X-Men: Apocalypse Super Bowl TV Spot (2016) – Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender Action HD

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Following the critically acclaimed global smash hit X-Men: Days of Future Past, director Bryan Singer returns with X-MEN: APOCALYPSE. Since the dawn of civilization, he was worshipped as a god. Apocalypse, the first and most powerful mutant from Marvel’s X-Men universe, amassed the powers of many other mutants, becoming immortal and invincible. Upon awakening after thousands of years, he is disillusioned with the world as he finds it and recruits a team of powerful mutants, including a disheartened Magneto (Michael Fassbender), to cleanse mankind and create a new world order, over which he will reign. As the fate of the Earth hangs in the balance, Raven (Jennifer Lawrence) with the help of Professor X (James McAvoy) must lead a team of young X-Men to stop their greatest nemesis and save mankind from complete destruction.


  1. It all looks like it was shot on green screen…

  2. Looks great

  3. X Men Gon Give It To Ya

  4. Still not excited about the portrayal of apocalypse. Hopefully the movie
    will be good nonetheless

  5. My biggest problem is Mystique. That’s not Mystique. That’s Jennifer
    Lawrence. I could always tell she wasn’t comfortable in the role. I don’t
    know why they didn’t just give her clothes. If she’s not a mission and
    needs to change form at a moment’s notice then there’s no reason for her to
    be naked. That’s one of the creative choices for the X-Men films that I
    never complained about (since I’m a hormonal teenager and all) but it
    certainly wasn’t necessary and it’s kinda sexist. So I understand if she
    didn’t want to be naked anymore. Just give her clothes and keep her blue.
    But instead it seems that Jennifer has demanded the she not have to wear
    the makeup at all. That’s blasphemous to the character. Apocalypse himself
    looks pretty bad but that doesn’t mean he won’t be an awesome villain.
    Everything else looks great.

  6. All these trailers are fueling my erection.

  7. very nice. pls let there be a batman v superman Superbowl trailer next.

  8. The CGI is horrible.

  9. That scene with Psylocke couldn’t have looked any faker. Lol.

  10. I’m not feeling this movie anymore ?

  11. Vader...You Seek Vader!

    Way to many blue characters in this movie.

  12. name song?

  13. But where is Wolverine tho

  14. The civil war killer

  15. Mr Not That Famous

    meh…not feeling this one

  16. Someone tell me what song?

  17. wow it looks so good. I wonder what’s that song playing in the background?

  18. Jesus I’m not ready for this year. I’m gonna go psycho I swear! Dead pool,
    Captain America Civil War, Batman v. Superman, Suicide Squad, Ninja Turtles
    2, now X-men Apocalypse? I’m not gonna make it.

  19. Whats that song?

  20. music?

  21. Who sings the cover of this song?

  22. The villains from TMNT 2 look better than Apocalypse…. Its sad but true.

  23. I dont get it. In DOFP we saw the future where everyone was older and OK.
    Now we see their younger versions fighting to save the world. So as I see
    it they have succeeded as for DOFP ending. SO that is kind of a spoiler…

  24. Is it me but they are giving to much Mystique screen time just because is
    Jennifer Lawrence come on she not that important give it more time to
    mutant we haven’t see at all

  25. what is the song they used for this trailer?? anyone know

  26. Qual é a musica??

  27. Someone has to know who is singing in this tv spot!

  28. An artist called Clarity sang this cover of Don’t Panic.

  29. Mehpocalypse

  30. acts in hunger games… assumed shes a great actor that can just jumo into

  31. Clarence “Breeze” Brown

    Xmen are like we ain’t Neva scared, and then apocalypse walks in *deer in
    the headlights look*

  32. whats the name of the song in the begining?

  33. Music, Movies and Memories

    Who is the chick with the neon purple sword???

  34. Seriously I think Freddie Wong has done better cgi then this. they just
    need to reboot the whole thing they fucked up the story I’ve Ben wanting a
    reboot for awhile. they just seem to cater to the actors more then the
    characters so many actors coming and going as they please truly fucks up
    the story.

