Zoolander 2 – Aprender Es Triunfar – Derek Zoolander on Learning (2016) HD

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Derek Zoolander reminds us that learning is succeeding. #AparienciasImportan


  1. first

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  3. I love these, keep ’em coming.

  4. hello :)

  5. Actually, pollo isn’t cabbage, it means chicken

  6. burritos tacos tacos , andale andale

  7. These Zoolander notifications are annoying, jezuz lol

  8. Too bad the film pretty much sucked ass.

  9. Estuvo bueno, pero si su acento no es fuerte en “Repollo”

  10. Alguien habla español aquí?

  11. What is this the 90th one of these XD??

  12. just stop uploading these. Make like one video, guys come one. Spamming the
    shit out of my subs

  13. They should have put these in theaters instead of the cut up trailer they
    put there

  14. So when are these videos gonna stop?

  15. Nobody cares. Just stop.

  16. ThePrehistoricMaster

    I’m starting to learn something about this movie… and i’m not sure if i
    like it..

  17. Jajajajja

  18. Thr pronunctiation was ridiculously good!!!


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