Warcraft Official Sneak Peek #1 (2016) – Dominic Cooper, Paula Patton Movie HD

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An epic fantasy/adventure based on the popular video game series.


  1. Mɛᴛʀᴏ Orlɛanž

    look pretty dumb.

  2. Looks shit tbh

  3. So when is this expansion coming out?

  4. Copying the same music as the second 300 film…..

  5. Well it definitely looks like a video game.

  6. Might be he first video game movie that is actually good.

  7. Looks awful

  8. Loving this new expansion. Graphics are top notch.

  9. Lennox “Ōkami” Tasatsu

    So again I’ll say.Video Game movies are definitely back.

  10. Never been a big fan of the Game, but daaaamn looks like they did a good
    job here

  11. What a waste of a video game movie. With a shit ton of good games out there
    that would make awesome movies they chose to do it on a stupid mmo game
    that nobody cares about and is not known for its story. There’s still hope,
    i’m excited for the Assassin’s Creed movie that will introduce both the
    modern day story with the animus and all of that and what made the old
    assassins creed games so good.

  12. So…everyone is lvl 80 on the movie? Full Gear?

  13. i really wanted to be impressed… i am not. Come on full preview.

  14. Looks good.

  15. If this is successful, I feel like LoL would and could attempt to do a
    movie as well. People always say “just make a movie already” in their
    animated videos.

  16. WoW !!! <3

  17. Yay another movie thats going to make a lot of money not because it’s good,
    but because it has a loyal fan base, who will defend this shit to their
    death even if its total shit,

  18. Looks too bright

  19. Looks like a generic CGI-laden fantasy war movie.

  20. sometimes I wish CGI was never invented

  21. So he left Vikings for THIS?! *sigh* It was only 16 secs. but I am
    underwhelmed thus far. Hopefully things get better with Friday’s release.

  22. I dont even care about this series, but GOT DAMN THIS LOOKS DOPE


  24. theres like 3 games now that are being made into a movie, interesting.

  25. I just shit my pants,twice.

  26. I really really dont get why some directors decide that they r gonna film
    an 85% cgi film digitally. it just ends up looking too crisp and straight
    cut, like seriously cgi looks way better when filmed using 35mm… filming
    this stuff digitally makes everything look like a video game.. *cough* the
    hobbit *cough*

  27. As a NON-WOW gamer I have a question: Can you guys do ANY of this in the

  28. Song pls!!!

  29. Cgi out the ASS

  30. Warcraft you and Assassin Creed are my last hope. Please be good!

  31. I am calling it now, the “cgi sucks” people will destroy this movie on
    friday. It will have more dislikes than people think it will.

  32. Can you wait at least till there is a full trailer before you start bashing
    it. People complain about something even though they’ve literally only seen
    15 seconds of it.

  33. A trailer for another trailer…..

  34. also wanna see starcraft movie

  35. So… uh… will this have a plot?

  36. Abel Villa (The Cynic)

    They couldn’t make their own soundtrack they had to take 300 rise of an
    empire soundtrack?

  37. lol this is going to be bad

  38. Warcraft 4 ?!!!

  39. looks kinda like hobbit

  40. shut up and take all of my money, take my car, take my house, TAKE MY

  41. SO are characters from video game itself are expected like Arthas, Jaina,
    Thrall etc.., or this is just something completely different :/

  42. knowing the lore kinda spoils one of the shots in this teaser

  43. now they need to make call of duty and assassin creed

  44. So what kind of annoys me is that we now get about the first 15 seconds of
    And the movie is basically finished.

  45. Dang, is this the new Warcraft reboot with better graphics n stuff? neat.

  46. Charlie Tyas (Chazzed Boy)

    Looks like a shitty version of The Hobbit or Lord of the Rings

  47. That 15 seconds had more excitement than Battle Of The Five Army’s

  48. Doesn’t look good

  49. Sick visuals! Lets hope this movie has actual story and not just a bunch of
    killing :p

  50. Wasn’t this just a clip from Lord of the Rings?

  51. Bug.. u cant mount while running.

  52. This, sadly, doesn’t lol good to me. I’ll save my judgement until the first
    full trailer is out at the soonest, but the CGI looks pretty fake.

