War Dogs Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Miles Teller, Jonah Hill Movie HD

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The true story of two young men, David Packouz and Efraim Diveroli, who won a $300 million contract from the Pentagon to arm America’s allies in Afghanistan.


  1. Keep this comment at an even amount of likes. Sub to me for no reason

  2. Wtf happened to Jonah Hill

  3. Have no idea what it’s about. But it looks like my sort of movie.

  4. Raiymbek Mukhamediyar

    Great! Why not make a comedy film based on real events (meaning, real
    deaths) about people getting rich by selling guns and ammo to kill other
    people. Amazing idea. 10/10 won’t watch.

  5. Anyone noticed the guy who punches Jonah hill is Dan Blizerian lol

  6. looks good, I’ll be waiting for this one on Piratebay or kickasstorrents :)

  7. Miles teller finally looks old !

  8. always thought these two had super similar voices

  9. Heard the true on the radio show “Snap Judgement”, story was about these 2
    young guys who procure items for the DoD and Pentagon. Basically, when
    other companies can’t meet the supply for whatever the US military needs
    they put those request to tender on the open market and let other 3rd
    parties provide said equipment which could be anything from cooking oil,
    cleaning agents as well as bullets and weapons. The story is about how 2
    young 20 year olds get in on the action and start supplying the US military
    with “equipment”.

  10. We drive through all triangles, including your moms. Lmao

  11. “We drive through all triangles, including your moms” ???

  12. War Wolves

  13. yep. money given.

  14. This is gonna be simply amazing.

  15. looks awesome!

  16. Song?

  17. Hell yeah!

  18. wow, really done their best to make selling arms that kill thousands of
    civilians look cool and funny.. well done?

  19. Hopefully it’s anti war

  20. Gentlemen you had my curiosity…
    1:23 NOW you have my attention

  21. did jonah hill get big again?

  22. Jonah Hill gain some weight back on recently?

  23. Did Jonah Hill get fatter?

  24. Jonah Hill looks like Chris Farley, the dude from “Beverly Hills Ninja”.

  25. I hope this good. No plot holes (probably will) but I hope not

  26. Jonah hill deserves more credit as an actor

  27. 0:41 I think he’s upset. If anyone gets that reference.

  28. If this is actually based on a true story then this is one fucked up

  29. Lord of War: The Comedy

  30. UnbelievabIeMontages

    1:23 was that bradley cooper?

  31. So apparently “based on a true story” is another way of saying “none of
    this actually happened”

  32. I’ll wait tell it comes out on blu-ray.

  33. Anyone notice Jonah Hill is wearing the same necklace that Jon Bernthal
    wears in the Wolf of Wall Street? Connection?

  34. He got way fatter lol

  35. Looks good. Please don’t make an extra 2 more of these Directors of

  36. I just have one question: What took Miles Teller and Jonah Hill so long to
    make a movie together?

  37. This probably would have been good if they used real actors in it instead
    of those 2 losers

  38. This, Wolf of Wall Street and Straight outta Compton should are gonna be
    the best money making movies!

  39. Epic ! Can’t wait for these 2

  40. this looks interesting

  41. Did Jonah Hill eat his twin?

  42. So this is basically Lord of War meets Wolf of Wall Street?

  43. wtf happen to Jonah Hill?

  44. So, 2 douche bag bromandos making millions off war? Pass.

  45. Don’t worry, I have to go first, I’m American.

  46. i imagine a lot of the dialogue isn’t what they really said

  47. que pinta tiene

  48. High King Cade XIX

    I hear the both of them are lowkey D-Bags in real life tho

  49. Kelechukwu Aghaizu

    Miles teller always plays a dickhead in all his movies I really wanna c him
    do smth different as the guy has got a lot of potential

  50. fat again

  51. Cool more films making entertainment out of a war ?

  52. Jonah Hill is getting bigger and bigger by movie. Soon he is going to play
    in a sumo movie. :))

  53. So its wolf of wall street with jonah hill as leonardo di caprio

  54. Jonah Hill got fat again

  55. I’m a simple man, I see Miles Teller, I hit dislike

  56. did J Hill get fatter

  57. 1:11 lol that’s so f***ing racist

  58. Jonah Hill looks like Cartman from South Park.

  59. Daammnnn Jonah Hill,back at it again with the fat body


  61. Awesome ! Perfect Role for Jonah Hill !

  62. miles teller, jonah hill my twho favorites wow I’m watching that

  63. Jonah gains and loses weight pretty fast I must say

  64. What year was it that Jonah Hill was skinny cause it didn’t feel to long

  65. Reminds me of that movie with Nicolas Cage.

  66. Lmao Jonah Hill looks like an irl mob gang boss holding that ak

  67. GhostOfRhurValley 1945

    I was waiting for these two to partner up for a movie.

  68. Bombur The Mighty Dwarf

    Jonah Hill bruh, tame those titties of yours and lose some weight, you’re
    really letting yourself go. And that’s coming from an obese dwarf.

  69. Obi-Wan Ben Kenobi

    Studio was probably like… “This script has some actual potential, let’s
    not waste this one on Kevin Hart”

  70. We drive through all triangles.. Including your moms ⚰?

  71. Mr. Bodymassagemachine

    Lord of War anyone?

  72. Lord of War : Shit Version ?

  73. The Wolf of Wall Street 2

  74. so this is lord of war right?

  75. Bradley cooper is in it right?

  76. definitely not watching this swill… jonah hill’s turning into ron jeremy
    sans mustache

  77. jonah fat again

  78. I feel like I just watched the whole movie

  79. What’s the name of the song in the backround? (No Rick-Rolling nor Darude –
    Sandstorm, please)

  80. ahhh..I loved hearing about this on NPR…now it’s a movie

  81. Too many Wolf Of Wallstreet references to my taste, dont mess with Wolfie!

  82. TheMCBow King of SkyWars

    I love the trailer

  83. This looks very promising!

  84. I’ve been waiting for a trailer and finally here it is! This was originally
    titled Arms and the Dudes but War Dogs is way better

  85. Oh god Jonah hill don’t do this to yourself again you were doing so good
    your bigger than before

  86. Damn he goes from obese to skinny to obese again #classicJonahHill

  87. I can tell this going to be a good movie like hangover

  88. Whelp, Jonah Hill is fat again. I’m sure by the time I finish typing this
    he’ll be skinny again

  89. poor miles teller. hope this doesn’t bomb like his recent movies

  90. Im so down for this

  91. Jonah Hill’s movies are the perfect example of what not to do in this life

  92. so what’s the storyline? idgi

  93. ok that was bradley cooper der…so its gonna be gud

  94. the characters that they seem to be playing seem like total assholes

  95. Oh, a fat jonah hill. this is gotta be good

  96. Wolf of Wall Street: Middle Eastern Edition

  97. I’m a simple guy, I see miles teller and I dislike

  98. This looks absolutely fantastic. Has a Lord of War vibe.

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