Triple 9 Official Trailer #2 (2016) – Kate Winslet, Gal Gadot Movie HD

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A gang of criminals and corrupt cops plan the murder of a police officer in order to pull off their biggest heist yet across town.


  1. Last time I was this early, the fine bros had a… Wait that joke is old

  2. This is gonna be EPIC!!!

  3. David Archer (Daily Vlogger)

    I’ll watch this

  4. i love heistmovies i love woody! trailer 8/8

  5. You had me at that cast

  6. twd norman reedus lol

  7. I see bewbs, i click the video

  8. pretty good movie

  9. So, basically, Lex Luthor puts together a team to do a “999” and distract
    all the cops in the city so he can unleash Doomsday and Gal Gadot (Wonder
    Woman), hears about it and goes to save the day at the last moment and help
    Batman and Superman defeat Doomsday?

  10. ‫איתן פויכטונגר‬‎

    Kate Winslet and Gal Gadot, girl power! wait

  11. Daryl and Jesse

  12. And people say Gal Gadot doesn’t have boobs…

  13. wanna hear a joke?

    me, making it big on YouTube.

  14. I saw the thumbnail I though must be shit but I’m impressed

  15. 0.59 deadpool ?

  16. i like this cast

  17. True Hybrid Of The Sun (14)

    click b8

  18. 0:44 youre welcome

  19. Wonder Woman and Captain Falcon and the younger brother of Ben Affleck (
    Bruce Wayne)

  20. This movie has a crazy cast

  21. Clicked because of tits.

  22. Okay….Clickbait video….kinda

  23. man, aaron looks hot!!!

  24. Sondre Christensen Sjømæling

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I know why you are here
    And so do you

  25. too bad she had a breast reduction

  26. Gr8 b8 m8,no h8, r8 8/8.

  27. AAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!
    Norman Reedus!
    Hella yes :)

  28. فلمم قادح متى يجي ياعيال انا ماعرف انقليز ؟ ?

  29. Breaking Bad + The Walking Dead cast = Epic movie!

  30. wheres daryls crossbow

  31. ‘gal gadot movie’ looks like she’s in it for maybe 5 mins.

  32. Gal Gadot, top billed in the title, not mentioned in the trailer.

  33. no doubt its gonna be one of the biggest movies in 2016

  34. Direct to VHS.

  35. Looks cool

  36. Dat click bait tho

  37. Please just tell me they kill Kate Winslet by the end. I do NOT like

  38. Okay, now… Did I just see a low budget Deadpool movie trailer?


  40. What song is that in the trailer?

  41. I would Gadot dat Gal so bad, and do her a thing I like to call a triple

  42. When this movie first surfaced it didn’t look like it would be very good,
    but the cast seems pretty excellent and the newer trailers make it look
    like it could actually be a pretty good flick.

  43. all these movies with numbers coming out. 7 must feel sad

  44. This channel loves clickbait. It seems like the guys play a bigger role in
    the movie than Kate and Gal. Why not use their names?

  45. Kate looks amazing here, her hair just wow.

  46. Kristian Kristiansen

    No 1080p? I’m insulted! You could have at least just have uploaded a 720p.

  47. tetas

  48. Music in the trailer? Someone?

  49. Is this the next Sicario?

  50. looks like an HBO show.

  51. 67% on RT right now

  52. Justin Spraragen (Masterdebator88)

    Triple 9?? More like generic looking trash film. Is 9 the IQ required for
    thinking this looks good?

  53. N e one know what pusha t song that is?

  54. What a cast

  55. ugh anthony mackie ruins everything

  56. Hay every one watch the 100 it comes on every Thursday 9:00. Cause some
    fans are mad and they are boycotting it. You don’t have to watch it just
    turn on all the tv’s in ur house and leave it till the episode is done.
    Bribe ur neighbors and relatives make them brownies, Cause I don’t want
    this show to get cancelled. It would be really helpful.

  57. that is a bunch of good actors…maybe it will be good film

  58. Since when was 480p HD ?

  59. Holy shit wonder woman sexy time

  60. Gal Gadot can’t act for shit

  61. Gal Gadot can’t act for shit

  62. I just came here for Daryl Dixon. Who else did?

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