Zoolander 2 International Trailer #1(2016) – Ben Stiller, Penélope Cruz Comedy HD

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Derek and Hansel are modelling again when an opposing company attempts to take them out from the business.


  1. Is that biebs?

  2. why are you putting “penelope cruz” in the title. put owen wilson dick

  3. that thumbnails tho, thats the reason why i came here :p

  4. Beiber got a gay pout :* ?

  5. Roses are red.
    Violets are blue.
    I know why I came here.
    So do you.

  6. I wonder if Ben wrote that last scene so he has an excuse..? ;)

  7. is that Benedict Cumberbatch or lord voldermort?

  8. 0:53 That’s my logic sometimes.

  9. Justin Biber dies in this film . I like it already

  10. I’m a simple man, I see boobs, I press like.

  11. One of ProJared's chins

    Benedict cucumbersmack

  12. The thumbnail brought me here

  13. We all came here because of (.)(.)

  14. the reason you came here 2:06

  15. Gross..

  16. Stanislav Aleksandrov

    I’m a simple man, I see justin bieber dead i press like.

  17. How to people dislike this

  18. They kill Bieber? I’ll watch it

  19. why do people hate Justin bieber

  20. Mike Filio (PilyongKid)

    THUMBNAIL BAIT is a thing now.

  21. that lucky bastard get to grab penelope’s boobs, dayum… Im so jealous

  22. Penelope cruz’s boobs are so bruise,wanna eat them!!!

  23. what is this film

  24. Diff Between Previous Trailer and This is More Boobs

  25. people actually want to watch this garbage?

  26. i demand a Benedict Cumberbatch spin off XD

  27. boob grabbing thumbnail brought me here. and wasn’t disappointed.

  28. BENEDICT CUMINMYBATCH (☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞

  29. Jussss ???????❤

  30. totally lost it at 1:23 XD

  31. Done with my thesis on the Theory of Relativity…
    Time to get back to did schit! :)

  32. justin bieber dies AWESOME

  33. I couldn’t recognize Kristen Wiig, her character looks outrageous.

  34. oh. so, Bieber died? wow. just wow.

  35. I just couldn’t help it but laugh at benedict cumberbatch character! Ahah

  36. i hope the scene with bieber becomes life imitates art thing.

  37. spilling g coffee on the poor guy……………………..hahahahahahaha

  38. the wonders of makeup

  39. Either someone likes making terrible life choices or did I see a dud. OH
    wait hollywood always makes movies like this to bait us.


  41. yay thank god

  42. I’ll watch it just for Bieber.

  43. rip never gonna watch this movie because Justin Beiber is there

  44. Here’s my money *gives money*

  45. Thank you Spain for Penélope Cruz

  46. seeing penelope in this suddenly got me in the mood for porn.. i’ll be back
    in a bit.

  47. Kyle Demoderpifnlikskin

    I feel bad that I can recognize benedich cabbage patch by his face

  48. That Bieber scene was dope though ?

  49. my iq just dropped watching this.

  50. “For safety. And buoyancy.”


  51. justin bieber sucks dick

  52. bieber dead, like and share

  53. am i the only one who watched this trailer because it shows ben groping
    penelope’s boobs at the thumbmail? please tell me in not the only one

  54. Saw beiber tried to click out, he gets shot continued to watch until the

  55. i dare people to see how many ONE EYE references they can find in films
    these days… TOO MANY

  56. I really hope this movie is good. Loved the first one.

  57. I love this movie

  58. Looks bad

  59. *Justin beiber is badass parkour master* “-10 points” *bieber dies* “+10
    points, you’re back at zero trailer.”

  60. i would like to swim back to rome.

  61. “she’s hot, I trust her.” lol

  62. This will be the first time in my life when i’ll go to see movie in teater.
    I must see Bieber’s death on the big screen.

  63. I really hope Justin Bieber is only in a few scenes

  64. This looks like a gay Street Fighter
    Ben Stiller = Ryu
    Owen Wilson= Ken
    Penelope Cruz = Chun Li
    Will Ferrel = Bison

  65. looks fun

  66. This looks so dumb. Nostalgia can only take you so far. Enough with the
    sequels. Dumb and Dumberer worked out really well right?

  67. Sorry, I don’t watch Ben Stiller movies

  68. Penelope Cruz seems out of place in this movie.

  69. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG ! Justin Bieber – Nope i think nope really
    justin bieber is Assassinated ? Fk this movie i don’t wanna to watch
    becuase Justin Bieber

  70. Dave the chipmunk killer

    really justin bebier in a Ben stiller movie ????

  71. First trailer was 10x better.

  72. Zoolander you taught the world to pout. Now, only you can save it.

  73. I’m excited for the movie but Justin bener is in it

  74. Partho Roy Chowdhury

    Watched the trailor of Zoolander 2 > started having an intention of of
    watching zoolander 1st part > watched the 1st part > Now i dont have any
    intention of watching part 2

  75. I really wish, that I could be with penelope cruz at the end scene from 2:09
    , instead of ben stiller….
    I laughed my ass off that scene.. 😀 😀 :D

  76. justin bieber here

  77. Will Ferrel my Hero Hahahahaaha

  78. Justin Bieber really? I don’t care if he’s dying or not I’m not watching
    this. He just needs to buy an island and stay there away from Hollywood and
    everyone else.

  79. Seeing Justin Beiber die was the best thing I’e ever seen in my life :)

  80. Compare to domestically trailer, the international trailer SUCKSSSSSS

  81. That scene with mugatu coming out of jail would’ve been hilarious, and they
    showed it in the trailer… Seriously, do they hire the most retarded
    people to make trailers nowadays?

  82. ha ha ha ha I do not think this old-fashioned, Derek Zoolander, you’re the
    best .. ha ha ha

  83. she is hot..I trust her….that happen in every bond movie.

  84. Kyle Mooney!

  85. Prithish Srinivasan

    If you pause after they kill Bieber, you see that kill usher

  86. I honestly wanted will ferrell to be that buff the entire movie

  87. She’s hot I trust this movie will be good

  88. Came here for boobs

  89. Nice tits!

  90. Justin Bieber deaths in films are overdue hold up her for safety swim to
    Rome sweer

  91. I come just for justin

  92. boy that’s a good point buoyancy… lolzz

  93. The sequel nobody asked for is coming!!

  94. DAT WILL FERRELL ENTRY, omg i lost it hahahaha

  95. ha ha love this line 😀
    she’s hot, i trust her. .

  96. justinnnnnn bieber ????? mylove myheart

  97. 1:25 sherlock!

  98. 1:21 = Hey, what the–
    1:26 = BLOODY HELL
    OH GOD!^n

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