Truth Official Trailer #1 (2015) – Cate Blanchett, Robert Redford Drama Movie HD

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Newsroom drama detailing the 2004 CBS 60 Minutes report investigating then-President George W. Bush’s military service, and the subsequent firestorm of criticism that cost anchor Dan Rather and producer Mary Mapes their careers.


  1. Cate Blanchett is running for the Oscar!

  2. seems like Cate Blanchett is determined to get an oscar again, this and

  3. Which president is this suppose to be about?

  4. plot seems to be a lot like season 2 of newsroom

  5. I never thought a worse possible candidate could come along for president
    than Sir George W. Bush, but now we have Mr. Trump. If Trump becomes
    president, the movie industry will be churning out more movies on him than
    Steve Jobs.

  6. Cate Blanchett is making it tougher for me to choose which performance will
    be my favorite if she continues like this.

  7. Cate Blanchett is the absolute best Hollywood actress right now.

  8. Looks like a STELLAR Film. —I will see it; KNOWING that American
    “Journalism” is actually DEAD and that the MSM virtually NEVER tells the

  9. Ugh Cate Blanchett, why are you just so damn incredible? Just, just go

  10. Not bad. They dug up Stacey Keech.

  11. The title is ironic right? The trailer would make you think Rathers and
    Associates are heroes seeking the truth, but the truth is they were the
    ones deceiving us, not that Bush was a victim but they got what they
    deserved. There’s are truth that lives and truths that dies, I don’t know
    which so never mind.

  12. For a woman rapidly approaching 50 Cate Blanchett is still sexy as hell

  13. Only Hollywood would think that forging documents and perpetrating rumors
    counts as noble journalism.

  14. Remember the day when trailers wouldn’t spoil half the movie? Yeah, me

  15. 9/11 based??

  16. Vader...You Seek Vader!

    Ok, Kate Blanchett, oscar, I get It. But Robert Redford has been on fire
    since the Captain America: The Winter Soldier!

  17. I love Cate Blanchett so much, she’s mindblowing. I hope the Academy voters
    to give bananas to Weinstein Company and vote for Cate as Lead for Truth
    and as Supporting for Carol. Rooney goes Leading.

    I also want my dear Marion Cotillard nominated alongside her in Supporting
    category for her Lady Macbeth.

  18. The irony. The named a movie based on a lie “Truth”.

  19. I can’t stand the sight of Kate Blanchett’s face. Anyone has this condition

  20. The Truth is Mary Mapes went far above being a journalist and directly
    tried to change an election after being told many times George Bush had
    volunteered to go to Vietnam; she went so far as to contact Joe Lockhart a
    senior official in the John Kerry campaign to offer him contact with Bill
    Burkett the person from whom Mapes got the fake documents before the Bush
    story hit the air on 60 minutes. CBS let her go when it was found out
    Mircosoft word was used to fake the government documents and her having
    been told many times Bush volunteered to go to Vietnam and her making
    contact to the Kerry campaign before the story aired. She then writes a
    book and we get a movie from her side of the story, Hollywood is like most
    people like to see themselves in fairy tells.The Turth is this, Mary was
    wrong, her source admitted wrong doing, and yet CBS was wrong for giving
    into right wing attacks, fairy tells only come true when Hollywood makes
    them into movies.

  21. I’m wondering if this movie is trying to make this about them being the
    victims (which they aren’t cause they KNEW what they were doing and
    wouldn’t have apologized if they hadn’t) or if this movie will actually
    tell the truth of what happened (That they put in a story without fully
    checking out the facts cause they really didn’t want Bush that much to win
    the election).

  22. Which president was this based off of?

  23. The trailer comes off just like the excuses Mapes and Rather made at the
    time….the ENTIRE story, every last bit of it, was predicated on the
    Killian memos – and those were OBVIOUS forgeries made in Microsoft Word. No
    memos, no story. If memory serves, their own document “expert” at the time
    said he couldn’t authenticate the memos but Mapes and Rather, both
    left-wingers, ran with the story anyway in order to smear Bush. They both
    deserved the public humiliation they got.

  24. It was proven that the documents were false. How can Hollywood spin that???
    They can’t rewrite history. People are smarter to believe this nonsense.

