Warcraft Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Travis Fimmel, Dominic Cooper Movie HD

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An epic fantasy/adventure based on the popular video game series.


  1. Short Movies : Minions, spongeBoB , elsa Frozen, Simpson, Sadness and others Using Stop Motion

    A Good Movie trailer, you can find some cool video of fake trailer minions

  2. Lorenzo Rey Camejo

    Is this based on the original Warcraft game (the one that was like Age of
    Empires) or in the MMORPG World of Warcraft game? or are those stories the
    same? this looks epic makes me wanna start playing the damn thing…

  3. I don’t WOW, is this cannon?

  4. OMG!!! WORLD OF WARCRAFT!!! OMG!!! ITS THE MOVIE!!! -This is my reaction

  5. 1:00 Nerzhul And 1:29 guldan getting punched

  6. The orcs look terrible, and the plot’s as bland as it can be

  7. So will this cover ALL the games or some of them and if Some, which ones?

  8. I better see a warlock in this movie.

  9. if this film does good (which i’m sure it will) i hope they release sequels
    based upon expansions.

  10. is the story from Warcraft 3 or what ?

  11. general_iroh _0675

    SO>>MUCH>>CGI ,

  12. Looks so bad.. so, so bad..

  13. it looked pretty decent an worthwhile….until i saw the fact that they put
    in a female orc that looks almost human…i mean…….i dunno anymore

  14. I used to complain about the cgi but then i took an arrow in the knee

  15. anyone hyped about that witcher movie being announced???

  16. I hope this becomes like a trilogy and and it moves on to the frozen

  17. Does anybody hear the 300:rise of an empire soundtrack?????

  18. Rise of the planets of the apes anyone????
    Like seriously it looks like a clone of that movie.

  19. I’m curious what the undead and scourge will look like.

  20. Where are them other races ???? WHY

  21. as a neutral party this movie looks stupid. Nothing in the movie looks
    real. Even the actors.

  22. Lightning Shepard (Thecoolman)

    Dawn of planet of the apes… i mean orcs, of course…

  23. The Dark Knight (Batman)


  24. Christian Nicole Querubin

    this will be the next lord of the rings, there will be a part 2. why? i
    don’t see any scourge there

  25. Zone Sanook Chanel

    0:50 – Baby Orc = Thrall ?

  26. are the 7 warlords gonna be there or atleast thats what i think they are
    called?and most importantly why isnt the pandas included?

  27. If no other races are involved or woven into this movie im out.

  28. you know what bugs me the most? that the orcs have such super-deep
    voices… if they had normal voices like humans, they’d be much more

  29. “For years out world has been at peace”
    “something is coming”
    “Dark forces”
    Beastly race that knows nothing but war.
    “One who may help us”
    Prejudiced party who hates difference and opposed unity.

    How many times have I seen this movie?
    I haven’t played the game. Is this really representative of its lore?

  30. guy at 1:47 looks like ragnar from vikings

  31. Another generic fantasy story line… This movie will tank.

  32. Dude, this looks great! :)* deep gasp *OMG, I just realized something…
    0.0THIS could be a video game movie that DOESN’T SUCK!!! ^^

  33. Sweet. Next up, SWTOR.

  34. So, we are going to get some expansions for every movie, right blizzard?

  35. They look fake.

  36. okay visually this looks so much better than i thought, i don’t know why
    but i just couldnt shake the idea that it was going to be nothing more than
    a fan film made in game. story wise though….cheesy as hell…..i got that
    bit right at least

  37. Ridiculous! An absurd way of rappresenting orcs. They were humanized
    shamefully, taking away their true nature. Besides, what sense does an
    alliance between men and orcs?
    And what kind of humans kingdom ? A kingdome of teenagers or almost ?
    Banal scenes, bordering on the ridiculous, right worthy of a fair tale for

  38. listen the BGM carefully, it remember me same as from 300 rise of an empire

  39. don’t like “WoW” but this looks dope!

  40. Im confused is this the first story of warcraft humam and orc??

  41. Philip The Darkness March

    These ORC’S vs URUK HAI who would win ? :D

  42. I predict a theater full of sweaty fat dudes and anxious skinny teens.

  43. GoldenFreddy PlayzMC

    i think this is the time that the orcs first come to earth

  44. evilsupernintendo84

    You know what, when I heard this was coming out I had no interest in seeing
    it, but now after watching this trailer, I still have no interest in seeing

  45. I actually got goosebumps… I’ve been a Warcraft fan since I was 12 when I
    started playing the 1st Warcraft game in 1994. This movie is LONG overdue!

