X-MEN DARK PHOENIX Trailer (2019) Jennifer Lawrence, Sophie Turner Movie HD

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X-MEN DARK PHOENIX Trailer (2018) Jennifer Lawrence, Sophie Turner Movie HD
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  1. I’m waiting for 2019🙂❤

  2. Cant wait

  3. Weait for this movie.

  4. Looks like it’s going to be so good.. Famke Jannsen should be proud.

  5. producedproductions


  6. Kinda looks lame 😒

  7. looks crap……like all other xmen movies

  8. Damn… How long have it’s been since Apocalypse?

  9. Okay, so a character whose first major action in the comics was to kill a *star*…here flips a police car?

  10. I’ve never been so early to watch a movie trailer before! Yayyy and I can’t wait to watch Dark Phoenix!

  11. Hope its good

  12. Sorry but the animated series did it better. This is not what the dark phoenix is supposed to be like. Looks generic as hell.

  13. X-Men meet Transformers. Lol. XD

  14. player one? Lol

  15. Its gonna be a good American superhero film, can’t wait to see on cinemas and INLFIXER soon

  16. Crappity, crap, crap….

  17. Wow, so much hate and negativity. The only saving grace here is that at least half of the haters are just trolls looking for attention.

    Personally, I think it looks pretty good. I will certainly reserve judgment until I have something more than a 2 minute, 22 second trailer to go on. This is what we call “not jumping to conclusions”.

  18. where quicksilver at ?

  19. Why is everyone blaming Charles for the fact that the Dark Phoenix chose Jean and she’s now devastating the world O.o?! Like OK, she had a great power that needed to be held down until she could fully control it, but wasn’t that the case in “The First Class” with every mutant when they were learning to use their powers (best example being Cyclops’ brother)?!
    Geez, leave Charles alone! He already died 2 times in this franchise, give him a break!

  20. If it’s set in 90’s….. Imagine a scene with Quicksilver “Running in the 90’s”!

    I’m gonna be disappointed if this doesn’t appear in the final cut.

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