Trumbo Official International Trailer #1 (2015) – Bryan Cranston, Elle Fanning Drama Movie HD

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The successful career of Hollywood screenwriter, Dalton Trumbo, comes to an end when he is blacklisted in the 1940s for being a Communist.


  1. Video Premium 2000


  2. common youtube!

  3. guess I don’t need to go see the movie now lol

  4. I love the actors, but this is gonna be shit. Hollywood has no grasp of

  5. Anyone else keeps thinking about Whalter White?

  6. “I am the one who WRITE’S”

  7. Trumbo looks like walter white

  8. last time I came this early my girlfriend left me

  9. Well clearly, he need to call Saul.

  10. Looks like a killer performance from Bryan Cranston.

  11. i want di caprio to win this year but i won’t mind if he loses to walter

  12. within 5 years bryan cranston will win an oscar.

  13. “I don’t think you and I,” as he picks up a baseball bat, “are gonna be
    friends.” LOL

  14. Bryan Cranston = Oscar

  15. That’s a long arse trailer.

  16. hal/walter

  17. Does anyone know the score playing in this trailer? It’s so epic.

  18. Elle Fannings character reminds me of the girl she played in Benjamin

  19. Narendra Kothapalli

    Thanks for the heads up, I don’t have to waste 100 minutes of my life
    watching this Bolshevik crap.

  20. louie and heisenberg. I want to see this

  21. Woah! Louie CK in a movie?!

  22. Walters Grand Grand Father

  23. Everyone should realise even though he’s the main character in the trailer
    it doesn’t mean he going to actually be in the movie. Remember Godzilla.

  24. SAY MY NAME !!

  25. Another biopic drama to win an oscar. Don’t get me wrong here, i’m sure
    it’s a great movie and i’ll watch it too. But what bothers me is that
    hollywood just keeps doing the same thing, producing what they know will be
    liked and critically acclaimed. They rarely come out with something truly
    original, it’s always the same recipe.

  26. Looks like this year Oscar for best actor will go to Walter White I mean
    Bryan Cranston. Like if you agree ?

  27. Sr. Walter White !

  28. Another Bryan Cranston stuff? This is gonna be amazing indeed!

  29. Can anybody tell me if the trailer completely spoils the movie, or is it
    safe to watch? :)

  30. Gripping just from the trailer by Cranston, I agree with the Oscar call
    assuming the movie is good which I can’t imagine it isn’t.

  31. That hunch must have been a killer on Bryan Cranston back.

  32. Come see a movie that glorifies a communist.
    You know, cause communism never ends in mass death, destruction or poverty
    or anything, right?

  33. Walter White this, Walter White that… man, Breaking Bad’s fans are a

  34. Ella fanning is on a roll with these rolls ????

  35. 4 heisenberg

  36. say my name

  37. I smell Oscar

  38. Elle Fanning > Dakota Fanning

  39. Is this serious movie or?? Because Bryan seems comical to me with his
    moustache & facial expressions in this video, lol. I can’t take him
    seriously like I did in Breaking Bad. Is it just me?

  40. Everybody Mark my Words!
    Eddie Redmayne is gonna win his second oscar for his movie ‘The Danish

  41. Spoiler Alert Bryan Cranston dies in the first 20 mins of the movie

  42. 0:54 now say my name

  43. came here after watching triple 9’s trailer,happy for both walter white and
    jesse pinkman!!!

  44. Jurica Topolovčan

    Can’t watch a movie where Bryan isn’t Walter White ?

  45. 0:57 McDonalds fountain :D

  46. Cranston looks like like Trumbo a hell of a lot with his apparel

  47. How does this movie already have a rating on IMDB if it is not out yet?And
    that is not the first time I have seen this sort of situation.Can

  48. feels like i dont need to watch it now

  49. What’s a Communist?

  50. i must know the soundtrack to this

  51. Not a satirical comedy about Donald Trump? ?

  52. 1:35…what is that epic song

  53. 0:53 Walter white is back

  54. i can’t take Louis C.K. seriously

  55. Bryan cranston is the best actor ever

  56. walter white walter white Breaking Trumbo JESSIE ITS TIME TO WRITE Writing
    Bad Cooking Communist

  57. Spoiler alert: He dies twenty minutes in. The movie is about Kirk Douglas.

  58. Finally we’ll get the Bryan Cranston movie we were waiting for. Godzilla
    should’ve been with him behind the wheel. Not some faceless guy.