  25. When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot manifest,
    strength cannot fight, wealth becomes useless, and intelligence cannot
    be applied. – Herophilus

  26. I think it was George Carlin who said words to the effect of : “The
    American people are wilfully ignorant of the giant red, white, and blue
    dick that is jammed up their assells every day”…. Truth is a light – by
    hearing, one sees…. The audience laughed when Carlin said what he said.
    Now, if they had heard him correctly, I would think that they would have
    been silent, and remorseful. But they thought he was “being funny”….A
    verse :We are of God : he that knoweth God heareth us; he that is not of
    God heareth not us. Hereby know we the spirit of truth, and the spirit of
    error.1 John 4:6, KJV.

  27. The story of two of the best journalists of our time, Mary Mapes and Dan
    Rather, who fell victim to the machinations of the worst president in
    history and his cronies.

  28. 11 years later, they still have to lie.

  29. If this film was made in France the citizens would be furious. In America,
    no one cares about ‘Truth’. The Republicans can get away with anything, and
    the citizens just drop their pants and bend over.

  30. This looks like the most liberal nonsense of the year. All these
    “documents” turned to be bogus. Completely fabricated. And so what if Bush
    got out of going to Vietnam. That was one of the worst decisions this
    country ever made. And of course Hollywood is focusing on Bush. At least
    Bush actually served to some degree. How about take a look at all the many,
    many things Clinton did to avoid Vietnam, not blaming him either. I’m no
    republican but this film is ridiculously to the left.

  31. Hillary Clinton erases emails = Media blackout
    Bush is falsely accused of draft dodging = Movie!

  32. Wow! This looks like the least interesting movie ever made!

  33. Cate Blanchett is never going to be an old woman.

  34. when or how and why ? I couldn’t see no fault nor flaws in this women

  35. Why would anyone want to watch a movie glorifying a failed attempt to
    perpetrate journalistic fraud?

  36. Cate blanchett is one of the greatest actresses out there. I just love her
    movies coz she’s so convincing.

  37. I miss Dan Rather. Life isn’t the same without him. Curse the Bush
    Administration for forcing him out of CBS News.

  38. does anybody knows what music is from 1:33 ? is this some other movie
    soundtrack or trailer music?

  39. “The Film (Truth) tries to turn gross errors of journalism and judgment
    into acts of heroism and martyrdom.”

    -CBS Spokesman 10/06/2015

  40. A movie about how the liberal media was caught lying, written by the liars
    themselves? Yawn.

  41. what is scrum?

  42. Can’t wait for the sequel, Truth 2: The Brian Williams Story. Hollywood

  43. danieljohnsonfilms

    This film is so Sorkinesque!

  44. What is the name of the music from 1:30 ??

  45. “Truth” is an utter lie. Mary Mapes took forged documents and ran with
    them. It is a measure of her incompetence that she spent four years on a
    story that is absolutely false. That the Left continues to lie about this
    shows how dangerous they are — not counting the 100 million killed by the

  46. I saw a trailer on TV but now I can’t find any information on where I can
    see the movie! Is there an official movie website? An official facebook
    page? Something?
    Googling “movie Truth showtimes” just isn’t helping.

  47. Robert Redford looks so tough he might have actually trained Jason Bourne.

  48. Cate Blanchette- The best female actress of all time. Including Streep.

  49. All western mainstream news are liars and withhold facts. US government
    now supports al Qaeda in Syria but you don’t see that mentioned in the

  50. Let me introduce myself. I am president of the Out House Cleaning
    Corporation, and am trying to learn how to edit previews using only
    moonlight. Yes, budget constraints have limited my use of electricity,
    however, I find that steer manure still casts a warm glow when set afire.
    Catch my first dump on YouTube, Bum Rap – A Noir Fantasy. In HD.

  51. Everyone should go watch “Kill The Messenger” FANTASTIC movie about CIA
    shenanigans! Flooding Cali with crack cocaine

  52. Bernie Sanders for President #danrather #feelthebern #berniie4thetruth

  53. never fear you lying ass sacks of sht in the news media…the lying ass
    hollywood sacks of sht will always have your backs !

  54. Dan Rather is a lying POS. Everyone in America knows that he made up the
    documents and was caught. This movie is 100% fiction.

  55. The moral of this story? The Bush Family are all scumbags, and you do not
    DARE investigate them.

  56. It’s a good thing CBS refused to run ads, I wouldn’t have heard of this
    movie if it weren’t for those news stories about it!

  57. JuiceBrenner She-Male

    if ever there was OSCAR BAIT, it’s this!

  58. Scum bag sent many to die as a coward.

  59. Nightcrawler meets Conspiracy Theory!

  60. jesus let it go people. this is not a movie, its a witch hunt.

