X-Men: Apocalypse Official Trailer #2 (2016) – Jennifer Lawrence, Oscar Isaac Movie HD

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With the emergence of the world’s first mutant, Apocalypse, the X-Men must unite to defeat his extinction level plan.


  1. Mystique dies.

  2. 1 comentario

  3. Emanuel Jaramillo

    Im touching myself tonight ???

  4. All these trailers coming out bc of bvs

  5. Who is that at 1.56?

  6. Tampan Satria Pratama

    x men > the avengers

  7. Spoiler alert :
    Storm is gonna turn against her boss and save everyone.

  8. They put too much time into Jennifer Lawrence in these trailers.

  9. sansa stark is disturbing me

  10. Jennifer here, Jennifer there, Jeniffer everywhere! yayyyy!

  11. No Wolverine in an Xmen movie feels empty

  12. Glad they dropped this trailer today on the 17th knowing i’ll be on Netflix
    all day tomorrow thanks to another Marvel property…..

  13. how can you have a x-men movie especially against apocalypse without
    wolverine smh.

  14. Amazing World Access

    Lol Now The People Will Win against The GOD!!!

  15. They ain’t the x-men without wolverine

  16. I hope Mystique dies there.

  17. Jennifer Lawrence and The X-Men: Apocalypse

  18. I kinda hope this movie will SUCK because I want the xmen Rights to back
    home To Marvel studios so they will join the MCU !!!

  19. I’m gonna go broke watching all these movies come this summer….

  20. Alejandro Serrano

    Why are they trying so hard to make Jennifer the main thing?

  21. damn this looks depressing lol

  22. Mystique can catch this dick.

  23. if you watch it muted, it is more exciting.

  24. i like how they put in scenes of Mystique changing her look in the trailer
    as an action scene during the epic music like we havent seen her do that at
    all the past 5 movies

  25. the song is horrible

  26. And Wolverine ?

  27. Quick Silver, nothing else!

  28. I liked the first trailer better. but nice to see more of the other mutants

  29. Ha Aaron Rodgers girl..

  30. This looks even better than Capitain America civil war.

  31. Spoiler……
    Quicksilver saves everyone traveling in time and killing En Sabah Nur….or
    stopping his transformation

  32. Which song have they used in the Trailer??

  33. I love the series so I am OBLIGATED to see this!! good trailer! We’ll see
    how much of it is predictable!

  34. I thought Hugh jackman was going to play wolverine one more time

  35. Jennifer Lawrence is overrated ….

  36. Okay so they turn Storm into a villain and Mystique into an Xmen…..k

  37. Oh god the thumbnail

  38. VideogameGuitarist

    Notice how apocalypse voice changed to something similar to the way he
    sounded in the original cartoon series, awesome.
    Still doesn’t feel right without wolverine, i hope he cameos in his PROPER
    COSTUME, that would make up for everything.

  39. Why is Mystique good again? I hope this is her last movie.

  40. the music in the trailer? somebody pleas?

  41. this year is something

  42. That thumbnail of Mystique looks funny as hell.

  43. who x-men

  44. world needs more Deadpool

  45. can somebody tell what is the song on this soundtrack???

  46. Why is Baby storm fighting against the X-Men? :O

  47. All i can say is…QUICKSILVER!

  48. daniel varelinha #BATATA

    finalmente mudaram a voz dele xD já n parece um velhinho !

  49. This is more like X-Men: Jennifer Lawrence.

  50. Another shit movie, shit cast, good effects but it’s still a shit movie…
    typical Hollywood dumpster, garbage in garbage out!

  51. Its an okay trailer.

  52. where’s wolverine?

  53. What You Talking about willis?

    This memorial day you can bury more as we give you literally no fucks about
    the death of thousands.

  54. not impressed.

