WINNIE THE POOH The Movie TRAILER (2018) Animation, Disney, Christopher Robin

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  1. Marcel Meric Kocak

    So god

  2. This looks amazing!!

  3. Oh my gooosssshh poooooh?!?! 😁😁😁💙💙💙

  4. Well this is gonna be beautiful and sad as hell

  5. This is either gonna be really good or mediocre as hell

  6. Super classs excellent video

  7. TheDramaMaster360

    Its called christopher robin

  8. Oh the Nostalgia, I’m 24 and I can’t believe Pooh and the 100 acre Woods is growing up with us.

  9. So pretty much Hook…but with Pooh

  10. I can already sense my future self bursting into tears after watching this movie

  11. He should already prepare to play Obi Wan, not Christofer fckn Robin

  12. Will def cry

  13. Is there poo gang back please be back

  14. I’m sorry but the bear looks pretty bad

  15. Can’t wait for it hope tiger is in it

  16. André Casas Coronel

    TED 3

  17. Can’t wait for the new TED movie

  18. I wanted a animated one

  19. Rotten Egg Creations

    Dont make me cry

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