calling out to her..and if the rumors are true and she’s Kylo’s would explain why his toy dialogue sounds disappointed when he
    says “is it true, you’re just a scavenger?” Like think about it. Why would
    Kylo be so disappointed about Rey being a scavenger unless they’re siblings
    and he has great expectations for her because of their bloodline?

  23. “The force awakens. Let it in.” Coming soon to a porn parody near you.

  24. Would be nice if Daisy’s character turned out to be a Force-wielding,
    lightsaber swinging heroine. I would love to see a female Jedi bad-ass
    duking it out with the bad boys on the silver screen.

  25. I cannot wait for this movie!! Got my tickets midnight showing 16th Dec
    IMAX. just before they sold out :]!!!

  26. The new Leia’s theme is so emotional.

  27. The chick on the left had already watched it… What an artificial hussy…

  28. You kids should join the Dark Side, its much more fun than being a

  29. Palpatine must’ve had some serious control over the flow of information
    during the height of the Empire…. because its only been what….70 years
    tops since the end of the Clone Wars and the fall of the Jedi temple… and
    yet the kids of this movies day and age seem to think the Jedi are only

    That the equivalent of me not believing that World War I was a thing.

  30. That pit stain from the porn stache guy in green though @2:58.

  31. I feel sorry for anybody that is in the theater with these 3 assholes when
    the movie comes out. They will ruin the movie. 10/10

  32. Whats Finn Last name ?? Is him a Skywalker ?? or mby soon of Master Windu
    ?? Im curious to know more about his parents… I mean where he came

  33. I totally agree with you guys. As for Moz (Lupita N) that is her speaking
    at the beginning and end. We assume it’s directed to Riley cause that’s who
    we see first, but it may be misdirection.

  34. My Top 10 facts of Force Awakens that will shock you video is finally
    ready! Just search for Force Awakens FACTS and its the first movie! Please
    leave a comment!

  35. Fake reaction. Fake fake fake. The girl already knew what was gonna happen.
    Good try.

  36. What’s up. How Extraordinary! miniature dust What’s your opinion about !!!

  37. ironmaiden93ofangmar

    Tiffany is beautiful. :)

  38. what’s the music in the intro

  39. so funny when I see a fake nerd girl and how she pretends her “emotions”

  40. KNIGHTS OF REN!!!!!!!!

  41. Ewwwwwwwww those reactions were sooooooooooo gay! I actually shuddered a
    few times. Major virgin alerts!

  42. tiffany can get it

  43. Nostalgic watching smith and harloff watch this, far far away!

  44. THose movies are boring i realy never like them so long and boring.

  45. Rey is crying over a body and the body is hairy all over. I think Chewbacca

  46. The girl needs to shut up!

  47. kylo ren is luke!! for all u dummies out there

  48. are you seriously gonna ignore the fact that luke skywalker is in this
    trailer too?! check 2:19

  49. Lol you guys are too funny

  50. Mats “MATTZUMENTARY” Westgaard

    That shot of the Knights of Ren. in the rain. freaking awesome!!

  51. JustWasted3HoursHere

    Yeah, have we seen Threepio in any of these trailers? I can’t remember if
    he was in the first two…


  52. the music is has so many emotion’s.It’s so magical but close to all of are
    heart’s.I feel like every time i watch people’s reaction’s it’s fantastic
    people are coming together and crying and all being happy.Wish life was
    always like this.

  53. Tiffany is hilarious. Po is obviously being tortured. She also said on
    schmoes that Po and Finn look mad at each other. Erm wtf? There going to
    war, they just look focused.

  54. 100% fake


  56. i dont know… still looks like a fan film to me. just like the first

  57. I watched that trailer like five or six times. I have TOTAL faith in J.J..
    It’s awesome!

  58. I have a very unique fan theory that actually might be true. Kylo Ren is
    Luke’s son. Recall that Luke’s ancestry includes Darth Plagueis who had
    mind control powers through the force. Doesn’t it look like that is what
    Kylo Ren is doing to Poe Dameron? Hmmmm. Just a theory. This means that at
    some point Luke will tell Kylo he is his father, but don’t forget that Kylo
    Ren is not his birth name. His birth name will probably be revealed in this
    movie, or at least at some point in this new trilogy.