  55. Spiderman at the end would have made this trailer more awesome.

  56. Where is Deadpool?

  57. This looks amazing…I still have some reservations about the apocalypse
    but in here it looks great

  58. A lot of action but not enough Drama. This is barely x-men.

  59. luis alberto rodriguez pol

    mientras aiga esperansa y humanos protegiendo la tierra nunca caeremos!
    Bueno o mutantes XD

  60. No Deadpool, Colossus or Negasonic Teenage Warhead? What is this!


    Wait… :P

  62. Sansa Stark and Katniss Everdeen ? Now, I’m really going to watch this
    movie. I’ll even see this in 3D just for the 4D’s, if you know what I mean.

  63. John Mastroligulano

    Looks like CORVUS to close to HYDRA. Love the themes that the masses must
    be starting to get a sneaky suspicion are aimed at waking them up… OC

  64. Its a shame most people are going to see civil war instead.

  65. Based on the trailer, its possible the government authorities will issue a
    zero-tolerance policy on all mutants similar to the Operation: Zero
    Tolerance story that took place after the Onslaught saga.

  66. if you a not 100% fan of the comix and dont have a strong sense of deja vu
    after watching this trailer, and most likley a teen then have fun.
    This movie is a breeze to me its going to go past me and i wont even notice

  67. coldplay song just set the mood… we live in this beautiful world

  68. This movie is gonna fail…tarzan looks way more better than this shit

  69. Steven greg universe

    Anyone knows the song!?? please

  70. Destroy them Nasus

  71. Grendon the Alien

    They need to make a movie so big it includes the X men, Avengers, Spider
    Man and Fantastic Four. Would also make sense since all these guys would
    want to join together to tackle a powerful enemy… just like they often do
    in the comics. Screw who owns what….this is what the fans want. A mega
    movie with a mega cast.

  72. 1:59 is that Havok?

  73. Joseph Joestar ジョセフ・ジョースター

    I knew even even before I looked onto these comments there would be
    complains about Jennifer Lawrence. You’ll need to chill and leave her

  74. maybe I’m stupid or crazy, but this just doesn’t look good, and apocalypse
    himself looks like shit

  75. So…. where are the X-men? This isn’t the X-men… this is Mystique and
    school kid mutants… I want. to see. an X-men movie, with the original
    x-men, in their original x-men suits, and I want a great story, with
    character depth. not a Jennifer Lawrence, and now Quicksilver, sale with
    CGI thrown in my face.

  76. A movie about natural selection.

  77. Weak

  78. deadpool should show up and Save the day.

  79. SOPHIE !! yes, she is amazing

  80. Havok’s role in this movie seems so small :(

  81. 1:52 for a sec I thought it was Megan Fox lol ???

  82. Who’s that porn star looking… eh, film star? With the swords. She looks
    like Asa Akira.

  83. Is it me or do the special effects look a bit outdated?

  84. Ferdy Hoshigaki Tube

    too much Jennifer Lawrence !

  85. what a shit , main character, Hugh wasn’t there ..

  86. Sansaaa Staaaaark HAHAHHAAAHA

  87. damn this shit look trash compared to what dc’s about to release. rip

  88. Ana Carolina Costa

    i dislike the Jennifer Lawrence overload in this trailer, and dislike the
    fact that she’s going to be a huge part of the movie

  89. They could’ve done a better job with mystique’s make-up

  90. ehmm where is Wolverine?

  91. BEWBS! I’m gonna take this behind those bushes

  92. Damn, it gave me the super chills, i’m excited.

  93. Wolverine not being the Horseman of Death, is some Grade A BS right there.

  94. random but why is there so much leather in all the character designs for
    every xmen movie? maybe its because I’m high and just notice random shit
    but why so much leather and why do I not care about any of these
    characters? gonna be a great movie tho.

  95. CGI sucks ass..

  96. Han Lin Gan (linfavourite)

    what is the name of the song start from 1:28?

  97. Probably gonna be the weakest superhero movie this year. Im tired of all
    this flip flopping with magneto being good/bad for a short period of time.
    Reminds me of Sylar from Heroes

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