VЕNΟM Trailer # 2 (2018)

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VЕNΟM New Trailer
Copyright 2018 – Sony


  1. The Most Powerful Gay
  2. Can’t wait to see this movie

  3. Still waiting for spider man

  4. Ending is so funny lol

  5. Andres Anguiano Zuñiga

    This Venom deserves to be in the MCU!!

  6. Venom looks awesome

  7. Damm thats gonna be massive hitt…

  8. Sumeet Kumar Yadav

    The World has enough Superheroes

  9. Not too sure how this trailer makes me feel about the movie now. At first I was cautious. Then the first major trailer actually showing him in the end made me somewhat hopeful. This trailer now gives me mixed signals about the tone and direction and CGI. All in all, I feel I’ve ran the gauntlet of mixed emotions going into this movie. It’s gonna be interesting seeing what the reception is once it comes out.

  10. We have sculpted Venom statue (1:1 scale bust) We would love to show you our craft!

  11. James Logan Howlett

    Holy shit!!!!

  12. Toooo osm 😎😎😎

  13. Venom almost sounds like javiar bardem in the last pirate of the Caribbean movie

  14. 👋👋Why did they change the voice from “Candyman” to 👀👀 shakey, gurgley sounding thing? I Like the sound of the strong, stable voice of the “Candyman” character played by the actor Tony Todd🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

  15. I need to see that movie and I need it in my veins.

  16. WoW!!!😱

  17. Damn😰😨😱

  18. hyped!

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