  59. very sad how people post them selfs reacting

  60. Seriously the best trailer I have ever seen, so emotional.

  61. thisll do…*unzips pants

  62. Tiffany showed impeccable insight to predict how the trailer would end.

  63. The trailer is perfect. It doesn’t give away anything. Why is that
    Hollywood feels the need of giving away important plot points in trailers?
    With SW it’s like they know everyone will go to see it and therefore they
    make a high quality trailer the old-fashioned way, but if they even smell
    that people might not go to fill the seats, bam, you have a sh*tty trailer
    that gives all away. Anyway, I loved this one. Can’t wait till Dec!

  64. the girl is reacting SOOOOO FAKE :(

  65. I cried so many times watching this trailer … and now I cried again! :-)

  66. Finn Calrissian – calling it.

  67. im pretty sure that is luke with r2d2 we dont see his face but come on r2d2
    and luke the thing i want to know and noone seems to mention is no c3po
    seen at all in any clip unless i missed something

  68. Love seeing Tiffany & Kristen’s reaction!

  69. A one word description of the trailer? For me that word would be
    “perfection” It shows enough to give us a taste of what’s coming but it
    still gives nothing away. I’m intrigued to find out what Kylo Ren means by
    “I will finish what you started.” This film cannot arrive quickly enough.

  70. The metal hand touching r2d2 is luke so he is in the trailer just don’t

  71. Girls should be banned from reaction videos. They have no idea what’s going
    on….just fake reactions for attention….just like when they watch
    sports. GTFO

  72. Thanks buzzfeed

  73. That girl on the left needs to calm down

  74. Theirs a 2nd trailer

  75. I’m sorry but the girls reaction just seems so fake to me. Almost like she
    saw it before hand. Idk she just seemed to be acting…

  76. Kylo Ren’s voice is really awesome . I am really really awesome .

  77. Why is everyone commenting about the chick! Even if she did fake it she’s
    still hot! ???

  78. I’m convinced Poe’s under some mind trick by Kylo Ren. Finn definitely
    gives him a dirty look.

  79. Trevor Wigelsworth

    I’m all in!

  80. looks like garbage

  81. The female voice talking to Rey is indeed Leia..

  82. I wish Tiffany Smith grabbed my hand like that… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    I would have fainted…Cool Reaction vid by the way! 😀 Trailer was missing
    2 things I wanted to see…T-T

  83. I know we all see a lot of fine ladies but this women is super fine

  84. Wasn’t Luke putting his artificial hand on R2-D2???

  85. Best reaction video [to force awakens] ever!

  86. Beast Boy 10 The Beasts (Beast)

    when the person with the robot arm touched r2d2 that was luck

  87. The hand on r2’s head… Luke. I guarantee it.

  88. Lens Flare 1:29 lol

  89. I can only imagine how Tiffany must have reacted to the International

  90. What i dont get is that Darth Vader didnt start anything it was palpatine
    who planned the whole thing that he planned to lure anakin to the darkside
    of the force, darth vader was just a second in command a general. Plus if
    luke is in the movie there should be also the pressence of his wife Mara

  91. THEORY: Kylo Ren and Rey are actually siblings. One for the dark side, the
    other for the light. Lei and Solo are their parents. I believe Luke
    vanquished Kylo in the past (but didn’t kill him because of blood ties) and
    Kylo returns with the help of the Andy Serkis character to embark on a path
    to complete what Vader and the Emperor set out to achieve.

    When it’s referenced: “There has been an awakening. Can you feel it?” in
    the trailer, I believe the awakening has to do with Finn and Rey. I believe
    they may both turn out to be Jedi’s.

  92. Awsm reaction vid.

  93. I wished Luke would turn bad somehow.

  94. gbornfree reallyfree

    This movie mean so much to so many people, and this trailer its so powerful
    and nostalgic

  95. Their reactions were fantastic thats how i felt when i watched it

  96. I think Luke will show up in the scene with The Kingts of Ren in the rain
    scene! And save the day! And destroy the entire group

  97. Luke was touching r2 d2

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