Zoolander 2 – The More You Know – Derek Zoolander on Phone Etiquette (2016) HD

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Derek Zoolander reminds us to take a break from our phones. #TheOutsideMatters


  1. Gahd Bleh, Derek Zoolander!

  2. coment fourth

  3. I’m really looking forward to this movie!

  4. Joseph “redpanda” Winterson

    Dude, I’m 420th, sign?

  5. This was not funny!!!

  6. Hope the movies better then this

  7. We didn’t need this.

  8. Not this shit AGAIN!?

  9. These make me more worried about the film than they should :D

  10. Anyone else’s sub box getting cluttered because of these?? XD

  11. lol I don’t have a back up

  12. if you find this shit annoying, please unsub. maybe these assholes will
    learn something.

  13. what a crap

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