  35. *always wanted to smash olivia munn since the G4TV days*

  36. The Wolverine was really good, and DOFP was excellent! I was so amped up
    for Apocalypse, I still can’t see how they can accomplish this in one
    movie… And, well, this looks really terrible. My God, have they actually
    dropped the ball here, it literally looks like X-Men 3 bad…

  37. So is *HughJackman* confirmed for a cameo or they’re just rumors..????

  38. Davion “Davy” Fleming


  39. I preferred the first trailer they released.

  40. What is the point of setting the event in the past? we already know the
    world would not end.


  42. Sansa Stark go away

  43. What a horrendous choice of music for the trailer…

  44. Olivia Munn as Psylocke looks meh…

  45. x men:cgicalypse

  46. Face off of the X-MEN VS APOCALYPSE(the original mutant)
    This looks awesome

  47. I can’t wait. What is the song?

  48. Psylocke stole Mace Windu’s lightsaber! Nah jk

  49. Jennifer Lawrence ?

  50. Christopher Velgakis-Blanck

    Gotta love the tit shot thumbnail ;)

  51. I’m pissed where’s wolverine? I haven’t see him in a while

  52. that coldplay cover is gr8 tho

  53. this one looks better than official trailer

  54. Hype for this year movie is over 9000 🙂
    And it starts this friday with Deadpool :)

  55. I’m here because of the thumbnail

  56. Crazy how Oscar Isaac is playing Apocalypse! I guess he joined the dark

  57. JLaw being so big in Hollywood is the worst thing to happen to the Xmen
    We went through a whole arc about how she should accept what she is
    (mutant) yet, somehow, she’s still hiding? Am I the only one that wants
    Mystique instead of Katniss?
    The bigger you get the more say you have on the project and I’m sure she
    had something to do with the lack of blue. To be fair, this might have
    something to do with the nude leaks, and maybe she’s blue in all her other
    scenes, but it doesn’t look good for “Mystique”. sigh.

  58. Movies are really bringing back this song lately. First the 5th wave, now


  59. she got big tits

  60. Me temo que soy el único al que le gustó el TV spot..

  61. basically the moment of this trailer was only that Psylocke’s bewbs

  62. Shit just got real

  63. *every 12 year old ever* 0:17 Haha i seen her leaked bewwwbbbsss

  64. I don’t get the stakes in this movie because you know they all live and
    they beat him because at the end of days of future past wolverine wakes up
    after changing the future and everyone is alive. Am I missing something

  65. the things I would do to Olivia Munn are just awful

  66. did they hire the special effects department from sharknado? because that
    looks like shit right there

  67. came for the thumbnail.

  68. so mad wolverines not in this movie

  69. so… we’re really doing this w/o wolverine…. ok…

  70. Okay tbh this tv spot looks alot better than the trailers

  71. It’s just not the same without Hugh Jackman. This and the fact that in the
    original mediums like the comic and tv adaptation this should be extremely
    climactic and exciting. I’m just not feeling it, it just seems really stale
    to me which is sad considering I’m a huge X-Men fan.

  72. ! ! ! Nightcrawler “bamfs” away from Angel at 0:21

  73. This is gonna be worse than X-Men 3

  74. 2 words jennifer lawrence

  75. This movie is getting hated for a big reason (me included), we don’t want
    to see mystique as the lead anymore. She’s boring, her powers are
    uninteresting and her purpose is just drive side plots and sell JLaw fans.
    This is pissing me off so much, I want to see Deadpool, Cable, x-fore and
    other cool marvel characters aswell, not just focus on mystique which we
    have seen in literally every single xmen movie.

  76. Looks like a cartoon. Boo-urns!

  77. Olivia Munn ??

  78. No Warcraft tonight???:(

  79. They chose the right thumbnail

  80. looks like fuckin’ garbage and jennifer lawrence is an ugly ass skank. who
    cast this shit?

  81. This movie looks great. There is nothing you can do to change my mind

  82. power Rangers ???

  83. TheDevilsMessenger4

    sansa stark?

  84. All these annoying fucks complaining about this movie will still go see
    it…. Stop being little dicks

  85. Ohhh I bet they kill off Jen’s character…

  86. So basically everything that happened in the original 3 are off the table
    and never happened, someone please explain this to me

  87. Who is song is this?

  88. Christian “Soy Ese Luchador” Alexander

    Damn. New movies now–n–days don’t even excite me?

  89. If it aint Marvel you people will shit on it no matter what

  90. yeah keep pushing jennifer Lawrence down our throats she’s not a box office
    magnet the only reason her movies made money is because she was in a famous
    franchise, nobody cares about mystic at least not this one, just bring back
    the old one, and bring back wolverine

  91. now this looks better

  92. X Men will never die.

  93. the custom dose not have to be great you people need to understand it’s not
    the custom it’s the people who playing in the custom

  94. without wolverine :-(

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