Triple 9 Official International Trailer #1 (2016) – Chiwetel Ejiofor, Kate Winslet Movie HD

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A gang of criminals and corrupt cops plan the murder of a police officer in order to pull off their biggest heist yet across town.


  1. Hey do you know when cars 3 trailer will come out?I can hardly wait

  2. Admit it people we are going to see it because Aaron Paul or Norman Reedus

  3. How much you wanna bet this is going to be rated R?

  4. Falcon, Baron Mordo and Wonderwoman

  5. Even Woody Harrelson would make a better Wonder Woman :(

  6. Norman Reedus & Aaron Paul in the same movie ? Finally ♥

  7. Norman Reedus dead in the first act. isnt in the trailer much at all.
    calling it.

  8. One hell of a cast.

  9. I’ve seen this movie, it’s called HEAT.

  10. Mirk Jerken (C-H-S)

    This cast made my jizz me pants… holy shiet

  11. I’d rob a bank any day, but killing an innocent policeman just doing his
    job is unethical :p

  12. 0:52 a green desert eagle, well that’s cool!

  13. hope i remember to see this

  14. Who knows MUSIC from 1:32 – 1:46 ? Please!!!

  15. It’s starting to get annoying seeing Anthony Mackie everywhere

  16. Carlos Gallon (Grnvolpe)

    “Don’t got a problem doin a cop. I do a cop just like that” Best part of
    the trailer

  17. should be good. Dude also directed The Road, Lawless, The proposition.

  18. Looks good. Not to excited to see Gal Gadot though.

  19. Song?

  20. Amazing cast! This is gonna be awesome action-bomb!

  21. I can’t wait for 2016!

  22. This cast is insane, really hope it lives up to it’s potential

  23. GTA 6

  24. 1:28 was baaaaddd a$$$$

  25. What’s the song? That beat is hard.

  26. Payday 2 in real life

  27. This title will be confusing in the UK….

  28. Anthony Mackie must have no social life whatsoever.

  29. this cast is lit

  30. This movie looks like it’s gonna be really good. Great cast and I love
    Crime Action and Adventure movies.

  31. this movie looks so cool. the dude with the wolf mask… so cool

  32. Police codes from the trailer:

    480 – Hit and Run – Felony (“A code to live for”)
    10-80 – Explosion (“A code to kill for”)
    417 – Brandishing A Weapon (“Cliff Collins Jr.”)
    217 – Assault-Murder Intent (“Chiwetel Ejiofor”)
    505 – Reckless Driver/Driving (“Gal Gadot”)
    246 – Shooting At Inhabited Dwelling (“Anthony Mackie”)
    245 – Shooting at Vehicle (“Aaron Paul”)
    459A – Burglary Alarm – Audible (“Norman Reedus”)
    Code 11 – Swat Callup – (“Woody Harrelson”)
    207 – Kidnapping (“Kate Winslet”)
    999 – Officer down (“Triple 9”)

  33. MovieclipTrailer Tube

    Please be a great movie Triple 9

  34. so anybody recognize the theme song/tune towards the end???

  35. trailer make this look like a straight to video type deal

  36. Great cast, but the concept…

  37. wow a good trailer for once

  38. A pretty good cast here.

  39. i always feel like Woody Harrelson is playing himself in every movie, its
    like the same character every single time lol

  40. oh yeaaahhhh…

  41. Jesse, I told you to cook not rob.

  42. “The Proposition” was amazing. John Hillcoat won’t disappoint.

  43. Looks like a great movie :D

  44. if u flip 999 u get 666 ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED !!!

  45. Jesse ?!

  46. It’s DARYL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Another movie worth waiting for in 2016.

  47. aaaamaiziiiiiiiiiiing

  48. Some big names and great actors in this, could turn out to be a good action

  49. jesse pinkman the falcon darryl omg lol

  50. True Detective…

  51. Terrence LaMont Bellows

    best pic nom for sure

  52. Please let this be The Town 2 and not Blackhat 2

  53. breaking bad + Walking dead + true detective = Triple 9

  54. G

  55. Force Awakens > Triple 9

  56. this movie looks epic omg i cant wait ot go watch it !!!!!!!!!
    IF ur hyped like me reply and say
    “HYPE TRAIN !!!!”

  57. Hope this isn’t a movie that’s good all the way until the end where they
    screw it all up in a bunch of other movies !

  58. Wird pörnös Böse! !

  59. 1:30 song ?

  60. looks predictable and shite like every other movie made in hollywood these
    days..last solid era was the 90s

  61. what’s da name of da song in the trailer?

  62. u mean 27 ?

  63. THIS is how you make trailers. 2 minutes and I’m hyped for the movie even
    though I know next to nothing about it

  64. Song at 1:30 ?

  65. Grand theft auto movie in development

  66. Mr.NaksHD/ Minecraft and More

    Who else saw dead pool?

  67. Bunch of B and C listers

  68. 0:20 thought that was the Deadpool trailer scene lol

  69. The cast is strong with this one.And the director is john hillcoat from
    Lawless(2012) and the Road(2009).Both were solid films.

    I’m sold!

  70. really interesting cast

  71. Nice!!

  72. This guy’s a gangster? His real name’s Clarence

  73. Can’t believe there hasn’t been a Herman Cain reference here, so i’ll
    provide it. Nine nine nine!

  74. Are those gangster Jews?

  75. Katya is outrageous as always! Super though ?

  76. Ice Cube Director of Shield

    Finally a movie that looks good

  77. Why is there a green gun?

  78. song name Donnie Daydream-dropzone …thank me later)))

  79. !!!!!Song!!!!
    Donnie Daydream feat Richie Sosa – Dropzone

  80. ill watch this to break away from super hero movies.

  81. this movies has all the best actor, this gotta be a good movie

  82. Woah they got Solomon Northup, Daryl Dixon, Jesse Pinkman, Haymitch and
    Falcon? Bruhhhhhhhhh

  83. Triple H < Triple 9

  84. Hmmm…I’m starting to believe that since directors don’t know how to make
    quality movies over the last 20 years…The director now lets the cast show
    the quality of the movie.

  85. TWD crossover with BB vs True Detective?
    Marvel Falcon crossover with DC Wonder Woman?
    And with Titanic lady lead?
    Wow x 999.

  86. Is this GTA meets Max Pain?

  87. I swear…if a single cop gets killed from someone who was inspired by this
    movie then everyone who took part in it’s production is a worthless pos.

  88. you mean tripple 6 …

  89. … can Nick Cave be in the movie, too?

  90. song ? 1:34

  91. Darrell Lottie, RMA

    Chiwetel and Anthony in the same movie woah

  92. I’ll just take this as a live action GTA movie

  93. Whats up with the color pink making an appearance in almost every shot?

  94. if DARYL dies, we riot !!!

  95. PAPA DOC

  96. 10/10. Would definitely watch.

  97. LOL@Mirk Jerken, Matthew 😀 and Michael Barkley
    hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. The cast of actors is good and I wanna see
    this. I like Chiwetel Ejiofor, Anthony Mackie, Gal Gadot and Woody
    Harrelson. I wonder if this is coming straight to video or movie theaters.

  98. Whats the music around 1:32?

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