VIGILANTE DIARIES Trailer + Clip (Quinton Jackson, Michael Madsen – Sexy Action Movie, 2016)

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Jason Mewes stars as an in-your-face filmmaker known for his web videos of an urban avenger known only as “The Vigilante” (Paul Sloan). But when The Vigilante terminates a creep with deep connections, it’ll trigger a live-feed bloodbath between the Armenian mob, Mexican cartels, a rogue team of Special Forces commandos, and an international black ops conspiracy that’s about to make things very personal. UFC legend Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, Michael Jai White, Jaqueline Lord, WWE star Sal “Chavo” Guerrero, Jr., James Russo and Michael Madsen co-star in this explosive throwback packed with badass swagger, hardcore firepower and bone-crunching action.

VIGILANTE DIARIES Movie Clip (Quinton Jackson, Michael Madsen – Action, 2016)
A Movie directed by Christian Sesma
Cast : Paul Sloan, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, Michael Jai White, Jason Mewes, Michael Madsen, Sal “Chavo” Gurerro
Release Date : In Theatres June 24th, 2016
Genre : Action, Adventure, Comedy

VIGILANTE DIARIES Movie TRAILER (Quinton Jackson, Michael Madsen – Action, 2016)
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