  61. Deepolis ATF-LAFFEY

    Hail Hydra


  63. cate blanchett is mine, btw.

  64. The true story of a lying media…

  65. More Hollywood horsehocky and this movie will loose money

  66. What a bunch of bs the left is really sinking low

  67. I’d rather eat a bullet then2 watch that crap

  68. You could predict it: Another carefully-timed Liberal Hollywood propaganda
    movie as we approach presidential elections. All the imagery tools come
    together in this sophisticated impassioned effort to skew facts and turn
    untruth into “Truth.” Good on ya, Hollywood.

  69. The title of this movie is incredibly misleading

  70. Anyone know the music in this trailer?

  71. Truth is Democrats wanted Bush to lose and did whatever they could to make
    it happen. And they failed. And Bush won. Suck it.

  72. Facts are facts. The story itself is TRUE. Bush should be in prison for so
    many reasons. This is just one of them. Conservative nuts need to read the
    facts about this story. The FACTS behind the story – are true. Sadly, the
    whole thing got caught up in a quagmire of things that, yes, should have
    been done differently. Depressing Bush is not in a prison for his role in
    so many illegal things. War Criminal is right up there.

  73. Next up, a movie about Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel, portraying him as the
    everyman hero out to tell the “truth” about the Holocaust.

  74. Maybe it’s because I’m not American, but I don’t understand the plot.
    They’re talking about Bush’s service in Vietnam? I thought right-wing
    Americans focused on the trivial, off-point topics… do the liberals do it
    as well?? Good God, I weep for democracy.

  75. Moral of this story: When you try to speak truth to today’s GOP you get

  76. Ohhhh… I can’t wait………….

  77. This woman is always so breathtaking!

  78. *”Truth”* bwaaahahahaha! It’s sad that you can’t trust Redford on anything
    any more.

  79. She’s right that “they” don’t get to smack you for asking the question.
    However, they do get to smack you for lying about the answer.

  80. I am going to love these movies

  81. Truth is anything but the truth…..that being said i love

  82. Title: Truth
    Subtitle: We are *SOOOOO* busted right now.
    Plot: It’s not my fault cuz I haz daddy issues!

  83. Dan Rather is a proven liar. He was fired from CBS for *forging* documents.
    Just like everything we get from the “progressives,” it is the exact
    opposite. In this case “Truth” = lie. Just as the CNBC “moderators” were
    Democrat party activists, Dan Rather was a Democrat party activist. Shortly
    after Rather was fired and disgraced, the Democrat-party-activist-media
    made up an award and presented it to Dan Liar-liar-pants-on-fire Rather. It
    is interesting to note that the (communist) Soviet party newspaper was
    named “Truth” (Pravda.)

  84. I was an Extra on that in Australia and got to work with Robert Redford and
    Cate Blanchette. Was a great day.

  85. I can assure you all that this movie is going to crash at the box office.

  86. Truth is lies – how strange that even these liberals Redford and
    Blanchette, would even lend themselves to an event of such blatant
    forgeries. Mapes is a fool and Rather a bigger fool for believing in her
    and the documents. Look at the Thornburgh report. You’d have to have your
    head stuck up your ass to even believe these documents or this movie are


  88. Too bad that Cate joined forces with the old leftist RR. That’s why they
    bombed at the box office

  89. Seeing Cate and Robert in their closeups together was like an advertisement
    for cosmetic surgery. The workmanship is excellent.

  90. Well we knew Bush was a dam liar then and we sure know it now!

  91. This looks like film worth seeing – Cate Blanchett is a great actress.

  92. If anything, this movie should be a wakeup call to anyone wanting to vote
    Republican next year. A Trump presidency would mean more of the same if not

  93. I like movies about journalists, like Meet John Doe, All the President’s
    Men and Network, so I hope this one will be as good as or even better than
    those films, esp. w/ that cast of amazing actors.

  94. What a load of bullshit. They ran a false story and got caught with their
    pants down; that’s the truth.

  95. Hahahahahaha!
    Crafty old Hollywood. Once again trying to rewrite history by running
    Rather’s “fake but accurate” flag up the banner again.
    Only molllycoddled celebrities & young folk (if they bother seeing this)
    will believe that this is really “Truth”.

  96. Saw this last night. As of now, best movie I have seen this year.
    “Spotlight” is going to have to blow me away and Blanchett is going to have
    to be incredible in “Carol” because she was perfect here.

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