  59. The person who discovered milk made this movie? Holy shit I thought he
    would be dead!

  60. mirren and lane, the two hottest “old” women in the world in one film? i’m

  61. Bryan Cranston is one hell of an actor. he’s litterly the only actor that
    has made me cry when he portrays a saddening role. I don’t know what it is
    but there’s just something about him that brings out the soft side out of
    me when he acts like a 7 year old boy who’s just lost his mother. anyways
    I’m always going to remember him being that calm charismatic but CRAZY guy
    from Malcolm in the middle!! I loved him in that show I’m never going to
    forget this guy that was the first time I ever I got introduced to Hal.

  62. I mean this is a definite must watch.

  63. looks like a 150 mins snoozefest

  64. Julio Ernesto Rodríguez Cabañas

    Previous trailer was even better.

  65. Spoiler:the movie is about Kubrick,Trumbo is only in the movie for 5

  66. Alan Tudyk,who else noticed?

  67. Bryan Cranston is one of the greatest actors of all time! Not just because
    of his role as Walter White, but his whole filmography. He’s my absolute
    favorite actor!

  68. Wait was that Fili?

  69. Jesse we need to write

  70. – a guy reads a book and you think of me ! i m the one who writes !

  71. And the Oscar goes to…

  72. Hey, John Goodman lost weight!


  73. White people, more white people, and even more white people. Could we try
    and diversify our casts? This is getting sooo friggin boring.

  74. 0:57 McDonald’s product placement :D

  75. Cranston has a great shouting voice.


  77. Akhil Parameswaran

    Am I the only one here who didn’t give a damn about that Walter White Bryan
    Badass dude and just saw elle fanning throughout?

  78. Sbastian Brilyanto

    Let’s see… 2015 academy awards best motion picture winner is “Birdman.” A
    movie about entertainment industry. 2013: “Argo.” A movie about how movie
    industry can be political. 2012: “The Artist.” A movie about the evolution
    of movie industry from silent to talkies. Three out of 6 best motion
    picture winners of 2010’s revolve around entertainment industry. Two of
    which about movie Industry. Four out of 6 winners are based on a true
    story. Three of them are biopics. Five out of 6 winners are happening in
    the past. This movie is a biopic about movie industry, based on a true
    story, and happened in the past. It has “oscar bait” written all over the
    title. This might show how narcissistic and uncreative Hollywood is, and I
    am getting a wee bit tired of it. Maybe you guys should too.

  79. trouble is now america can spy on everyone.If an extreme right or left
    party gets in with the spy tools that are available then the commie witch
    hunts will look like childs play

  80. You better make this movie at least 2 hours.

  81. Well deserved oscar nom for Mr. Cranston coming

  82. Lucifer Morningstar

    There’s a lot Oscar/golden globe nominees and winners here and Elle fanning

  83. I’m Back!

  84. There should be a rule that you can’t show anything from the second half of
    a movie in the trailer.

  85. I want to watch this badly

  86. It is not really a movie about Hollywood unless John Goodman is in it. #Argo

  87. “We could beat them! We could win!”
    You’re goddamn right!

  88. looks like Bryan will win an Oscar

  89. looks like Bryan will win an Oscar

  90. Danesvar Neelamagam

    At first thought I wasn’t going to see this movie but then, WHOA This is
    the dude that wrote Spartacus. Definitely have to watch

  91. Writer White: I am the one who WRITES!

  92. So Louis is playing himself then lol. Didn’t even try an accent or anything

  93. Totally AWESOME!!!

  94. Say my name.

  95. Welcome back Heisenberg!

  96. now say my name….

  97. So McCarthy was right hollywood was and is fulled with denerate communist
    …trumbo should have been hanged for being an advocate of slavery.

  98. Trumbo. Barrister and minister education British Royal Academy Arcade ….
    Graduated Christen Motionless Morrisey Barrister Queens Minister…first
    assignment SPECTRE… An idea pitched and then modified… Statistical
    measurement and calibration of SIS OSS and matrices decisions informed by
    data with less emotion… She sent me to do audits and develop statical
    bases … Found billions …and built an analytics point of view in British
    Intelligence that was difficult for instinct to rhythm too even after over
    all performance improved…

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