Triple 9 Official Red Band Trailer #1 (2016) – Aaron Paul, Kate Winslet Movie HD

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A gang of criminals and corrupt cops plan the murder of a police officer in order to pull off their biggest heist yet across town.


  1. Felipe Grimmelprez

    First Br

  2. Reb Band Trailer!…….Wait what?

  3. ProzoneishGames - Gaming and More!

    reb band -_-

  4. Daryl Dixon + Jesse Pinkman what can i ask more ?

  5. i hope is something like end of watch

  6. Everybody loves Aaron Paul.

  7. Aaron Paul with a wig

    now i’ve seen everything

  8. Is this film about cooking meth whilst fighting walkers?

  9. this looks like some sick, violent shit.

  10. im sure that last scene was the ending. great way to spoil the movie.

  11. Aaron Paul and Norman Reedus with a great cast… (Y)

  12. Is a movie that looks like a series.. Good cast, must be a good movie

  13. Damn this might be an actually good February movie holy shit!!!

    you got Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad finally meeting Daryl Dixon from
    The Walking Dead ( ͡͡ ° ͜ ʖ ͡ °)

  14. But why it’s releasing in Feb?

  15. Is it bad i can’t take this trailer seriously because of the shitty little
    piggy song?

  16. Should have just called the movie 666

  17. That song is badass. Anyone know the name/artist?

  18. Grand Theft Auto – The Movie

  19. California Phantom

    why can no one aim in this movie?

  20. Ishmeet Singh Bindra

    i am a common man
    i look boobs i press like

  21. looks too good to be a February movie

  22. I hope all you bitches come and see my new film!

  23. I thought Deadpool would show up in the last scene

  24. What exactly is this movie about?

    This trailer told me nothing.

  25. Heat on Steroids

  26. Seems pretty exaggerated, but it’s certainly attention grabbing. Hopefully
    it’s more than just edgy.

  27. um that cast tho

  28. Usually red band trailer means the movie is so bad they have to show some
    boob in the trailer to try to drum up interest, but this time red band
    might mean the movie is actually good.

  29. Where is Mr. White?

  30. Almost fell asleep halfway through this.

    Flashing decapitated heads and all the goriest crap you can muster is
    pathetic way of trying to get attention. Especially in this day and age
    where a nine year old is desensitised to that stuff. It’s boring.

    How about showing a good story backed up by quality actors mastering their

    Or you can continue this boring ass ‘Michael Bay’ style boom boom, cars,
    tits and more boom.

    If I wanted a porno I’d already be at redtube rubbing my wood.

  31. The meeting of True Detective, Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead…

  32. Brandon Leibowitz

    Why does this site give Aaron Paul top billing over Casey Affleck, Woody
    Harrelson, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Anthony Mackie, and Norman Reedus? Even the
    movie got it right.

  33. Did I just see boobs?…. In a trailer?

  34. BatmanFANizationReborn

    what a cast. this looks like ben affleck directed it, reminds me so much of
    sicario meets the town.
    on the side note its gonna be interesting to see teresa palmer and gal
    gadot are in this movie, definitely watching it

  35. Why does this movies ‘starring byline’ (at least on movieclips) feature
    Aaron Paul & Kate Winslet? There are a number of better and more
    interesting actors featured. (note that I don’t like Kate Winslet as she
    consorted with a pedophile)

  36. Not to hate on Aaron Paul or Norman Reedus but you got A-list actors in
    Chiwetel Ejiofor, Anthony Mackie, Kate Winslet & Woody Harrelson I’m sorry
    but hell those are epic talents & that’s all you guys are mentioning
    Walking Dead & Breaking Bad. smh

  37. What’s in the bag at 1:16?

  38. UberInfiniteGaming

    So the plot is cooking meth for the team while killing walkers and getting
    chased by HYDRA?

  39. soundtarck…?

