Zoolander 2 Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson Comedy HD

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Derek and Hansel are modelling again when an opposing company attempts to take them out from the business.


  1. 0:36 Oh my goodness that’s benedict cumberbatch! XD


  3. Justin Biber dies in this movie?


  4. Ben stiller and Owen Wilson are enough…..there is no need for Bieber’s
    Cameo for Publicize this Movie!!!!!

  5. Didn’t Zoolander have a kid at the end of the last movie? Are we just
    ignoring that?

  6. Why do people hate Justin Beiber

  7. Todo era taaaaaaan perfecto… hasta que salió Justin Bieber :/

  8. Wow that justin bieber cameo will make me not watch this. I hope they cut
    his scene off. My respect for this movie just vanished because of that one

  9. thanks trailer for showing me the movie.. now I don’t need to go see it..

  10. Still as dumb as the first Zoolander. Should be a hit.

  11. 0:00 – 0:55 “Oh this is awesome’ 0:56 – 1:07 “WHAT THE FECK!!!”

  12. The second i saw that Bieber kid, i was done. Moving on.

  13. I would see it if jastin gayber wouldn’t appear

  14. Sorry but, Ariana Grande’s dead in Scream Queens was the same as this.
    Nothing special Bieber.

  15. TheHooliganification


  16. Walrus is in the Matrix


  17. That February release date proves it all. Oh my god it looks terrible

  18. This looks funny and can’t wait to see it, just wish Benedict Cumberbact,
    Penelope Cruz and Justin Bieber wasn’t in it.

  19. 0:15 wasn’t the whole climax of the first move when he turned left and
    unleashed Magnum to stop the throwing star? I get the joke, but he’s
    turning right here and it seems like it should be left.

  20. Benedict Cumberbatch is definitely the highlight!!

  21. they fucked up the movie with bieber

  22. As soon as I saw Justin bieber I paused the video and never saw it again..

  23. Cumberbatch become a gay, JB is a now a hollywood star after a cameo in
    behaving badly, its time to leave this world.

  24. looks nice, but this generation don’t laugh at stupid people anymore…

  25. I love everything about it. Except Penelope Cruz. How does she get work?
    Her acting is TERRIBLE! Have you seen the newest Pirates of the Caribbean?

  26. I hope this movie doesn’t end up like dumb and dumber 2

  27. The Vicious Chicken of Bristol

    But why male models?

  28. She is hot, I trust her.

  29. When Justin Bieber was told he was going to die in this movie, he said to
    the director


  30. Oh great another movie with 2 of the most overated actors ever.Will Ferrel
    and Ben Stiller not horrible but way over used and just too dang silly!

  31. Bendidick Cumbersnatch will haunt my sleep paralyses until the end of

  32. This movie will be like Dumb and Dumber To. It will be a disgrace to the
    first one.

  33. An amazing looking sequal to it’s original?! What scorcery is this?!!!!!!

  34. Am i the only one who thinks this looks awful?

  35. rofl, looks great!

  36. OMFG Benedict

  37. Blue Steele is Prince’s look we all know that.

  38. ugh avoiding this movie, benedict is so ugly i cant even stand it

  39. BellaBlaire FairchildCarstairs

    justin bieber in this!

  40. I LOL’d for real at “She’s hot. I trust her.”

  41. Jeff Porcaro Groove Master

    Some funny moments…could do w/o the GD comment. WHY do this? Just lost a
    huge audience in the trailer. Why make people decide against their faith.
    Many will not get this, many will.

  42. SJW’s want to boycott this movie over having a transgender person in it, so
    make sure everyone goes out and sees it!

  43. oh my gosh Benedict Cumberbatch’s face!!!!!! :D

  44. 1:06 I couldn’t stop laughing!!! ???


  46. Finally a movie that’s silly and doesn’t try to take itself seriously

  47. Hope it’s not too high budgety…

  48. EnchantedByTheMusic

    Justin, Demi, Usher, Miley and Joe Jonas lol!

  49. Will Ferrel is so underrated, he’s a genius

  50. this is comedy???

  51. Jajajaja! No puedo esperar a verla ?

  52. I was thinking pls let Will Ferrell be in this and he is yay :)

  53. “hot dog or a bun?”, doesn’t that really wrap up the whole transgender

  54. Will Ferrell just kills it

  55. totally gonna see it for too many reasons but mainly jj’s death
    when I first saw that moment with bieber’s death I started laughing too
    loud lol

  56. Prison change me!!! I’m bad to the core now!!

  57. Is no one gonna mention Joe Jonas????!?!?!?

  58. This Movie would be a lot more better if Lady Gaga was in it Imagine

  59. 2:20 it is so stupid but i cannot stop laughing !!!

  60. Oh that motorcycle looks hot! Brand new MV Agusta F3! Sick bike!

  61. That Parkour scene be the only good thing in this movie

  62. xXGalaxyBoyXx Gaming

    after 1 month I said to my self I’ll watch it later but when I watch now
    NO regrets P.S JB DIES. 10000000000000000000/10

  63. Is Benedict Cumberbatch cosplaying Android Super 17 from Dragon Ball GT?

  64. I watched the trailer like for 100 times

  65. The Drunken Raccoon

    All is all.

  66. she’s hot! i trust her

  67. Tequila!!

  68. ramiro ezequiel Noriega (SuperBingoDe0R0)


  69. Justin Bieber is not beautiful.

  70. carolina julia .celasso

    jajajjajjajajajajaj….las tres miradas son iguales con distinto nombre….

  71. Will Farrel as Himself

  72. ahahahahah thats a ben stiller.. i love this guy hahahah he is sooo funyy

  73. The first one was way better I already know it from the trailer !!!?

  74. Selfie before die.. Really?? hahahahhaaa

  75. Bravonanda Moirangthem

    haha oops CUMBERBITCHES

  76. Anindya Nadhira Rafitricia

    hahahahahaha Kristen Wiig?! and Will Ferrell?! I am soooo gonna watch this

  77. mley cyrus and demi

  78. Psycho dad brought me hear

  79. “OH FUDGE”
    “Piece out world”
    *duck face*

  80. What other artist are there?

  81. Ha we have all wanted to kill Justin beiber


  83. Radhicka Chakraborty

    Babydick Cucumber tho! xD

  84. SJW butt hurt inbound.

  85. They killed Justin Bieber?……
    In the name of all mankind.

  86. Thumbs Up for the deaths of Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus

  87. This is gonna be Epic, just watched the 1 one yesterday and its still

  88. 1:22 song name please :)

  89. Happy birthday Ben… Even if the movie sucks I’ll still watch it because
    you are a cool dude.

  90. atlast bieber is dead

  91. Awesome! good comic duo. was thinking about zoolander cuz my new born son
    was doing blue steel. tried so hard to catch it in a picture but he only
    does it for a second. :(

  92. Peace out world… *duck face*

  93. The Girl With Her Head In A Book !

    Justin Bieber dies? It has Benedict Cumberbatch!? I’m watching this movie!

  94. Didn’t they die from a gasoline fire in the last movie?

  95. I laughed way more than I thought I was going to be.

  96. will Ferrell was the only funny thing about this trailer sadly. Hopefully
    this trailer is not indicative of the final product.

  97. ‘Lamè”
    Haha, he thinks it’s a french word.

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