Triple 9 Official Trailer #3 (2016) – Kate Winslet, Gal Gadot Movie HD

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A gang of criminals and corrupt cops plan the murder of a police officer in order to pull off their biggest heist yet across town.


  1. illuminati triple 9 upside down is what?

  2. everyday I worry all day, about whats waiting in the bushes of love.

  3. Seen it, its awesome and action packed :)

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  5. See, you can’t take away our guns…we wouldn’t have awesome movies like
    this to look forward to

  6. I like how the 2 people in the title are rarely shown in the trailer.

  7. Lets be honest most of the people who will see this are walking dead fans
    just to see norman kick ass

  8. song name is what

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  10. Daryl

  11. Jesse stopped selling meth and became a cop instead. Norman reedus stopped
    carrying his crossbow and still looks like his fighting the apocalypse but
    cleaner and showers probably everyday

  12. wow ~.×

  13. Solo entre por Daryl

  14. Wait, now Rose is Jewish?? :D

  15. That one stupid Kid

    I’ve seen this film as it is out in my country. Tbh it isn’t worth going if
    you are only there to see Norman reed is or Aaron Paul as they don’t do

  16. Its not the best film, but this was a very well done heist movie and it
    does keep you gripped and very well acted, but it just very by the numbers.

  17. Aaron Paul!? Norman Reedus!? Shut up and take my money!!!

  18. There’s a ton of brilliant actors and you only put 2 of them in the title.
    Go for a “Norman Reedus, Aaron Paul, WOODY HARRELSON” kinda title.

  19. Looks great I almost did not click on this trailer because of who they had
    listed as the stars.

  20. Deadpool was in this?

  21. I can see myself watching this movie a ton of times..

  22. IT’S DARYL DIXON!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. It’s not great probably one of the worst movies I’ve seen in a while.

  24. Haymitch turned bald, he had enough of Katniss lmao

  25. True Detective Season 2 : The Movie

  26. Only clicked cause of norman’s face, just like 90% of the viewers

  27. I’ve been looking forward to watching this movie so much. But so far the
    initial reaction has been kind of stale in terms of story or pacing … I’m
    still going to watch it, but I’m leaving my hype outside.

  28. I’ve seen so much deadpool promo recently that was kinda expecting him to
    apear in highway shooting scene

  29. Gal Gadot comes at 1:12 . You’re welcome.

  30. Daryl, Jesse Pinkman, and Wonderwoman in the same film…… what a

  31. Oh no! Daryl is getting killed off walking dead.


  33. So many awesome actors!

  34. Where is deadpool when you need him

  35. norman need more baddass character than this

  36. Oh My God, why Norman Reedus be in the film ?

  37. You done fighting zombies, Daryl?

  38. I Ambition I (JamesTown Aj)

    Is that Norman Reddus LOL

  39. Daryl?

  40. Daryl’s going to be an action star, Maggie a leading lady. I’m calling it

  41. This Friday! Finally!

  42. what a cast

  43. THE CAST!!

  44. yo Norman Reedus and Aaron Paul in same movie.GOTTA WATCH THIS SHIT

  45. Watched this Sunday night. Its very good.

  46. Talk about clickbait thumbnails…

  47. daryl rip

  48. lookin forward to watch this

  49. Bjorn van den Heuvel

    *sees Norman Reedus in the thumbnail, *clicks on video

  50. super hot gal gadot, and Daryl can kill everyone when he gets the crossbow

  51. Daryl, Jesse & Falcon… Sweet jesus.

  52. Pinkman and Dixon. Back again, tell a friend.

  53. Aaron Paul… nuff said

  54. This is the origins of Daryl Dixon

  55. 1:20 Deadpool comes.

  56. WELP Daryl gonna die in the finale…. I bet

  57. jesse pinkman in the house

  58. yay! Norman :)

  59. If Norman Reedus is in this movie then you know it’s going to be good

  60. Why is Gal Gadot’s name in the title when she doesn’t even show up for one
    full second.

  61. Jesse pinkman , daryl dixon , the girl from my country israel (gal gadot)

  62. this is some gta v shit right here

  63. umm ok, guess I’m seeing that!

  64. I like how they don’t put Norman Reedus in the title even though he’s one
    of the major actors of the movie

  65. ‫عبدالله القرني‬‎

    1:20 Deadpool fans ?

  66. Gal Gadot can’t act for shit

  67. Already seen it, came out in the UK earlier this week. It’s pretty good. No
    masterpiece by any stretch but if you liked say Training Day or The Town,
    then this is probably something you may want to check out.

  68. Hell yeahhhh to everything about this trailer!!!

  69. Am i the only one clicking on this trailer because Norman Reedus was in the

  70. Oh god, Norman Reedus, the dude can’t act ffs.

  71. Norman °3°

  72. 1:13 MC Ride on the run

  73. 1:21 Deadpool? O.o

  74. Woody Harrelson has to be one of the most talented actors I have ever
    followed, he is all over the board when it comes to characterization of the
    parts he plays. I would see this film!

  75. All-Star cast! You gotta love it!

  76. Norman die hard here

  77. I came here just see norman reedus xD kick ass!

  78. Norman Reedus and Aaron Paul in one movie? ??

  79. This movie needs better marketing

  80. Daryl here u are..

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    best movie of 2016 no doubt woody what a hell of an actor

  82. Well we know whos gonna dies

  83. Song name: Cypress Hill – Pigs (Atticus Ross Remix).
    Just in case someone is looking for the song in this trailer.

  84. Juan David Parra Lamprea

    Omg wonder woman and daryl in one movie

  85. this looks SO GOOD

  86. 0:30 Norman Reedus’ death scene thanks to spoilers in the first 2 trailers

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