  40. Gone baby gone, True Detective, Walking dead, and breaking bad.. Nice….

  41. Like 99 percent of anyone who views this trailer I am amped to see this
    movie… then I take a few steps back and am alarmed (a bit) about movies
    like this that glorify violence. I guess this reaction is a reaction to all
    the mass shootings this year and how we are just going down the toilet when
    it comes to gun violence and such and while my head knows that the art /
    violence connection is a scientifically tenuous one, my heart is concerned.

  42. For a trailer with a movie that has Aaron Paul and Kate Winslet there’s
    sure a lot of Casey Affleck and Woody Harrelson instead.

  43. Can’t wait. Aaron Paul, Casey affleck, Anthony mackie, and woody Harrelson
    all in one movie!

  44. Just f*cking draw me like one of your French whore$.

  45. suicide squad 2

  46. Let me guess. Everyone but Casey Affleck is dirty?

  47. Damn! This looks fucken awesome! Casting is on point as well! Can’t wait to
    see it!

  48. Following in the footsteps of Man on Fire, Heat, Dirty…this is my kind of

  49. The Walking Dead + Breaking Bad + True Detective = Triple 9

    This looks nuts. I’m in.

  50. high voltage trailer

  51. Whats the appeal of this? Its just a heist movie, i didn’t see anything to
    make me think it will be different than any other heist movie.

  52. Now this looks like a movie!

  53. finally hillcoat makes another movie. ” the proposition. ” movie was really

  54. 0:53 Splatoon Inklings raid the set :D

  55. Onyeka Onyebuchukwu

    I think my water just broke…

  56. This is a huge action packed trailer….love it…definitely going to check
    this shit out!!!

  57. This movie would only benefit if they’ve added a couple of walkers to it!

  58. Aaron Paul & Norman Reedus in 1 movie… Is like Batman & Superman in 1

  59. I do have to watch this! Even if its just because of Aaron Paul!!! <3

  60. Only watching for norman reedus

  61. Intense!

  62. Intense!

  63. Jaysus, this looks good

  64. what’s the name of soundtrack songs

  65. This will win a shit ton of awards. Aaron, Norman and Woody in one film?!
    Film of the Year 2016

  66. waiting

  67. song please

  68. Two of my favorite actors Arron and Norman

  69. Anybody ever realized how Norman Reedus always gets the acting role of a
    truck driver? O_O

  70. Grand theft auto

  71. This has the potential to be something really awesome.

  72. And hey, a trailer that doesn’t completely spoil the plot! I didn’t think
    these existed anymore!

  73. what is the name of the song 1:36?

  74. Cashing in on that True Detective popularity huh

  75. Oh hell yeah!!!!

  76. whats the name of the little piggy song?

  77. Takes place before breaking bad and the walking dead xD

  78. Song at 1:35? Any ideas? Shazam and SoundHound had no idea.

  79. A brilliant mess of a trailer, Great cast! I can’t wait!!!

  80. Agh, i wish i could find this damn song.
    It’s driving me crazy.

  81. I’m here because of Trev!

  82. name of the song?

  83. aaron paul seems like hes barley in this movie, but it looks dope

  84. Jesse meets Daryl? Sign me in!!!!!!

  85. Someone’s was playing a lot of GTA before they started making this movie

  86. I can’t wait to see it

  87. i need this song!

  88. It’s about time to STOP giving more ideas to bad guys, our world is violent
    enough as is!!!

  89. what’s the name of the song?

  90. Jesse get back to work!!

  91. Dehşet bi fragman olmuş

  92. 10/10. Would definitely watch!

  93. 1:27 NSFW

  94. Ass and titties are allowed on Youtube when it’s Hollywood I see….

  95. What remix is this in that song!!!???

  96. looks like a littbe bit SoA i like it already :DDD

  97. great cast.

  98. Jose Perdomo Rodriguez

    los máximos de película me gusta mucha acción.


  100. This releases two weeks after Deadpool. It has an amazing cast. I hope both
    movies perform well.

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