  53. They are gonna fail so bad.

  54. load of shit

  55. Matthew Livingston

    I hope it stays true to the books.

  56. i’ve never played a wow game (if this is what i think it is) but it looks
    promising :)

  57. xXX “Fedorino” xXx

    is this an animated movie or a “real life” movie?

  58. AziaXtremeInphinity

    TOO MUCH CGI!!!!!

  59. Why can’t I run off a cliff and mount like that? It’s not an instant

  60. Warcraft 4 teaser?

  61. should have been fully CGI, without using human actors…

  62. a Command & Conquer film is what i wanted

  63. This will flop

  64. Looks awful, worse than The Hobbit. What a waste of Duncan Jones’ time.

  65. Looks really good even though I haven’t played any of the games. I wasn’t a
    big fan of when games become movies (super Mario bros movie for example)
    but with this, I’ll give it a chance.

  66. League of legends movie ? with will smith as lucian ? omg epic

  67. Chilhood jizz………………………………….

  68. As long as the movie isn’t heavily influenced by Blizzard’s current-day
    writing staff, I’ll give this hope. I haven’t been invested in the Warcraft
    lore since WrathOfTheLichKing.

  69. hopefully the script writing is good, the cast is good it will stay true to
    the essence of the game not like Mario Bros, tekken, KOF, and street

  70. For THE HORDE!!!!!!!

  71. War is coming…with all its glory…and all its horror.

  72. Stanislav Stanchev

    I think they will nail it! Can`t wait :DD

  73. the views are pretty low for a game that around 100 million people on this
    planet have played 90 million of them will not admit it, but you know they
    will watch this

  74. looks amazing, but they have to be careful with the CGI, castle views 0:03

  75. does paula patton get naked? it might make the difference of a “must see”
    or on a list

  76. CGI city

  77. Movie of the year is what the sneak peek tells me.. which is saying a lot
    for 2016.

  78. Um… where da undead at?!? Undead rogues man! That should get hulk-like
    stardom in warcraft! But nobody can rogue like me.

  79. Does anyone else think they should make a movie about skyrim or is that
    just me?

  80. Smh whyyyyyy? Don’t ruin video games like this.

  81. Man this is pretty upsetting. I’m a big fan of the WoW games, but I worry
    the updated graphics will make my laptop overheat. I think its great that
    they are updating the engine and all, but this is salt on the wound for all
    us laptop users.

  82. guys, pls be honest. will this film going to suck balls like others? ty

  83. I’m pretty sure Jor-El did that same jump on a bird save in Man of Steel

  84. goddamn it. this trailer is already itching me to re-subscribe. >.<

  85. damn this is really happening?

  86. i think this is the only movie where excess cgi is acceptable, cuz they can
    make it like the blizzard cinematics, which every wow gamer loves, and
    always wished they’d make movies like that.

  87. Im a huge wow fanboy
    and somehow i dont feel the hype
    maybe cus this look like narnia?… and i hate narnia

  88. ginninshimaru love

    Wow ok

  89. this is not a movie based on a game, its a movie based on storys and books
    of Warcraft

  90. Why does it look and feel worse than first Warcraft MMO trailer? :/ Can’t
    shake the feeling that this is a high budget low quality action flick
    without a shred of dept…

  91. Георги Малчов


  92. so everybody is levle 80 already

  93. lol people think this looks good. Did Uwe Bol do this? xD

  94. My body is ready.

  95. never played Warcraft. get the feeling this won’t end well though

  96. Do you think that Warcraft may be the first GOOD live action video game

  97. So happy they made a 13 second trailer that showed small bits of nothing

  98. geeeez looks like Narnia on steroids

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  100. They need to make a star craft movie $$

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