  46. Is anyone else thinking, “Where are the other races?”. No way does a war
    like that happen in Azeroth and none of the many other races take notice
    and choose sides

  47. Ragnar Lodbrok was all time in warcraft ? why i didn’t see him before ^^ ?

  48. Raven Nightwell (FreeForever)

    So this story is picking up where in comparison to the actual WoW game?

  49. 0:31 arthas young

  50. Frank “KrispyKreme” Martinez

    This looks meh…. Maybe it’s just the trailer. Still watching it.

  51. Jonathan van Biljon

    OMG!!!! YES!!!! WorldOfWarcraft!!!! I can’t wait to see what classes
    they’ll put in the movie. Did see the Warriors and Hunters hopefully some
    Mages or Priests will make an appearance!!! And calling it now second movie
    they’ll bring in the Night Elves and Undead!! Just my opinion LOL!

  52. To me – this looks like nothing but a – “Shrek: hardcore edition”. Well
    some kid wC fanboys will enoy it. No doubt

  53. i never played warcraft,can anyone please just tell me a short summary of
    the storyline?

  54. Why didn’t they make a skyrim movie

  55. Has a great Videp Game Movie just been made? I don’t know, but it made me

  56. Don’t care about the CGI. Just give me good story and good storytelling.
    Just like the Blizzard cinematic team did in Warcraft III cinematics…

  57. I feel like it would’ve been more epic if the original characters were in
    this movie,such as Jaina,Thrall and much more..Not hating tho haha

  58. why are people complaining about cgi??? i think you cant made a good
    warcraft movie with out any good cgi

  59. So? Elder Scrolls movie?

  60. If there’s no Leeroy Jenkins cameo, I don’t see how this movie could go

  61. where are the elves??? or dwarves??/



  64. Never had an interest in the game but now that I’ve seen this, I still have
    no interest.

  65. Yessss, come on already <3 So ready for this.


  67. this is warcraft 3 ??? i love this..

  68. This looks phucking sick

  69. I really really really REALLY hope this doesn’t suck. Durotan looks awesome
    though. And it’s still in post-production so of course the CGI doesn’t look
    perfect yet.

  70. A bunch of people in the comments are mentioning WOW. That is sad because
    WOW sucks and the original warcraft games were amazing. This is not based
    on WOW!

  71. without Warcraft no dota and dota2 ^_^

  72. World…Of….CGI

  73. why only orc n human?

  74. “You must rally the horde and lead your brethren to battle!”

  75. What’s up, Phenomenal! dream cluttered What’s happening, guys. !!!

  76. Need a starcraft movie

  77. that is some terrible cgi

  78. Very fucktastic!

  79. …I still think overwatch should’ve been made into a movie…

  80. TheEarthboundian424 _

    WoW. Just WoW

  81. Hey, It’s really amazing copy chubby What’s your opinion about this, guys

  82. Hi how’s it going? You’ve Outdone Yourself. dream devilish What’s your
    opinion about that, guys 11

  83. Hi, Wonderful! summer spark What’s happening.. !

  84. wow finally it will come in cinema, gonna be a great epic movie!

  85. Hey there. Great Enthusiasm husky clover !!

  86. Yo! It’s really interesting Video literate separate What’s your opinion

  87. Hi, It’s cool. historical relax 1!

  88. It looks like. This video is so nice irate tip

  89. This movie is going to BOMB like STREET FIGHTER!!! CANT WAIT

  90. still gonna play blade and soul.

  91. There needs to be someone a warlock or anyone, or even some type commander
    saying “more dots more dots!! Need to pay some type of tribute to the
    onxyia raid wipe!!! Lmao

  92. I’ve been waiting for this to come out…….thank you blizzard

  93. 1:48 “LEEROOOOOY!”

  94. Never played the game but this looks interesting.

  95. *Reaction*- 😀 bout’ time.

  96. Who else watched this to see Ragnar Lothbrok?

  97. Is it wrong for me to hope that with this movie we can see the coming of
    the Diablo and Starcraft Sagas hit the big screen as well?

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