TRANSFORMERS 5 ‘The Last Knight’ – Production Teaser TRAILER (2017)

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A Movie directed by Michael Bay
Cast : Mark Wahlberg, Stephen Merchant, Isabela Moner
Release Date : 23 June 2017
Genre : Action, Adventure

TRANSFORMERS 5 ‘The Last Knight’ – Production Teaser TRAILER (2017)
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  2. I hope we see cybertron and glimpses of unicron.

  3. please…stop killing this franchise ?

  4. boring………..

  5. ThePrehistoricMaster

    Filming old woman falling down stairs.
    Michael Bay be like: “Make her explode”

  6. oh, wow

  7. SENPAI SHIKI | 志木

    Stop this Michael…..4 is enough ???

  8. My god, really Michael?

  9. THIS IS BULL !!!

  10. hype awesome

  11. Wow, still a better dislike ration than Ghostbusters …

  12. Crazy idea:
    My thought on who should voice Unicron;
    Ian McDiarmid (Darth Sidious/the Emperor)
    Imagine: The Monster Planet is about to feast upon yet another world. As
    his mouth opens he lets out an evil cackle.
    How does that strike ya?

  13. ???????????????

  14. Follow the white rabbit

    This is teaser of production teaser of trailer

  15. Great trailer ??

  16. Jonathon Lawson

    wow…Optimus really needs to finds some paint….

  17. The sound you make when you cum

  18. Are they finally going to space?

  19. dat font title looks ugly

  20. he,s returned again

  21. CaptainIronButt

    The last film was so bad, I don’t even know if I’m even going to waste my
    time on this one.

  22. samurai formers

  23. idk why people saying they are killing the franchise but those people are
    idiots they are making this franchise last forever

  24. ClayAlmightyGaming

    thus could actually be good.

  25. JustSomeRandomDude

    Wow, what a waste of 1 min of my life…..

  26. Jordan Crawford

    Dark energon

  27. Christopher Clarke

    Rom the space knight is going to show up.

  28. Captiankirk games

    There’s no way in hell this is real and I’m a transformers fan I don’t
    think this is real

  29. Captiankirk games

    1 sucked 2 was okay 3 and 4 are the best

  30. Ohhhh..looks like I can’t wait to watch this movie!!!

  31. yep, they’re totally not milking the series

  32. Why is Optimus purring? Is he excited his franchise didn’t get canceled ?

  33. Really another Transformers movie?!??!!! Two was enough Michael Bay should
    not have dragged this franchise, the audience were attached with Shia and
    Megan until there was new casting for the rest instalment.

  34. autobots roll out

  35. Loved the first 3. I watched the 4th movie once in theaters, and haven’t
    felt the need to watch it again since then. Hope the 5th one steps it up a

  36. guys i know why they are making this movie because galvatron is not dead
    yet at the last tf movie

  37. Make it stop!!! ?

  38. Your Schizophrenia

    You are going to watch it anyway, faggots.

  39. its not optimus look closely the eyes are purple he is more greyer then
    usual he is breathing like he is dying my guess is that its Nemesis Prime.

  40. hype lvl 0

  41. Captiankirk games

    Optmus is infected by dark energon

  42. Why would you show a teaser if they haven’t even started filming!!?? Now I
    gotta hold this anxiousness till the movie is out!!!!


  44. purple eyes dark energon definitely Ya no

  45. get rid of humans they weigh these movies down

  46. You don’t have to watch the trailer just the thumbnail

  47. marckery blanchard

    im hyped

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